Dery😰: Investigate🔎 Anas

  |   Ghana News

One of the high court judges💼 involved in the judicial scandal😱, Paul Uuter Dery has lodged a formal complaint📝 with Prez Mahama👔 over Anas. He says he is bothered😠 by deliberate attempts by the investigative journalist👁 to have him and other justices of the superior court🏤 removed from office. From his plea📝, Anas lacks identity and is virtually non-existent👻. “Your Excellency👔, we have the instructions of our client to draw your attention to these serious👌🏻 identity problems of the petitioner👁 for in our view, the identity of the petitioner is paramount to any petition📝 for the removal of Justices of the Superior Court🏤"

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