Rooney⭐: Leave Memphis😔 Alone‼

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Wayne Rooney⭐ has stressed Memphis Depay😔 should not be blamed for the late Diego Costa goal⚽ which denied Manchester United♦ a win at Chelsea🔵. The Dutchman misplaced a simple pass which allowed the Blues to push forward and snatch the equaliser⚽ in Sunday's 1⃣-1⃣ draw. The incident prompted scathing criticism😡 from some fans and compounded his misery😪 of losing his place in LvG's👔 side following some disappointing😔 performances. But Rooney⭐ refused to single out the 21-year-old's for blame👎🏻, saying: "We all give bad passes away and a lot of things happened from when you give the ball⚽ away to when they've scored the goal⚽, so I don't think we can stand here and blame Memphis😔." Rooney stressed.

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