Irrfan Khan Angry With SRK 😳

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

This years Filmfare Awards have been quite a fail👎 and had been getting a lot of flack 👊 for being boring and badly scripted. During the award🏆 ceremony Shah Rukh Khan tried his best to lift the evening up☝️ with his jokes and during one such attempt Irrfan Khan got up from his seat and seemed really upset😠 with Shah Rukh Khan. He spoke his mind out about SRK and lots of negative😳 comments followed. The 2⃣ actors who are at different ends of the spectrum in Bollywood tried to take each other's case over the kind of the 'cinema'🎥 genre they area part off. They even attempted to try and swap roles in the kind of movies they play. We have to admit, this was funny😂. Click on the link to watch the video📹

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Original Photo Credit-Screenshot from featured video