Busquets⭐: Only Pep👔 Can Lure me😱

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There are no doubts regarding Sergio Busquets'⭐ loyalty🙌🏻 to Pep Guardiola👔 clearly because of what the Bayern manager represents to his career⚽. So it came as little surprise😏 when the Spaniard revealed that he will oblige👍🏻 if Pep asked him to join him at City🔹, but he doesn't expect him to try to lure him😉. The 27-year-old cemented his place👍🏻 in the 1⃣st team at Barca🔷 under Guardiola👔 in 2008-09 and has since developed into a key👌🏻 player. "I have always said there are just 2⃣ persons who could make me leave Barcelona🔷, my wife and Pep. It's clear that I owe Pep👔 a lot and I would be honoured🙌🏻 to work with him again." Busquets indicated. Busquets is tied📝 to Barcelona until June 2019.

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