Maasai Warriors: Harlem Globetrotters🌏 of Cricket ❗

Kenya's Maasai Cricket Warriors💪 are a semi professional cricket team representing the country's famous Maasai tribe. They travel✈ all over the world to promote social change, much like Basketball's famous Harlem Globetrotters👏. The Maasai Warriors have been playing since 2007 & have been drawing huge crowds👍 from all over Kenya and use the occasion to promote awareness about HIV, Nature conservation and other social issues👌. The team have mostly grew up hunting in the small village in the Laikipia region of Kenya and they feel those skills have helped them adapt to cricket😳 - "bowling is like throwing a spear while batting is like using a guard",🔈 captain Sonyanha Ngais. The team is set to play in Australia against Australian Football League🏈 and Rugby legends who will test their cricket skills against the Warriors😋. The event is organised by Primary Club, a charity that promotes access to sport for people with disability👏.

Original Image Credit: Wikipedia/ By FOTW and Vexilla Mundi, CC BY-SA 2.5 (Wiki Commons)