Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance 🎤💃

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Beyonce's super bowl performance🎤 has been branded as "ridiculous"😠 and "anti-police"❌👮 by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. In front of a TV📺 audience of 1⃣ billion, Beyonce performance's included attacks on police brutality and cops' response to the Hurricane Katrina🌪 in New Orleans. She and her dancers💃 paraded in outfits similar to the controversial activist the Black Panthers and they also raised their fists✊ in an apparent tribute. DeRay McKesson, leader of the Black Lives Matter movement called Queen 👑 B's performance 'excellent'👌. Beyonce's dance routine also had an X formation which was an apparent tribute to activist Malcolm X. Malcolm X was the one who opposed 👊 Martin Luther King's non-violent approach to US integration and wanted his followers to create their own nation, free of whites. Click on the link to watch the Super Bowl Half time performance 📹

To know more about Malcolm X, type: Wiki Malcolm X

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Original Photo Credit-Screenshot from featured video