USA🇺🇸 to Quit❌ Olympics Over Zika😱

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United States Olympic Committee👥 has warned that it's athletes and staff should consider not going😱 for the Rio Olympics if they are concerned over the Zika virus😨. The message was delivered to various US Sport Federations according to sources. This briefing to US sports persons🏃 is the latest indication that the Zika virus poses a considerable risk😳 to the Olympics. USA are one of the strongest teams💪 in the Olympic games and any disruption to it's participation will take the sheen off the sporting extravaganza😟. Mosquito-borne Zika virus has caused various cases of a birth defect marked by an abnormally small head in Brazil😱. As a result, the World Health Organization declared an international health emergency🚨 on Feb 1⃣st. Will Rio bear the brunt of Zika ❓Will other countries follow suit and make a similar recommendation❓

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