AAP Funded by NRI Money💰 😳

  |   India News

While Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) is in power in Delhi, lion's share of the party's funding💵 has come from Non Resident Indians(NRI), as per the data📋 declared by the party. In fact, Delhi funded💰 only 20% of the funds for AAP's poll campaigning📊. NRIs contributed almost 25% of the ₹44.71 Cr it received between 2013 and 2015😯. While donations below ₹20000 do not have to be declared to the Election Commission, AAP has declared📢 figures for the smaller donations💵 in 2014-15 public while Bahujan Samaj Party has not revealed any of it's funding details as it says all it's donations are under ₹20000😏. Nearly 79% of AAP's donations were from individuals👍 while it only accounted for 7.5% for the other national parties combined.

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