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Barca🔷 Equals Real Madrid's⚪ Unbeaten Streak🙌🏻

Barca🔷 Wants Neymar⚡ Out of Copa America🏆

Dede Ayew⭐ on the Move⁉

Fan Dies😔 After Lyon Win🎉

Lorenzo Insigne⭐ Robbed at Gunpoint🔫

Zidane👔 Lectured😠 Players After Defeat

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: PAK Survive UAE Scare😱

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 Take On Demoralised😨 SL 💥 Follow Live, Type 'SC13' 💥

🐎 Kohli, Raina 🎤 Duet With Fahmida Nabi💃 📹

🐎 Meet Bashir - Pakistani Fan Who Loves😘 Dhoni

🐎 Steyn Returns👏 For AUS Series

🐎 Yuvi's B'day Gift🎂 to Hazel💑

🐎 Agra On The Boil😡 Over VHP Leader's Murder

🐎 Govind Pansare Murder: HC🏤 Wants Faster Probe🔍

🐎 Kerala Polls📊: Who Will Lead Congress, CPIM ❓

🐎 Woman👩 With Severed Girl's Head😱 Arrested 📹

🐎 Petition Against Delhi Police👮 Chief ❌Dismissed

🐎 Sensex Down📉, ⛽Petrol Prices ⬇, Diesel ⬆

🐎 Village Girl Bags NASA🚀 Scholarship🎉

🐎 World TT🏓: 🇮🇳 Advance👏 To Round 3⃣

Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV's Final Verdict❗️

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Mixed Questions

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗General Points

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Start-ups

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Monetary Policy

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Financial Sector

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗▣Money

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗More Infra

FAN🎥trailer released!

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Infrastructure

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Business

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗ R&D, Logistics

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Business

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Health & Social Security

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Rural

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Farmers

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Students

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Salaried Recap

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗🚗💍

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Pensions

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗️Tax Rebate

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗️Rents

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A with ⚖Advocate VV❗️Income Tax

நடிகர் ⭐ குமரிமுத்து காலமானார்😢

🎬வெங்கட் பிரபுவின் 🎥"சென்னை 28- II இன்னிங்க்ஸ்"

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗️Overview

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 5

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A with ⚖Advocate VV Begins❗️

Akshay⭐ To Become Chef Again?!!😃

Ayushmann Delivers Kohli-Anushka💔 News📰

Dangal💪📽 To Release Earlier?!!😃

Roy Brothers✌ To Challenge👊 Hrithik💪!

Priyanka's💃 Quantico📺 a Shampoo Ad❓

Leo & Kate at the Oscars Together😍

Spoof Video📹 aimed🎯 at #OscarSoWhite❗️📹

Leo's Award Winning Speech😍📢

Don't Do This to Salman💪, Lulia💃!!

Miles✈ To Go For Sonam💃 - Anil Kapoor🕶

Kartina's Split💔 with Ranbir⭐ Costs Her!!!

Shah Rukh Khan⭐ Arrested😱📽!!

Sunny Leone☀ Is Hot🔥Nothing Else Matters!!🚬

Karishma💃 Files Case Against Husband & Mother-in-Law

Oscars Round-up🏆

🐺 Why Does 🇮🇳 Need a Film on a 🌈Gay Teacher❔

Anushka's Stunning😍 Ethnic Look💙

Priyanka's Oscar🏆 Look❤️

Caitlyn Jenner's new MAC Lipstick💄

E/R🇬🇭 Ranked 3⃣rd Most Dangerous Place to Drive🚘

Man😰 Arrested For Alleged Assassination🔫 Attempt

Nana Addo👔 to Deliver Real SoNA🎙

Turkish Prez👔 to Visit Ghana🇬🇭 Today

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #LeonardoDiCaprio

On This Day🌄 29 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 29 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄: Bissextus

Bundesliga Review⚽: Dortmund Makes Impressive😍 Comeback

EPL Review🎥: Rashford😎 Guns🔫 Arsenal Down -

FA Cup Review⚽: Sterling⭐ Vindicated‼

La Liga Review⚽: Barcelona🔷 2⃣-1⃣ Sevilla

Ligue 1 Review⚽: Lyon Halts PSG's Unbeaten Run‼

Serie A Review⚽: Juventus Extend Their Lead🙌🏻

Watch🎥 LvG's👔 Pre-Oscar🎉 Rehearsals😂 -

🐺 Raspberry🍇 Pi 3⃣ Goes Wireless📶

🐺 Who’s the Most Favourable Tech👓 CEO❓

🐺 Mercedes🚗 to ‘Humanize’ Production Line

🐺 SpaceX Tries Launch🚀 Attempt #3⃣

🐺 Tesla's ⚡Car 🔋Charger Looks Like a…

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: How Twitter🐦 Reacted ❗

🇮🇳Union Budget💰: Round Up ❗

Questions about the budget?

🐺 ‘Soni Sori Plot’ JNU🏤 Umar Khalid Speech💬

🐺 2015’s Budget💰 Funds Still Unspent😐

🐺 Rahul, Kejriwal Booked📔 For Sedition😑

🐺 G K Pillai: Chidambaram Dropped Ishrat’s LeT☠ link

🐺 Wedding Boat⛴ Carrying 60 Capsizes, 1⃣ Drowned

🐺 Mehbooba Praises👏 PM Modi✌ & 🇮🇳

🐺 Thane Killer👪🔪 Liked Crime Shows

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Tax Reforms Contd.

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Tax Reforms

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Live Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Financial Reforms

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Infrastructure Sector

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Live Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Live Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Jaitley Begins His Speech

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Winners Roundup❗️

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Best Picture❗️

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Best Actor❗️

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Best Actress❗️

🏆Oscars🏆: Best Director❗️

🏆Oscars 2016🏆Lady Gaga 🎤 Til it Happens to You

🏆Supporting Actor, 🏆Documentary Winners❗️

🏆Oscars 2016🏆The Weeknd 🎤 Earned It

Inside Out: 🏆Best Animated Film❗️

🏆 Priyanka Chopra & Liev Schreiber Present

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Winners so Far❗️

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 54:10

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Key Category Nominees❗️

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Priyanka Chopra 💠 on Her Way❗️

FT Review⚽: Barcelona 2⃣-1⃣ Sevilla

Preview⚽: Barcelona🔷 vs Sevilla

FT Review⚽: Man City Wins 3⃣-1⃣ on Penalties

Follow 🇮🇳Union 💰 Budget📊 2016 Live on Duta❗️Type: budget

⭐ஸ்மித் எதிர்நோக்கும் T20 உலககோப்பை🏆 மற்றும் ஆஷஸ்🏆

" 'பிட்ச்'சா இது" கோபப்பட்ட 😎தோனி😠

ஆக்ரோஷமாக 🔴பந்து வீசிய அமீரை பாராட்டிய ⭐கோலி

⭐ரோஹித் ஷர்மா காயமா ⁉

🇮🇳இந்தியா- பாகிஸ்தான்:- 5⃣ முக்கிய நிகழ்வுகள்👏

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆 : இலங்கையை வீழ்த்தியது வங்காளதேசம்😲

யுவராஜை பற்றிய படம் விரைவில்👏

HT Review⚽: Liverpool 0⃣-0⃣ Manchester City🔹

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: BAN Stun SL😲

🐎 US Firm🇺🇸 To Produce Doc📽 On Yuvi

🐎 Smith Eyes👀 World T20🏆 and Ashes

🐎 Dhoni Hits Out😤 At Pitches, Umpire 😱

🐎 Kohli Fined💰, Hails🙌 'Ferocious🔥' Amir

🐎 Rohit A Doubt😱 For 🇮🇳-SL Clash

🐎 🇮🇳-🇵🇰: 5⃣ Key🔑 Incidents

🐎 Asia Cup Preview: PAK vs UAE - 💥 Follow Live, type 'SC12' 💥

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 4

🐎 Man Massacres🔪 14 Family😱Members ‼

🐎 3⃣ 🇮🇳 Beaches🏖 Among Asia's Best

🐎 Vinod Rai to Head👤 Banks Board Bureau

🐎 🇺🇸 to Hold Strategic Talks💬 With 🇵🇰

🐎 Modi Confident👍 Ahead of Budget 'Exam'

🐎 Woman👩 Raped, Filmed📹 by Batchmates

🐎 Olympic Mark: A Record 7️⃣🇮🇳 Walkers🚶Qualify🎉

FT Review⚽: Man Utd♦ 3⃣-2⃣ Arsenal🔫

Preview⚽: Liverpool🔴 vs Man City🔹

HT Review⚽: Man Utd 2⃣-1⃣ Arsenal

Preview⚽: Man Utd vs Arsenal

🎥தெறி படத்தின் 🎶பாடல்கள் எப்போ❓

⭐நகுல் – ஸ்ருதி திருமணம்💍💐

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #AndersonSilva

On This Day🌄 28 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 28 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄: Natter

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern Marches on😎

Dear Ronaldo⭐, We Ain't Dumb😏‼

EPL Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Record Their First Comeback👊🏻

La Liga Review⚽: ATM Claims Derby😎 Bragging Rights

Madrid⚪ Crisis: Players⭐ Doing More Damage👊🏻

Neymar⚡ Caught in Another Spin😔

Serie A Review⚽: Milan's Unbeaten Streak Continues

The Truth About Neymar's⚡ Contract📝

💬Whatsapp: To End 🚫 Support for Blackberry,📱Nokia & More

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: 1 John 4:7

FT Review: Real Madrid⚪ 0⃣-1⃣ Atletico Madrid

FT Review: Southampton 1⃣-2⃣ Chelsea🔵

⭐அமிதாப் பச்சனுக்கு, ⭐கெயிலின் அன்பு பரிசு🎁

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- நாளை இலங்கையுடன் மோதும் வங்காளதேசம்

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- பாகிஸ்தானை வீழ்த்தியது இந்தியா🎉

⭐கோலியின் பாக். ரசிகருக்கு ஜாமீன்👍

சென்னைக்காக மீண்டும் 'விசில் போடு'👍

⭐சானியா மிர்சா 😕 🇮🇳இந்தியாவா❓ பாகிஸ்தானா❓

⭐ரோஹித் - ⭐அப்ரிடி: போட்டி தொடங்கும் முன்னே சூடு🔥 பிடித்தது😳.

Asia Cup🏆Preview: SL vs BAN 💥 Follow Live: Type 'SC11' 💥

🐎 Chris Gayle😍 In Awe of Big-B⭐

🐎 Sri Lanka Slams😡 Jayawardene😱

Virat Kohli's PAK Fan Gets Bail😀

నేను రోబోని కాదంటున్న బ్యూటీ అమీ జాక్సన్

రబ్బరు బొమ్మ తమన్నా మిల్క్ షేక్స్ 👍

సమంతా సొంతంగా డబ్బింగ్ 😂

🐎 Congress Attacks💥 Subramanian Swamy's 🚗 Car

🐎 Congress To Fight😠 BJP's 'Nationalism'

🐎 JNU Row💥: 'Sleeping😴' Cops👮 Queried On Court Violence

🐎 Mamata👩 Dares Left, Congress😏 To Forge Ties

🐎 Minor Dalit👧 Raped😱 and Set Alight🔥

🐎 PKL🏆: Delhi and Jaipur in Thrilling👏 Tie

🐎 Sunny Leone👄 Learns From Dhoni

🐎 Economic Survey Favours👍 GM Crops🌾

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: Kohli, 🇮🇳 Bowlers Crush👊 🇵🇰

Preview⚽: Real Madrid⚪ vs Atletico Madrid

Preview⚽: Southampton vs Chelsea🔵

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: 🇮🇳 Bowlers Blow 🇵🇰 Away 👏

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 3

🐺 Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Divorce💔 Revealed

🐺 2016 Brit Awards🇬🇧🏆 – Highlights

🐺 George R.R. Martin😈 Reveals A GoT👑 Twist😳

Salman💪 With Lulia Vantur in Dubai!!

🐺 Sunny☀ Impresses👊 Malayalam Actor Jayasurya🔅

Priyanka's💃 Crazy Fan!!

🐺 Hrithik Plans To Invest💰 In A Startup

🐺 Deepika’s “Piku” Leads @ TOIFA🎥 2016

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: Dhoni Elects to Bowl ❗

Farah Khan💃 Roped in for Sultan👑💪

Rajneeti-2⃣ At least the Title is Confirmed!!👍

Priyanka💃 To Chat with Jimmy Fallon📺🎙

Aamir Khan⭐ Interested in Kishore Kumar🎤 Biopic🎞?

SRK Shooting🎥 for Raees🎞!!

💃பாவனாவின் ♥காதலன் யார் ❓

⭐விக்ரம் பிரபுவுடன் ஜோடி👫 சேரும் 💃மஞ்சிமா👏

Pakistan Bans🚫 Neerja🎞✈!!

Economic Survey📑 2016

Poll Results📊: Can 🇵🇰 Bowlers Tame 🇮🇳 Batsmen ❓

Asia Cup🏆: Psychological Battles⚔ Begin!!

Union Budget📊 2016: CRY Seeks More Funding for Children👦👧

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: Sania's Divided Loyalties😳

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #BattleReadyDLSU

On This Day🌄 27 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 27 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄: Internecine

Aki's Ab Workouts🏋Revealed

Alia & Sidharth's Hot 💥 Vogue Cover

How did 🔥Nargis Prep for GQ❓

🐺 Facebook👤 Trying not to be 🙍🏼Racist🙍🏿

🐺 Hot Stats📊 Revealed @ 📱🌍Congress 2016

🐺 The Future of Film🎥 is 360 Degrees

🐺 Apple🍎 Hires New Security🔒 Developer

🐺 24-Yr-Old Engineer👓 to Redefine Search🔎?

#IndvsPak Rivalry Begins on 🐦Twitter💥Follow Match Live Type: sc10💥

Blatter👔 Speaks on Infantino Victory🎉

Bravo⭐ Targets ter Stegen‼

CR7⭐ Sets Another Record🙌🏻

Infantino👔: We're Gonna Restore FIFA's⚽ Image

Neymar Sr👨🏽: My Son's Happy😃 at Barcelona🔷

PSG Demotes⬇ Serge Aurier😔

Zidane👔: Derby Won't Define Our Season⚽

🐺 SC🏤: Blocking Porn👙 is Difficult😓

🐺 Police👮🏼 Omit❌ Rohith’s Medical Exam in Report

🐺 Railways🚋 Wash Blankets Once in 2⃣ Months😤

🐺 🇮🇳 Can’t Trust Pak🇵🇰 & Vacate Siachen🗻

🐺 President Calls for Revision🔁 of IPC📜

🐺 Chinese🇨🇳 Ships⛴ in Andaman Waters

🐺 Kejriwal Faces Defamation Case💼

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- நாளை 🇮🇳இந்திய-பாகிஸ்தான் போட்டி😱

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- வங்காளதேசம் அணி வெற்றி🎉

ஆஸ்திரேலிய 📺😍ரசிகர்களை ஏமாற்றிய T20 உலக கோப்பை🏆

🔴 மலிங்கா ஓய்வு பெறுகிறாரா❓ 😳

ரஞ்சி கோப்பை🏆 - மும்பை அணி வெற்றி🎉

"ஹர்பஜன் தவறாக நடத்தப்படுகிறார்" 🔈 சாக்லென் முஷ்டாக் 😠

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Mark 12:30-31

నైట్ పార్టీ లంటే చాలా ఇష్టమంట - రాశి ఖన్నా

రౌడిజం ఫై మరో చిత్రం - రామ్ గోపాల్ వర్మ

లావణ్య త్రిపాఠి కి మంచి అవకాశం!

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: BAN Downs UAE 👏

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 Resume Rivalries With 🇵🇰 💥 Follow Live, Type: sc10 💥

🐎 Malinga✨ Hints😯 at Retirement

🐎 Ruthless😠 Mumbai Win Ranji🏆

🐎 Shots Fired💥 Ahead of IND-PAK Clash⚡

🐎 World T20🏆: No 📺 Coverage in AUS ⁉

🐎 4⃣th Pro Bout👊 For Unbeaten Vijender

🐎 🇬🇧British Royalty👑 To Visit 🇮🇳

🐎 JNU Row: Not Sedition😳, says Chidambaram

🐎 Rohith's Kin Accuses😱 Smriti👩 of 'Lies'

🐎 Siachen Hero's🏔 Wife Wants Daughter👏 to Join Army

🐎 Women Cops👮 To Probe🔍 Murthal Rapes

🐎 Zika Causes Death😱 ⁉

FIFA⚽ Elections: Gianni Infantino Delcared Winner🙌🏻

🐎 F1🏁: New Qualifying Rules ❓

⚽Fans Clash😡 at Bilbao Game

Guti Lashes Out😠 at Neymar⚡

Marcelo⭐ a Doubt For Madrid⚪ Derby⚽

Neymar⚡ Renewed Contract📝 in December

Nolito😎: Barcelona🔷 Rumours💬 Hurt Me

Poll Results📊: Who will be the next FIFA⚽ Head❓

Sunday Oliseh👔 Resigns as Nigeria🇳🇬 Coach

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam - Shloka 2

🐺 Training With Salman💪 is Super Fun!📹:

Rajkumar Rao: No Role👎 For Me In Dangal🎞!!😕

Priyanka's💃 Personal Life❤ is Private 🔐

Hrithik⭐ Switches To The Rock💪 Diet🍵!

Katrina💃 Off To Thailand!!✈

Open Invitation for Fan🎞 Trailer Launch!!👏

Sanjay's Party🎉 Has to Wait!!

Priyanka💃 Appreciates👏 Sunny's Work🎥!!!

🐺 Vin Diesel Photobombs📷💣 Deepika

Melisandre Attends Baby👶Shower😂

Teigen Choose to Have a Girl🎀 During IVF💖

Europa League Draw⚽: Man Utd♦ Draws Liverpool🔴

🐺 Why did Khloe💋 Break Up💔 with Harden📹:

Chiefs Should Stay Away🚫 From Politics🏤

Government🏤 Release Funds💰 to Pay Teachers

Policemen👮🏻 Nabbed for Extortion💰

Prez Mahama👔 Set Tone For Re-election📥

🎥'ஆறாது சினம்' 👏பாராட்டும் ரசிகர்கள்

⭐சிம்புவுக்கு காயமா❓

Budget 2016📊 - Industry Wishlist💫 Part1⃣

Budget 2016📊 - Industry Wishlist💫 Part2⃣

Movie🎞 Reviews of the Week!!

Poll Results : 🐺 Poll: Conservative BJP vs Naughty JNU❓

Poll Results📊: 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016 - Substantial or Show-Off ❓

Railway Budget🚂📊 - The Tradition

🐺 Pernia in Valentino❤

The Pilates Girl❗️

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #GOPDebate

On This Day🌄 26 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 26 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄 : Sylvan

🐺 McLaren’s New 570GT🚗 “Budget❔” Supercar

🐺 Phones 📱📱📱@ Mobile World Congress‼

🐺 ISIS▪ Threatens Facebook👤 & Twitter🐦 CEOs

🐺 iPhone📱 5SE Appears Identical to 5S📱

🐺 WhatsApp💬 Rival, Hits 💯M Users

Arsenal🔫 Legend Retires‼

Bolt⚡ Turns Down Bellerin Claims😂

Hazard⭐ Rejects👎🏻 Barcelona🔷

Neymar-gate⚡: Florentino Perez👔 to Testify⁉

Pique⭐ Meets up With the Zuckerbergs📱

Spurs' New Stadium⚽ Gets Green Light👍🏻

UCL Review⚽: Liverpool and United Sail Through -

🐺 Delhi🌆 Water💧 Crisis⚠ – Update

🐺 Sanjay Loves 🇮🇳, Not Lost his Humour👍

🐺 Vijay Mallya Quits USL for 💲75 M💰

🐺 Women🙋🏻 to be Inducted into Combat💂 Roles

🐺 18 🇮🇳Fishermen Caught by Pak🇵🇰

🐺 Should Modi✌ Follow Advani’s Example❔

🐺 3,000 Condoms👙 Info From WhatsApp💬📹:

New Music Video📹 for "Ki & Ka"❗️

ஆசிய கோப்பை: UAE அணியை விழ்த்தியது இலங்கை🎉

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆 - நாளை UAE - வங்காளதேசம்👌

🇮🇳இந்திய- வங்காளதேசம் போட்டி கற்று தந்த 5⃣ பாடங்கள்📖

உலக கோப்பை🏆 பாக். அணிக்கு அனுமதி👏

உலக கோப்பைக்கான🏆 அம்பயர் குழுவில் 6⃣ இந்தியர்கள்👏

😎தோனி, ⭐யுவராஜை புகழ்ந்தாரா❓

ரஞ்சி🏆 - மும்பை அணி முன்னிலை🔝

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: James 1:5

FT Review⚽: Man Utd 5⃣-1⃣ FC Midtjylland

HT Review⚽: Man Utd 1⃣-1⃣ Midtjylland

FT Review⚽: Liverpool 1⃣-0⃣ Augsburg

Preview⚽: Manchester United♦ vs FC Midtjylland

HT Review: Liverpool 1⃣-0⃣ Augsburg

Preview⚽: Liverpool vs Augsburg

గుంటూరు టాకీస్ లో రేస్మి ప్రతాపం

చిరు ఫై బాలయ్య సెటైర్స్

టీవీ యాంకర్ అనసూయ సినిమా పట్ల అభిప్రాయం❗️

ప్రభాస్ హీరోగా ప్రతాపరుద్రుడు❓

బారీ సెట్లో మహేష్ బాబు "బ్రహ్మోత్సవం" చిత్రం

శృతి హసన్ కంప్లీట్స్ ప్రేమమ్ షూటింగ్

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: Malinga⭐ Helps SL Avoid Upset 😳

🐎 Asia Cup🏆 Preview: BAN vs UAE 💥 Follow Live type: SC9 💥

Dhoni😎 All Praise For Yuvi💪

🐎 IND vs BAN: 5⃣ Things We Learned 📖

🐎 WorldT20🏆: PAK Shown Green🚥 Signal

🐎 Ranji 🏆 Final: Mumbai Gain✌ Lead

🐎 WorldT20🏆: 2⃣ Women😳, 6⃣ 🇮🇳ns In Umpire Panel

🐎 China 🇨🇳 Postures for 🌊 South China Sea

🐎 IS 💣Bombs: 'Make in 🇮🇳'❓

🐎 Forbes Promising💫 Leaders: Saina, Sania, Kohli 👍

🐎 Mid-Day Meal🍱: 250 Children👦Sick❗️

🐎 Army Camp Attacker 💀 Held ❗

🐎 ₹Rupee Hits 30-Month 😱 Low

🐎 Smriti Irani's👩 Fiery 🔥 JNU Speech

Diouf Disses Gerrard⭐, Carragher 💩 Ferdinand👎

FIFA Election🗳: How the Vote Works🤔

FIFA Elections🗳: The Candidates👔

Madrid Derby⚽: Zidane👔 Hoping for Benzema⭐ Miracle

Madrid's UCL🏆 Hangover😰

Messi💫 Sends Souvenirs to Afghan Fan👶🏻

Reactions🤓 to SOTN Address🎙

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 1

Anushka💃 - Popular Girl in School!!👏

₹20 கோடியை தாண்டிய 🎥'மிருதன்' 👍

⭐விஷால்-🎬லிங்குசாமி 🆒👊 ❓❓

Excited About Kaabil!!🎞😀

Fitoor🎞 Failue: Whose Fault was It?

🐺 Priyanka as a Non-White Female💁🏽 in H-wood

🐺 Irrfan Khan Completes 🔟Years in 🎥H-wood

🐺 Adam Levine's🎤 Mythological Tattoo

🐺 Game of Thrones👑: Everyone Dies (Kidding👻)

Sunny Leone's💃 Crazy Fan Moment!!😂

Ranveer, Deepika⭐ & SLB🎬 In Another Film🎞 ?

Fan Song🎶 Released in 6⃣ Languages

Kapil Back To Small Screen📺!!

Sonam's💃 Movie🎞 Date!

Priyanka💃 On The Move!!

Update📰: State of Nation Address

Update📰: State of Nation Address

Bill Gates: The Urgency for Clean💡Energy

🌈Gay Arranged Marriages In 🇮🇳?

🐺 Sanjay Dutt😛, Munnabhai is Finally 🆓

🐺 Share the load👫 | वजन को शेयर करो👫 📹:

Union Budget📊 : Fiscal Improvements

Popular Tweets📱 on Prez's👔 Address

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #RailBudget2016

On This Day🌄 25 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄 : Parapraxis

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 25 Feb

🐺 Kylie Wearing An 🇮🇳 Designer Outfit❕

🐺 Malaika Arora Khan💋 Keepin’ it Chic

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Round Up ❗

🐺 Apple🍎 CEO Calls iPhone📱 Hacking “Cancer”

🐺 Xiaomi Launches Mi 5📱 @ 🌍📱Congress

🐺 Facebook👤 Introduces New 😄😞😳Reactions

🐺 Microsoft to Finally👏 Acquire Xamarin

🐺 🔢Data-stealing Apps👀 Becoming a Menace

Live Updates📰: State of Nation's🇬🇭 Address

Blatter & Platini's👔 Ban🚫 Reduced

CR7⭐: Cristiano😍 For Ladies

Jose👔 Opens up About Rumours💬

Neymar's⚡ Mother Summoned to Court🏤

UCL Highlights📹: City🔹 Makes Emphatic Statement -

UCL Review⚽: City Win, ATM Held‼

Wenger👔 Fires at Barcelona🔷 Players

🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: 🐦Reactions💬

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: No Hike in Fares 👏

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Long Distance Unreserved Trains

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Focus on e-commerce💻

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: High Speed Corridor in Mumbai - Ahmedabad

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Relief for Unreserved Passengers

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: 44 New Projects 👍

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Unmanned Level Crossings to be Stopped✋

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: ₹1.21 Lakh Cr Outlay

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Focus On Revenue, Norms & Structure 👏

🐺 Smriti Irani’s Strong😠 Statements

🐺 🔟 Women Raped During Jat 💥Riots⁉

🐺 SC🏤: Restrictions⛔ on Dance Bars are Absurd

🐺 ➕30% Lawyers Have Fake📜Degrees❗️

🐺 37 Countries🌐 Added to E-tourist Visa🎫 List

🐺 Gogoi: Modi✌ is a “Super Marketing Manager"

🐺 Delhi🌆 Tanker Water💧 Supply Insufficient

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Watch Live 📹

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: To Be Presented at 12 Noon🕐

🚄 Budget 💰 2016-17 - Follow Live Type: rbudget

ஆசிய T20 கோப்பை🏆: 🇮🇳இந்திய அணி வெற்றி🎉

ஆசிய T20 கோப்பை🏆 இன்று இலங்கை - UAE👏

ஆஸ்திரேலிய அணி வெற்றி🎉

🇮🇳இந்திய அணி வெல்லுமா🔈 கோலி⁉

⭐கோலி- அனுஷ்கா👫 மீண்டும் இணைவார்களா ❓

⭐சச்சின் - ⭐ஷாருக் கானின் 😍ரசிகரா ❓

💃சன்னி லியோனின் சென்னை அணி👏

⭐ரோஹித், 😎தோனி ஆகியோரின் கலக்கல் வீடியோ😂 📹:

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Titus 1:15-16

HT Review⚽: Dynamo Kiev 0⃣-2⃣ Manchester City

HT Review⚽: PSV 0⃣-0⃣ ATM

Preview⚽: Dynamo Kiev vs Manchester City🔹

Preview⚽: PSV vs Atletico Madrid

🔊త్రివిక్రమ్ ఫై మండిపడ్డ మాలయాళ భామ. . .

🎥రామ్ చరణ్ తో "తనీ ఒరువన్" రీమేక్..

🐎 Asia Cup🏆Preview: Sri Lanka vs UAE 💥Follow Live: Type sc8💥

🐎 NZ-AUS: McCullum Exits😢 as AUS Claim No.1⃣

🐎 Rohit, Dhoni Antics😂 📹:

🐎 When a Mobile📱 'Buzzed Off' Kohli🙆

🐎 IND vs BAN: Clinical Win for 🇮🇳 ❗

🐎 Boxing👊: Vikas Krishnan Goes Pro 👍

🐎 PAK Boat🚤 With Weapons🔫 Found

🐎 JNU Row: Sparks Fly🔥 in Lok Sabha

🐎 Nepal Air✈ Crash😱: 23 Dead

🐎 Cancer: Johnson & Johnson to 💰Pay $72m😳

🐎 PIL To Block🚫 Sanjay Dutt's⭐ Release

🐎 Tough 🚈Rail 💰Budget On The Cards

Barcelona🔷 Eyes Madrid's 🙌🏻 Record

Benitez👔: Bale's⭐ a Pro Who Listens🙌🏻

Lavezzi⭐ Backs💪🏻 Aurier

Messi💫 Rejects👎🏻 CR7's⭐ Claims

Messi💫 Stars in inspirational🙌🏻 Ad📹 -

Arsenal UCL🏆 Tie Isn't Over

🐎 IND vs BAN: Rohit ✨ Boosts 🇮🇳

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 8

🐺 Karan Johar: Aligarh🎥 is Exceptionally 😔Poignant🎥:

🐺 Virat & Anushka Back 👫Together❔

🐎 INDvsBAN: 🇮🇳 To Bat On Green Deck❗

🐺 Britain's 🇬🇧 Royal Staff Threaten to Strike✊

🐎 Co-Star⭐ Calls Will Smith an A-Hole😱 ❗

🐎 In Pics📷: 'Captain America🇺🇸: Civil War'

🎶A.R.ரஹ்மான் 🎼இசையமைப்பில் 🎥சினிமா வீரன்👏

😂⭐சந்தானம் இல்லாமல் 🎬ராஜேஷ் படமா 😳

First Look👀 of Baywatch👙

SRK & Sachin🌟 Each Other's Fans🙌

Sunny’s☀ “Smokin’ Hot”🔥 Campaign🎥:

Budget📊 2016: Defense Expense Hike⬆ By 9⃣%

Budget📊 2016: Funds for Social Security💳 Card❓

Union Budget📊 : Return of Crude Oil Customs❓

🐎 Rihanna Trumps🎉 Michael Jackson 📹

GES📚 Must Prove👍🏻 Fake Cert Claims

Meningitis⚠: Death Toll Hits Triple Digits😱

Samini🎤 Declares Lyrical War😡 on Shatta‼

Samira Bawumia👩🏽: NDC is Expired😳

Hrithik's⭐ New Avatar!🕹

Magnanimous Khans!!👏

Deepika💃 to Sign Her 2⃣nd Film🎞In Hollywood⁉

Sunny👄 Unveils Cricket Team!!

Katrina💃 Loses a Few 💔Friends!!

Raveena Tandon - Highest Paid Actress⭐ on TV📺💰

🐺 Salman Khan’s💪 Life in Danger😳❗

Nargis Fakhri: Makeup💄 vs no🚫 makeup

Ranveer Models for GQ 🇮🇳's Fashion Nights‼

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #UpdateAFairyTale

On This Day🌄 24 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 23 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄 : Supercilious

Barca🔷 & UNICEF🌍 continues Partnership👍🏻

Depay🤓 Admits the Obvious😔

Nothing😏 Between Zidane & Benitez👔

Sanchez, Aguero & De Gea⭐ in Pepsi Ad📹 -

UCL Review⚽: Cech Fall Victim to Messi💫

Watch📹 UCL⚽ Highlights -

Zidane👔: I Know When to Shut-up😷

🐺 🇮🇳's First Smart Electric⚡ Scooter

🐺 BMW’s🚙 ‘Vehicular CrowdCell' @📱🌍 Congress

🐺 The World🌍 is Readying for 5G📡

🐺 Mark Z Showcases Internet📡 Beaming Plane✈

🐺 US🇺🇸 Start-Up: No Sex👙 in the Office❗

🐺 A Fortnight of Low Water Supply for Delhi🌆

🐺 Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassin💣 Gets 1⃣ Day Parole

🐺 Trump: 🇮🇳 is Stealing US🇺🇸 Jobs

🐺 🇮🇳 Has Bad👎 2015 Human Rights Record

🐺 ISIS▪ Kills Hinduॐ Priest🙏 in Bangladesh

🐺 Institutions🏤 Converted to “War💥Zones”❓

🐺 Modi✌ Urges Aggressive Stance in JNU🏤 Debate

🐺 JNU🏤 Students🙇🏻 Surrender at Midnight

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 37:37

FT ⚽️ Review: Arsenal 0⃣-2️⃣Barcelona

HT ⚽️ Review: Arsenal 0⃣-0⃣Barcelona

Poll Result📊: Can Arsenal Upset🔫 Barca ❓

Herrera⭐: With Messi💫, Pray or Forget it😂💦

Lahm⭐: You Can't Buy💰 a Great🙌🏻 Team

McLeish👔 Succeeds Mido as Zamalek🇪🇬 Coach

Prince👑Ali: Suspend🚫 FIFA⚽ Elections

The Messi💫 Cech Situation😔

UCL Preview⚽: Arsenal🔫 vs Barcelona🔷

🐎 Bumrah's Yorker Impresses 'Pigeon' ❗

🐎 Arm💪Wrestling: Shikhar vs Bhajji 📹

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 Take On Bangladesh 💥Follow Live Type: sc7💥

🐎 F-Word😨 at Umpire: Hazlewood 💰 Fined❗️ 📹

🐎 Kohli💪 Won't Hit 6⃣es ⁉

🐎 Kohli, Yuvi & Dhoni - BFF❗

🐎 NZ-AUS: Victory✌ In Sight For Aussies

🐎 Asian Meets: 🇮🇳 Wrestlers & Athletes Shine✨

🐎 B-Wood ⭐ Dilip Kumar Acquitted❗

🐎 HC Asks JNU Students to Surrender😯‼

🐎 INS Viraat: From Warship🚢 to Luxury Hotel🏨

🐎 Jat Protests✊: Haryana CM Summoned to Delhi

🐎 🇮🇳's Nuke Sub Ready For Ops

🐎 South China Sea🌊 Not Hawaii, 🇺🇸US Warns 🇨🇳China

Choose 🔴 Matches to Follow Live❗️

அம்பயரிடம் கெட்ட 🙉 வார்த்தையா❓ 📹

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆 : நாளை 🇮🇳இந்தியா- வங்காளதேசம்👍

💪 இந்தப்போட்டியில் யார் வெல்வார்கள்❓ 📹

கொல்கத்தா பள்ளியில்🏫 45 ஓவரில் 844/2 ரன்களா😱

⭐கோலி, 😎தோனி மற்றும் ⭐யுவி எடுத்த 📷 👌

நியூ - ஆஸி: வெற்றியை🎉 நோக்கி ஆஸ்திரேலியா👏

⭐விராட் கோலியும், 6⃣சிக்சர்களும் 😐

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 7

Demi Lovato's🎤 Take on Taylor Swift's Donation💸

Kim Reveals Saint West to the World👶

🐺 Gigi Hadid Fans Not Happy👎 With Vogue🇨🇳

Madonna🎤 Reaches Out To Her Son👦!!

Dr. Bawumia👔 Shreds NDC Development Claims😱

Prez Buhari👔 Appoints Blind Man😎

Teachers With Fake😳 Certificate in BNI👮🏻 Custody

Youth Employment Module Records📝 50K Applications‼

Budget📊 2016 : Finance Ministry to Go Green🌿

Budget📊 2016 : Pre-Budget Address 📹 :

Hitler's Micro 🔍Condition Revealed!!

Interesting Facts About Budgets📊 in History

Anurag Talks About Kat🐱 in "Jagga Jasoos"🎥

😍ரசிகர்களை நெகிழ வைத்த ⭐விக்ரம்: இதோ 📹

🎬வெங்கட் பிரபுவின் அடுத்த 🎥படம் ❓

H-Wood Makeup Artist Obsessed❤️ With PeeCee

Parineeti's Smart Airport Look😍

PeeCee with Mickey Mouse❤️

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #NationalToastDay

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Don 3⃣ is Confirmed💥

Sunny: I Don't Walk Around in a 👙& 👠All Day❗️

🐺 Oral-B Genius: A Smart💡 Toothbrush❕

🐺 HTC’s Micro Splash Makes Each📱Unique

🐺 Mark Zuckerberg at Mobile📱 World🌍 Congress

🐺 Tata Zica👎 , Tata Tiago👍

🐺 Freedom251📱 Will Make a Profit❓

Hrithik to Enter the Gaming🎮 World❗️

Alves⭐: I Won't Retire at Barcelona🔷

Casillas⭐ Opens up on Mou👔 Relationship

Copa Del Rey Date📆 & Venue Set‼

CR7⭐ Open to Acting📺 Career

Gabriel🤓: We Know How to Stop✋🏻 'MSN'✨

Hilarious😂: Suarez🌟 Almost Missed✈ Arsenal Game

Wenger👔 Counting on Messi-Cech Complex😰

అనీషా ఆంబ్రోస్‌,పవన్ ల మధ్య స‌మ్ థింగ్ వ్య‌వ‌హారం💑❓

ఎన్టీఆర్ 'జనతా గారేజ్' ఆగష్టు 12న విడుదల చేసేందుకు ప్లాన్ ✨😍

చిరు చిన్నల్లుడు కళ్యాణ్ కు సైతం ఇది రెండో పెళ్లి.......❗❓

`నా రిబేటు రామ్ చ‌ర‌ణ్‌కే` అంటున్న..... రకుల్❓❗

టి-20 ప్రపంచ కప్లో ఈ ముగ్గురు క్రికెటర్లు కీలకం⭐⭐⭐

ధోనికి బ్యాకప్‌గా పార్థీవ్ పటేల్❗❗

'బంగ్లాను తక్కువగా అంచనా వేయోద్దు'అంటున్న రవిశాస్తి👆👋

యువత క్రికెట్ను కెరీర్గా ఎంచుకోవడానికి ప్రోత్సహించాలంటున్న కపిల్⭐

🐺 Global Newspapers📰 Call Modi✌ Authoritarian

🐺 Delhi🌆 Won’t Have Water for 4⃣ Days

🐺 Khalid’s Family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Threatened After JNU row

🐺 Ex-Congress✋ CM’s Aide Heard Inciting Jat Violence💥

🐺 🇮🇳 Gives 💲1⃣M in Aid to Fiji After Cylone

🐺 J&K Encounter🔫 Ends, 3⃣ Terrorists Killed

🐺 Modi✌ Encourages BHU Students to Innovate

Salman💪: PRDP Better Than Bajrangi❗️

Deepika's Hollywood⭐️ Bonding

🎧DJ Diplo & SRK to Collaborate👊

Aamir Bonds With 🔫'Terrorists'❓

Anushka Turns 🎬 Producer Again

Sanjay Dutt to be Released on Thursday❗️

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Matthew 11:28

FT Review⚽: Shrewsbury Town 0⃣-3⃣ Man Utd♦

HT Review⚽: Shrewsbury 0⃣-2⃣ Man Utd♦

Preview⚽: Man Utd♦ Face Shrewsbury

🐎Asia Cup🏆: Injury Scare For Dhoni🚑, Parthiv Called Up 😳

🐎 Dhoni Fed Up😤 With Retirement Queries ❗

🐎 Kolkata School🏫 Scores 844/2😲 in 45 Overs ‼

🐎NZ-AUS: NZ Struggling Despite Wagner 6⃣-for 😯

🐎 Pepsi Fizzes🍷 Back To 🇮🇳 Cricket ❗

Poll Results📊: Should Betting💸 Be Legalised in 🇮🇳 ❓

🐎 Sachin🙏 Offers Relief For Drought-hit☀ Village 👍

🐎 Jats Call Off Protests👍

🐎 J&K Encounter💥 Ends, 3⃣ Militants💀 Killed ❗

[🐎] Student Beaten Up as Modi Visits 🏤 BHU😱

🐎 Punjab Warriors Win HIL🏆 🎉

🐎 Rail🚈 Budget: What to Expect ❓

🐎 Water Crisis💧: SC🏤 Raps Kejri Govt ❗

🐎 Wife's Fake Letter✉: Husband Gets Divorce 😳

Benzema⭐ Return is an Important👍🏻 Step

FA Cup Preview⚽: Man Utd♦ Face Shrewsbury

Henry🙌🏻: Arsenal🔫 is "Practically Dead"😰 if...

KP Boateng: I Refused😏 Advice From Drogba⭐

Player😡 Sent Off for Showing Ref👕 Red

🐎 United♦Buzz: Midfielder Deal Done😋, LvG Payout💰

Wenger👔 Lauds🙌🏻 MSN Solidarity💪🏻

🐎 Pre-Season Tests🔧 Underway as Force 🇮🇳 Unveils Car🏁

அய்யோ❗ இந்த கேள்வியா❓ 🔈 தோனி 😤 ❗

ஆசிய கோப்பை 🏆: தோனிக்கு 🚑 காயமா❓ பார்த்திவ் அழைக்கப்பட்டார்😳

🇮🇳 கிரிக்கெட்டில் மீண்டும் பெப்சி 🍷 ❗

சச்சின் 🙏 வழங்கும் நிவாரணம் 👏

நியூ.-ஆஸி: தொடர்ந்து ஆஸ்திரேலியா முன்னிலை👏

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 6

🎥போகனுக்காக - மீண்டும் ⭐ஜெயம் ரவி - ⭐அரவிந்த்சாமி கூட்டணி👏

🙉பீப் பாடல்🎤 விவகாரம் பற்றி ⭐ சிம்பு என்ன கூறுகிறார்❓

Look👀 at The Films🎥 that Anushka has Rejected🚫

Preity Zinta to be GoodEnough💍❓

GoT Writer Defends Sansa's Rape Scene❗️

Deepika Excited to Meet Nina Dobrev💃

Date🗓 Set For Abuakwa By-Election📥

Justin Wants Another Monkey🐒

Rihanna's 🎧"Work" Teaser 📹

Ivory Coast🇨🇮: Prison Break Ends in Disaster🔫

Major Communication📡 Stakeholders Against👎🏻 Spy Bill

Nana-Addo👔: I'm Not Election📥 Year Christian

Advantage⬆ Start-ups in Union Budget📊 2016??

John Lennon's Hair Sold at $35K💰

Budget 📊 2016: Hoping🙂 To Hit The Sweet🍭 Spot! 📹:

Insurance for Senior Citizens👵👴 - Budget 2016??📊

🐎 Sait Nagjee🏆: Dnipro Win 🇮🇳 Tourney✌ ❗

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

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🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Priyanka Like to Play Strong Female Characters🙌

SRK's Stardom⭐️ Upset's Gauri❓

Sonam Kapoor's Look Styled by Rhea💛

ஆயுதப்படைகளை 👏புகழும் 😎தோனி😄

இங்கிலாந்து அணியை 💥 தாக்கிய ⭐ டி வில்லியர்ஸ்👏

நியூசிலாந்து-ஆஸ்திரேலியா: ஆஸ்திரேலிய அணி முன்னிலை👏

🔝பார்வையாளர்களை📺👀 ஈர்த்த ராஞ்சி T20👌

⭐ரோஹித்-⭐தவான் ✌ > சச்சின்-கங்குலி😱

Sunny☀ Leone's Fashion Fail👎

🐺 Virgin Galactic🌌 Unveils New Spaceship✈

🐺 LG & Samsung: Mobile📱 World🌍 Congress

🐺 Latest News: Mobile📱 World🌍 Congress

🐺 Zuckerberg @ Mobile📱 World🌍 Congress📹:

Kim Makes Millions💰 Through Her Video Game🎮

Honey Singh to Compose for 🎥"Sultan"❓

Deepika Wowing her Director🎬 D.J Caruso❗️

Priyanka With Her 🎥"Baywatch" Squad🙌

Kat🐱 Making Ranbir's Life Difficult❓

Kabir🎬 to Work With Hrithik & Deepika❓

Aamir Can't Wait to 👀Watch 🎥"Ardaas"

Barca🔷 Head✈ to London Without Turan⭐

Bundesliga Review⚽: Aubameyang⭐ Settles Clash

Copa America🌎 Centenario Draw⚽

FA Cup Review📹: Hazard⭐ Runs The Show😍 -

La Liga Review⚽: Madrid Teams Slip up😰

LvG👔: Teams Don't Fear😏 us Anymore

Tata👔: Messi💫 Needs More Support👍🏻

ఇంగ్లండ్‌తో జరిగిన రెండో టీ20 లో దక్షిణాఫ్రికా ఘన విజయం 👍👍

జట్టులోకి పునరాగమనం చేయడమే కష్టం: నెహ్రా❗❓

రిటైర్మెంట్ ప్రశ్నపై ధోని అసహనం 💢❗

స్మిత్, బర్న్స్ సెంచరీలు✨👍

కాబోయే భర్తతో చిరు కుమార్తె శ్రీజ....👫👍

పవన్ వస్తారా..ప్రాణం నిలబెడతారా? ❓

మై ఫస్ట్ టాటూ అంటూ....అమలాపాల్ ❗❗

మహేష్ బాబు సిస్టర్ ని కృష్ణం రాజు దత్తత ఆలోచన! ❗❓

Girls Banned🚫 from Using Cell 📱❓

Martyr Pawan Kumar’s Last Message💌

🐺 WhatsApp Group Fights Casteism in Marriage👰🏻

BJP🔸 Will Introduce Jat-OBC Bill📄

ISIS▪ Blast💥 Kills +140 in Syria

Conspiracies Trying to Finish PM Modi✌❓

Urdu Cause of Political Tensions in Pak🇵🇰

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 34:14

HT Review⚽: ATM 0⃣-0⃣ Villarreal

FA Cup Draw⚽: Chelsea Gets Tough Draw

Preview⚽: ATM vs Villarreal

FT Review: Chelsea 5⃣-1⃣ Man City

இந்த வார சினிமா 🎦 விமர்சனம் ❗

'தல'யுடன் சண்டைக்கு 👊 ரெடி ❗

FT Review⚽: Malaga 1⃣-1⃣ Real Madrid⚪

HT Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 - Man City🔹

Dhoni😎 Lauds👏 Armed Forces

NZ-AUS: Brave✌ Smith Puts AUS In Control

Poll Results📊: Did 🇮🇳 Make a Mistake❌ in Selecting Shami❓

Ranchi T20 BreaksTV📺 👀 Record

Rohit-Dhawan✌ > Sachin-Sourav⁉

SA-ENG: de Villiers Assault💥 Stuns😲 ENG

5⃣ Year High Growth Rate📈 For 🇮🇳 👏

IIM-Calcutta🏫: 100% Placement in 3⃣ Days 👏

JNU Row: 'Presstitute' Barkha's Letter✉ To Modi 😳

🇮🇳 & Nepal Sign✍ 9⃣ Accords 🎉

Non-bailable Warrant😳 Against Musharraf ❗

Pampore💥: Encounter Still On, 6⃣ Killed 😱

Snowden Ready to Return to USA🇺🇸 ❗

TN: Personal Pics📷 Leaked, Dairy & Milk Minister Sacked 🙆

HT Review⚽: Malaga 0⃣-1⃣ Real Madrid⚪

Preview⚽: Chelsea🔵 vs Man City🔹

Preview⚽: Malaga vs Real Madrid⚪

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 5

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

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🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Aubameyang⭐: Madrid⚪ is my Dream Team😳

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern Survive Early Scare😰

FA Cup Preview⚽: Chelsea🔵 vs Man City🔹

FA Cup Review⚽: Gunners🔫 Held‼

I was Better Than Messi💫 & CR7⭐

La Liga Preview⚽: Malaga vs Real Madrid⚪

La Liga Preview⚽: ATM vs Villarreal

La Liga Review⚽: Barca🔷 Sit 9⃣ Points Clear

Ligue 1 Review⚽: PSG & Monaco Win Big🙌🏻

Neymar⚡ Wish CR7⭐ Was at Barca🔷

Ronaldo🙌🏻: Messi💫 is Better Than CR7⭐

Serie A Review⚽: Inter Milan Back in Top 4⃣

25న రిలీజ్కు రెడీ అవుతున్న ...ఊపిరి ⭐⭐

కొరటాల శివకు పది కోట్లు రెమ్యునేషన్ ఇప్పిస్తున్న ...ఎన్టీఆర్ 💸💸

నిర్మాతకు అలా ఇష్టం లేకే...మహేష్ బాబుతో భారీ డీల్? 💰💰

‘లస్ట్'ను లాంచ్ చేయబోతున్న సన్నీ లియోన్✨✨

ఇంగ్లండ్‌పై విజయం సాధించిన దక్షిణాఫ్రికా👍✨

కెప్టెన్సీ హోదా మాత్రమే: రైనా❗

ఫాస్టెస్ట్ సెంచరీ కొట్టిన ధీరుడిగా మెకల్లమ్....✨

Zee🏆Cine Awards 2016: Highlights❗️

Ki & Ka 🎵: High 👠 Heels📹:

Breaking 📰: Delhi Water💧Crisis: Schools to Close

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Proverbs 3:5-6

கார்த்தியின் 'தோழா' டீசர் 📹 இதோ ➡

மலாய் மொழியில் கபாலி ❗

FT Review⚽: Las Palmas 1⃣-2⃣ Barcelona🔷

Badminton: 🇮🇳 Reach Semis, China Ousted ❗

Chatrapathi Shivaji👑 Not Celebrated🎉 Enough ??

ISRO's Cryogenic Engine🚀Test Successful 👍

Congress Rebel✊ Takes Over as CM of Arunachal❗

New Chairman👔 for GST Committee👥

Modi Actively Involved👏 in Budget 2016💰 ❗

USA Imposes Sanctions🚫 on N-Korea ‼

Betting💸in Cricket Legalised❓

McCullum Embarrassed😟 After Record 💯 😳 📹

Mohammed Shami Ruled Out Of Asia Cup🏆

NZ-AUS: McCullum Lights Up✨ Day 1⃣ 👌

SA-ENG: SA Win💪 a Last Ball Thriller 😍

Sachin🙏 Greatest After Bradman ⁉

HT Review⚽: Las Palmas 1⃣-2⃣ Barcelona🔷

FT Review⚽: Arsenal Held‼

Preview⚽: La Palmas vs Barcelona🔷

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 4

HT Review⚽: Arsenal🔫 0⃣-0⃣ Hull City

BREAKING📰: Terror Attack💥 in Srinagar, Encounter Ongoing😳

அஸ்வின்: கோலி, ரோஹித் என்றால் எனக்கு 👻 பயம் ❗

உச்ச நீதிமன்றத்தை அணுகுகிறது BCCI ❗

T20 உலககோப்பை 🏆 அறிமுக விழாவை சிறப்பித்தார் ⭐ யுவராஜ் ❗

சச்சினின் மற்றொரு 🏆 சாதனை ❗

தோனி தொடங்கி 🏁 வைத்த புது நிறுவனம் ❓

Preview⚽: Arsenal vs Hull City

Deepika Welcomes👏 Virat to the ⌚Family!

Angelina Jolie's💃🏻 Epiphany About Her Son

Who is Kanye West🎼 Bigger Than❓

Rihanna Falls Sick😨Before Grammy

Carpool🚗 Karaoke🎧 With Justin Beiber🎤!!📹:

ADB💰 Appoints New MD👔

EC📥 Suspends🚫 Steering Committee

Hiddink👔 Lauds🙌🏻 Baba Rahman's Quality👌🏻

Prez👔: State of the Nation🇬🇭 Address📜

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About Neerja Bhanot ❗

Poll Results : Relationships❤️ Between Younger Men & Older Women❓

Rohit Sharma🌟 on a 'Shopping Spree' With Wife💑

The World Loses 2⃣Amazing Authors✍

Poll Results : Priyanka, Deepika, Kat, Anushka- Who is the Most Intelligent❓

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About SRK ❗

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About 💪 Salman Khan❗

Sunny☀ Leone's in Strange Outfit😕!!!

Aamir's Solution💡 for Water💧 Crisis.

Fitoor Kissing Scene 😘 Goes Viral📽:

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About Priyanka Chopra ❗

Poll Results : Should the 3⃣ Khans Move Aside for New Talent❓

Hrithik 🌟& His Sons👦👦!

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🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Deepika💃🏻 Needs a New Hairstyle❓‼

Deepika Padukone Graces The Cover of Femina‼️

Nargis Fakhri Looking Super Duper Cute😘

How to Land a Boeing 737✈ 📹

Apple🍎📱 Issues Patch For Error 53!!

iPhone 5s📱 @ 99.7% Discount!!😱

Monopoly💸Goes Electronic🔋!!

Samsung Gear S2📱 - 1⃣st Certified eSIM!!!

Carrick⭐: We Wanna Avoid❌ Another Humiliation😔

FA Cup Preview⚽: Arsenal vs Hull City

La Liga Preview⚽: La Palmas vs Barcelona🔷

LvG👔 Should Just Leave🚪🚶🏻

Mou👔: I Don't Search🔎 for Clubs‼

Ronaldo⭐: Neymar⚡ is Messi's💫 Heir

Serie A Review⚽: Juve's Winning Streak🙌🏻 Ended

కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వ నిర్ణయానికి ధావన్ మద్దతు 👍👍

మహ్మద్ షమీ అవుట్!👎

రిటైర్మెంట్‌ గురించి స్పందించిన ధోనీ👍👌

Kanhaiya’s Assault Planned, Video Doctored🔧

Akshay Kuma👍r All For Hoisting Tricolour🇮🇳

Saudi & Iraq Increase📈 Oil Sales to 🇮🇳

Honda Recalls 57,676 Cars🚗

Obama To Honour 6⃣ 🇮🇳-🇺🇸Scientists

Half the World Will Be Short-Sighted👓 by 2050📹:

Oli Visits 🇮🇳, Will Meet PM Modi✌

Violence😡 Continues in Haryana

‘కృష్ణాష్టమి’ రివ్యూ⭐⭐⭐

టాప్ స్టార్ హీరోలకు షాక్ ఇవ్వనున్న ఎన్టీఆర్❓😳

ఎన్టీఆర్ జనతా గ్యారేజ్ లో సాయికుమార్👍✨

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Ecclesiastes 7:9

American F-16's✈ To Be Made in 🇮🇳 ‼

Badminton: 🇮🇳 Stuns😳 China 👏

Minister's Car Set Alight🔥, 1⃣ Killed 😱

Hit and Run🚗💥: SC Notice to Salman💪 ❗

Pathankot💥: PAK Lodges FIR, JeM Omitted🙆

SC Transfers➡ Kanhaiya's Bail Plea🙏 to HC 😳

Trump😠 Slams 'Pope✝' ❗

"போக்கிரி ராஜா" 🎦 டிரைலர் 📹 வெளியானது ➡

மலையாள ரீமேக்கில் ⭐ ரஜினியா ❓

Bail Denied✋ for Kohli's PAK Fan😳

BCCI👥 to Challenge Lodha Report📝 in SC🏤

Dhoni😎 Launches🚀 New Lifestyle Brand ❗

JNU Row: Dhawan💪 Calls for Nationalism🇮🇳

Kohli, Rohit & Co💪 Gives Ashwin Nightmares😨 ❗

🙏Sachin's Autobiography✍ Breaks Records 🎉

Yuvi Stars⭐ As World T20🏆 Comes to Delhi ❗

Asia🌏 Chooses Their FIFA⚽ Presidential Candidate👔

Di Maria⭐: Madrid's⚪ Anti-Barca🚫 Clause

El Classico⚽ Referee Corruption😳 Case Archived📦

Eto'o⭐ Bans🚫 Ex's Revenge Book📚

Gotze⭐: Messi💫 Comparisons Makes no Sense❗

Torres😎: I Owe it all🙌🏻 to Benitez👔

BREAKING💥: President's Rule Lifted in Arunachal 👍

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 3

Hrithik & Deepika Finally in a Movie🎞❓

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🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

McCartney🎤 "Not VIP Enough" For After Party🎉?

Natalie Cole🎤 Tribute ”DISRESPECTFUL”

5⃣ Facts About Katrina Kaif ❗️

IRS Questions $60K Oscar Gift Bags🎁

Anthony Baffoe😎: Swansea Lost😔 Without Ayew⭐

NDC: Otabil's👔 a Threat⚡ to National Security

PNF😠: Remove❌ the EC Boss👩🏽

Soldiers👮🏻 Get Life Sentences for 🔫 Ex-Prez👔

Neha Looking 😍 Glam❗️

Sunny ☀️ in Lace❗

அனகொண்டாவிடம் 🐍 கடிவாங்கிய ஷேன் வார்ன்:

ஆசியக்கோப்பை 🏆 'ஸ்பான்சர்' யார் ❓

எனக்கு தான் முதல் 🔴 பந்து: ரோஹித் 😎

சச்சின் மகனின் 👦 புகைப்படம் 📷 போலி ஹால் டிக்கெட்டில் ❓

மெக்கல்லம்: எனக்கு பிடிச்ச பேட்ஸ்மேன் ❓

Virat & Anushka's Break-up due to "Sultan"👑⁉

Sultan👑 - As Authentic As Possible!!!👌

Bale⭐ Transfer📝 to be Investigated⁉

Blatter👔: Platini is Innocent😊 Like me

CR7⭐: I Prefer😍 Penalties to Free-kicks

CR7⭐ in Record🙌🏻 Goalscoring⚽ Form

Europa League Review⚽: United♦ Hit a New Low😔

Hargreaves♦: LvG👔 has Done Nothing Wrong‼

The Messi💫 & Suarez🌟 Families' Night Out

Twitter’s🐦 New Feature: GIF Search🔎

Google Launches “Gmailify”💌 for Non-Gmail Users

G👀gle Can Translate 103 Languages🈚‼

Buffering Videos📹 Can Cause Severe Stress😰

A “Flexible”〰 Android Smartphone📱❓

అత్తారింటికి దారేది బాత్రూమ్ సీన్లలాగే అ..ఆ లో సీన్లు❗❓

ఎన్టీఆర్‌, ప‌వ‌న్ వ‌దిలేస్తే... చిరు ప‌ట్టుకొన్నాడు❓❓

బాహుబలి యూనిట్ కు కండిషన్లు❓❓

సర్దార్ ఆడియో రిలీజ్ మార్చి 12 న అమరావతిలో ..❗✨

సరైనోడు టీజర్✨😍

SKYNET Killing🔫 Innocents by the 1000s

JNU🏤 Students Ordered to Vacate Rooms

“Metro Man” Says 🇮🇳Unready for Bullet Train

₹15.2 lakh cr💰 Secured by ‘Make in 🇮🇳’ Week

Smriti to Fly Tricolour🇮🇳 in Universities

CPI(M)🔴 Announced Pact With Congress✋

Modi✌ Still Best Candidate for PM❔

Will “Fan” be a 💥Blockbuster❓Trailer 📹:

5⃣ Facts About Aamir❗️

Sunny☀ Congratulates👏 Priyanka on ‘Baywatch’

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About Hrithik🌟

Neerja Prettier Than Sonam Kapoor💃🏻!!

Delete: Psalm 3:2-6

⚽Preview: Augsburg vs. Liverpool🔴

⚽HT Review: FC Midtjylland 1⃣ - 1⃣ Man Utd

⚽Preview: FC Midtjylland vs. Man Utd

Benzema⭐ Contact Ban🚫 Lifted🙌🏻

Drogba⭐ Leaps to Aurier's😔 Defence

Giroud⭐: Transfer💬 Rumours Motivated👍🏻 me

Lionel 300⚽ Messi💫: The Breakdown👊🏻

Ramos⭐: Barca🔷 Holds Madrid's Fate😁

United♦Buzz: Rooney to China, Love to Debut❓

Valdano👔: Madrid⚪ Suffering From CR7⭐ Dependency

Cabinet Clears✅ G-Wave🌊 Observatory🔭

Groom Killed in Celebratory Gun Fire💥🔫 ‼

HIL: Delhi Enter Semis 👏

IPS Officer👮 Found Hanging in Chennai😳

North Korea To Attack💥 South Korea ⁉

Scared😱JNU Leader Asks SC🏤 For Bail ❗

RK Pachauri Threatened😡 to Castrate✂ Colleague's BF 😱

தனுஷ் - கௌதம் வாசுதேவ் மேனன் 👬 இணைகிறார்களா ❓

ரஜினி, கமலை 👬 இணைக்கிறதா கிரிக்கெட் ❓

🎥'ரெமோ': ⭐சிவகார்த்திகேயனின் அடுத்த படத்தலைப்பு👏

Anaconda🐍 Bites Shane Warne😱 📹:

💪Baz Names His Fav😘 Batsman

Conflict of Interest: BCCI Warns⚠ Harbhajan ❗

Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 📱 Firm Named Sponsors❗

Poll Results📊: Is Ashwin Only Suited For 🇮🇳 Conditions ❓

Revealed: Why Rohit Likes to Face 1⃣st ball ❓

UP Exams: Sachin's🙏 Son's Pic in Fake Admit Card ⁉

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: verse 2

Aamir Expects a Lot From Sultan👑

Harington & Leslie are Perfect for Each other❤️

Stars🌟 & Sexuality👫👬👭

Justin Beiber🎤 on His Ink!!

Kim Unhappy😠 With Kanye's🎤 Rants!!

BoG💰: No New Notes💵 Being Issued

Ghana🇬🇭 League⚽ Officially Launched🚀

Kintampo Accident🚌: Survivor's😰 Account🔊

Wisdom🙌🏻: Otabil👔 Fires Again‼

So You Think You Can Dance💃, 🇮🇳❓

5⃣Facts About Vin Diesel❗️

Nike✅ Fires 🔥Manny Pacquiao For Anti-Gay Comments!!

What is Huma Qureshi Wearing😂❓

Rakhi Sawant's Fashion Fail👎

Nargis On the Cover of "Hello" ❤️

Sonakshi Sporting a Trench Dress 😍

SRK🌟 on Snapdeal 👩Employee Kidnapping

Indian Designer Receives🇬🇵 France's Highest Honour🎊 🎉

Get Priyanka's Gorgeous Look‼️

Neha Dhupia's👗Ensembles for RoadiesX4

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☀️Sunny: 5️⃣Surprising Facts❗️

Apple🍎 Won’t Hack its Own Phones📱

Store 360 TB on 1⃣ Inch of Glass💿

Kanye’s Album📀 Pirated 500K Times❕

What’s Up With the Freedom 251📱❔

Pichai on Apple’s🍎 Defence of Privacy🔐

Beckenbauer🙌🏻 Sanctioned by FIFA⚽

Benitez👔 Slams😠 'Nervous' Florentino Perez😰

Ibrahimovic⭐ Clashes😡 With Fabregas‼

La Liga Review⚽: Messi💫 Hit 300⚽ Milestone

Rooney⭐ Out For 6⃣ Weeks

Roy Keane♦: Hazard's⭐ a 'Spoilt Child'😗

UCL Review⚽: CR7⭐ Bail Zidane👔 Out

Zidane👔 Lauds🙌🏻 Decisive CR7⭐

ఇక్కడ నాగ్..అక్కడ రజనీ.....నిజమా..❓❓

ఎన్టీఆర్ కోసం పాత కార్లు సేకరణ...పెద్ద షెడ్ ⭐❗

జనతాగ్యారేజ్ లోఎన్టీఆర్ కు అంకుల్ గా మోహన్ లాల్ క్యారక్టర్ ✨

నా లైఫ్ టార్గెట్ పవన్ కళ్యాణే...! ❓❓

'సరైనోడు' టీజర్ డైలాగ్ లీక్🌟🌟🌟

కుర్రాళ్లు అద్భుతంగా రాణించారు... రాహుల్ ద్రవిడ్ 👌

చిర్రుబుర్రు లాడిన కోహ్లి😡😱

రంజీ ఫైనల్లో ముంబై✨🏆

వాహబ్ రియాజ్, షెహ్జాద్ అహ్మద్ లకు..... వార్నింగ్!❓❓

Sensex Up🔺 Over 200 Points, Nifty Below 7,200❕

Pope Francis Yells😝 At Mexicans https📹:

US🇺🇸 to Invest ₹1.85 lakh cr in 🇮🇳

Hanuman🐒 to Appear in Bihar Court⁉

Police Commissioner👮🏼 Afraid of Lawyers❓

Turkey Bomb💣: 28 Dead😳

2.2K Corrupt😈 Officials Identified

PM Modi's✌ 🔟th PRAGATI Conference

அடுத்த ⭐தோனி, ⭐ரைனா கிடைப்பார்களா❓

⭐ கங்கூலி மறுக்கும்✋ IPL ஆதாயம்💰

💔தவறில் இருந்து பாடம் கற்கும் ⭐கோலி😟

பாகிஸ்தான் பயிற்சியாளார் ஆவாரா ⭐விவ் ரிச்சர்ட்ஸ்⁉

ரஞ்சி கோப்பை🏆 - இறுதி போட்டியில் மும்பை - சௌராஷ்டிரா🎉

🔴 ஹென்றி ஓலோங்காவிற்கு பதிலடி கொடுத்த 🌟 சச்சின் 📹 -

5⃣ Facts About Deepika❗

5⃣ Facts About Anushka❗

What is Huma Qureshi Wearing😂❓

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Romans 8:31

FT Review⚽: Sporting Gijon 1⃣-3⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Roma vs Real Madrid

HT Review⚽: Sporting Gijon 1⃣-2⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Sporting Gijon vs Barcelona🔷

Talent Program That Found👀 Dhoni, Raina 🔙

IPL🏆: Ganguly Denies✋ 'Conflict of Interest'😳

Ranji🏆: Mumbai to Meet Saurashtra in Final👏

Streak on Sachin's🙏 Olonga Demolition💥 📹

Viv Richards to Coach👔 PAK ⁉

💲97 Billion Boeing✈ Woos😘 Modi

Badminton: 🇮🇳 Smashes💥 Singapore 👏

🇨🇳China Sets up Missiles🚀 on Contested island 😱

Coming 🔜: Made in 🇮🇳 Fighter Jets✈

Lawyers Proud of Assaulting👊 JNU Student🎓 😱

Massive 404 Carat Diamond💍 Found😱

⛽Petrol Prices Cut⬇, Diesel Hiked⬆ ❗

Andy Murray Names His Daughter👶 🎉

Wozniacki Strips👙 for Sports Illustrated📖

Baba😎 Impresses👏🏻 Against PSG🇫🇷

Ferdinand😎 Mocks😝 CR7⭐

Football⚽ Fan Jailed For Murder🔪

Lavezzi⭐ Completes China🇨🇳 Move

Morata⭐, Alonso BFF😍

United♦Buzz: Rooney Dropped😟, Mou Done Deal😳

Villas-Boas👔: I'm Not❌ Returning to EPL⚽

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram

Aamir to Represent a Brand Again❓😜

Fitoor Fails at Box Office👎

Kangana Snubbed ❌ by B-Town❓

New Single🎶 From The Film🎞 Rocky Handsome

Virat🌟 Dodges Questions❓About Anushka💃🏻

Gods of Egypt Latest Trailer🎞

Gunfire🔫 Linked to Beyonce's Performance💃🏻

The Jungle🐅 Book🎞 To Release Early In 🇮🇳

Alia's TOD'S Bag👜

Kareena Kapoor💃 in Red & Black

31வது பிறந்தநாளை🎂 கொண்டாடும் ⭐சிவகார்த்திகேயன் 💐

ஆதிவாசியாக மாறும் ⭐ஆர்யா❗

💃'ஜோ'வின் அடுத்த 🎥படம் என்ன ❓

Ayariga👔: I'm 40❗ No More Jokes😂

Iran🇮🇷 to Export Oil⛽ to Ghana🇬🇭

Kanye West🎤 Replies

Kwasi Appiah😎 Nears Return💪🏻

Report: JB's Murder as it Happens

Deepika Padukone🌟 on Her Parents👫

'Jabra' - First single🎧 from FAN🎉 📹:

Priyanka Chopra's💃🏻🌟 Baywatch👙 Debut

Saif Ali Khan 🌟Excited About Ki & KA

Salman💪 & Sooraj🎬 Back for The 3⃣rd Time!!

Sunny💃🏻 in Anti-Smoking🚫 🚬Campaign

ఎన్టీఆర్ బాహుబ‌లి రికార్డులను బ‌ద్ద‌లు కొట్టినట్లేనా❗❓

ఛీ.. తాప్సి చీర లాగేశాడు❗❗

మహేష్, పవన్ కు ఊహించని ట్విస్ట్⭐⭐

మహేష్ సినిమాకి అంత బడ్జెట్ పెట్టడానికి ఇష్టపడని నిర్మాతలు❓❓

రాజ్ త‌రుణ్ కిక్కు ఎప్పుడు దిగుతుందో...❓❓

కొత్త కుర్రాళ్ల ప్రదర్శనపై ధోని వ్యాఖ్య 👍👍

ధోని ఇష్టపడే నగరాల్లో ఇదొకటి....వైజాగ్‌🌟🌟🌟

భారత్లో జరిగే 'వరల్డ్ కప్ లో ఆడతా'అని వాట్సన్❗❗

'వరల్డ్ కప్ గెలిచే సత్తా మాలో ఉంది'..అలెక్స్ హేల్స్❓❓

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

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🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

CSK அணிக்காக உருகிய 😎 தோனி😟

IPL🏆: ⭐'ஷிரேயஸ் ஐயர்' மும்பை அணிக்கா❓

T20 உலககோப்பைக்கு🏆 தயாராகும் இராணுவ பீரங்கிகள்!!

உலககோப்பை🏆 T20 - : 🇮🇳இந்தியா அணியின் 'வார்ம்-அப்' அட்டவணை📋

உலககோப்பை🏆 T20: பாக். அணிக்கு அனுமதி வழங்கப்பட்டதா❓

⭐ கங்கூலி, ⭐ ABDயை பின்னுக்கு தள்ளினார் ⭐டிம் சவுத்தி👍

⭐முருகன் அஷ்வினை' தேர்ந்தெடுத்தது 😎:தோனியா❓

⭐ விராட் கோலி கொண்டாடிய காதலர்♥ தினம்

Ancelotti👔 Speaks on Messi's💫 Penalty⚽

Blanc👔: Chelsea Regaining💪🏻 Their Colour🔵

CR7⭐: BBC Don't Need Friendship😏 to Perform‼

CR7⭐ Silence Critics😷 With Vital Question

Fans⚽ Make Passionate Appeal🙏🏻 to Messi💫

Real Madrid's Eternal Italian Curse😰

UCL Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Earn Vital👌🏻 Away Goal

WhatsApp💬 for Bus🚌 Passengers

Project Loon🎈 Balloon Design Complete✅

Amazon to Acquire Emvantage Payments💵

Who Invented🔧 The Stethoscope❓

Hospital Network🏥💻 Held Hostage for $3.6M💰

Ex-UN🌐 Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali Dies💐

PO📮 Schemes Interest Rate Cut✂, PF Hiked to 8.8%

Sensitising Public Against Sikh👳🏽 Jokes

Human Error Caused German Train Crash🚋💥🚋

Vodafone: Where’s Make in 🇮🇳 Now❓

Sensex & Nifty Down, Banking Stocks Drop📉

Kejriwal vs Modi✌ & Hanuman🐒

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Exodus 15:2

Preview⚽: PSG vs Chelsea🔵

Dhoni's😎 Heart💔 Still Beats For CSK ‼

IPL🏆: Dhoni Wanted Murugan Ashwin 😳

IPL🏆: Delhi ❌ Mumbai's 'Shreyas Iyer' Approach 😳

Southee✌ Outbats Ganguly, de Villiers & Afridi 😱 ❗

World T20🏆: Army Tanks😳 for Security ‼

World T20🏆: PAK Likely To Get Clearance✅

World T20🏆: 🇮🇳's Warm Up Schedule 📋

Hiddink👔 Ready👍🏻 for Big Chelsea Test⚽

I've Told Neymar⚡ to Join PSG🇫🇷

Keita⭐: Madrid is Beatable‼

Obafemi Martins🇳🇬 Join The China⚽ Train💰

Roberto Carlos⭐ Jabs Messi💫 Over Penalty😍

Roma Coach Hails🙌🏻 Great Teacher Ancelotti👔

United♦Buzz: Trophies🏆, Academy & Auba ❗

4⃣ Rebels Killed Near Arunachal Border😯

By-Polls: Huge Win✌ for BJP🔶 & Allies

JNU Row: SC🏤 Agrees to Urgent Hearing 😳

Karnataka CM's 💰 Watch⏱ is BJP's🔶 Ace❗

Odd-Even🚗 v2: Free Bike🏍 Rides for Delhiites😄

SAG: 🇮🇳 🔝 With 308 Medals 🎉

Wife's Consent😅 for Viagra💊 Use ⁉

🙏 Shri Ashta Vinayak Darshan -Virtual Tour Ends with visit to Moreshwar 🙏 😃

🎥 Shabana Azmi playing Neerja's Mother-

Yami Won’t 🚫💋Kiss Hrithik in 'Kaabil'❗

Deadpool😈 Breaks the Box-Office 👊Wall

🎥 Aditya Roy Kapoor Loses Dubsmash Virginity:

Fulani Cows🐂: E/R Police👮🏻 Issues Shoot-to-Kill🔫

Nation's🇬🇭 Wembley⚽ to Undergo Rehabilitation🔧

Prices💰 of Foodstuffs🌽 to Shoot up⬆

Wisa's😎 Back With Another 'Erotic'👙 Performance🎤 -

🌈2016 Grammys📀: David Bowie Returns

🎼Grammy Awards🏆 Highlights🎉

🎼Taylor Swift🎤 Swings Back at Kanye

🇮🇳 T20 உலககோப்பையை வெல்லும்🎉 🔈 தோனி👏

U19 உலககோப்பை🏆 : ⭐சர்பரஸ் கான் சாதனை👏

ஆஸ்திரேலியா இன்னிங்ஸ் வெற்றி🎉

தொடரை வென்றது தென்ஆப்ரிக்கா🎉

⭐ தவான் T20 உலககோப்பையில்🏆 எப்படி❓

மீண்டும் ⭐கெயில் அதே வார்த்தையை கூறினாரா ❓ 😱 📹:

வானவில்🌈 நிறத்தில் புனே ஜெர்சி❗

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Priyanka Shoots in -20 Dregees😨

NBA All Stars With Ranveer Singh🏀

Alia Yearns For NY Fashion Show😍

Malaika's Stunning Look😍

Aamir: Fire🔥 at "Make In India" Unfortunate😔

How Virat Celebrated V-Day❗️

Sallu's Crazy Dance Moves🏃 🎥:

SRK to Launch 🎥"Fan" Title Track🎧 in Delhi❗️

Sunny☀ Loves Lilu❤️

A Smartphone📱 For ₹500💸😯

Andy 6.0 Update📡 for Galaxy S6 📱

Music Video Shot in Zero Gravity✈‼📹

TCS – UK’s🇬🇧 🔝 Employer

Adidas Unveil UCL🏆 Final Match ball⚽

Benzema⭐: CR7⭐ Isn't The GOAT🙌🏻

Ibrahimovic⭐: I Wish😊 I Was Facing Mou👔

Luiz⭐: Chelsea🔵 Should Show Terry Respect🙌🏻

Messi💫 Loves😍 to Emulate Football Greats🙌🏻

Referee😔 Gunned Down🔫 After Showing Red‼

Santillana⭐: Madrid Needs Titles🏆 not Pichichi

Terry⭐ Out of PSG Clash‼

Invest in 🇮🇳 Or Else‼

Ki & Ka Movie Trailer🎥

JNU Professor👓 Arrested, New Video📹 Emerges:

Swachh Bharat🇮🇳 Survey Results

Drug💊 Filled Bras “Busted”👙

Pak🇵🇰 Sindh Adopts Hinduॐ Marriage Bill

💲💲💲Flying Out of China🇨🇳

Peoples Court🏣 to Decide on Euthanasia

PM Modi✌ Calls For Rare All-Party Meet👥

Breaking News: Neymar's assets🚤🚗🏠✈︎ frozen❅

6వేల ప్రింట్లతో చైనాలో ‘బాహుబలి’ మే నెలలో రిలీజ్ 👍👍

ఆస్కార్ అవార్డ్ ప్రజెంట్ చేయబోతున్న ప్రియాంక! ✨

మెగా ఆడియో పంక్షన్ గా నిలిచిపోవాలని పవన్ ఆదేశం☝☝⭐⭐

'రాగాస్ ఫ్లెక్స్ జిమ్'ను ప్రారంభించిన చిరంజీవి👍👍

'సరైనోడు' టీజర్ ఈనెల 18వ తేదీన✨✨

న్యూజిలాండ్‌తో జరిగిన తొలి టెస్టులో ఆస్ట్రేలియా విజయం🌟👍👍

వరల్డ్‌కప్‌కు అన్ని విధాలా రెడీ...టీమిండియా👍✌

వెస్టిండీస్ క్రికెట్ బోర్డు,ఆటగాళ్లకు తలెత్తిన సమస్య పరిష్కారం!👍

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Zechariah 4:6

Ancelotti👔 Targets Arsenal Star😳

Bayern to Sack🚪 Guardiola👔⁉

Cahill😎: 2012 Heroics🏆 is Our Inspiration‼

Cruyff Penalty: Messi⭐ Passed to Neymar, not Suarez😱 📹:

📹Florenzi's Beats Messi💫 & Suarez🌟 to UEFA Goal 🏆 -

Hazard⭐: We fear😰 PSG😱

United♦Buzz: Schweini's Lobby, Charlton's Stand 😳

Watch📹 Weah Jr.'s 5⭐ Show⚽ -

🇮🇳-American 👉 🇺🇸Supreme Court 😯

Bihar Crimes🔪: NDA Seeks Governor Help🙏

Bodies of Siachen🏔 Soldiers ✈ To Delhi ❗

J&K: All Eyes👀 On Mehbooba ❗

Married Man👨 Killed by Teen 'Girlfriend's' Kin😱

Pens✍ to Fight Intolerance ⁉

PKL💪: Paltans Pip Bulls 👏

Dhawan😼 👀 Top Form at World T20🏆

Dhoni: 🇮🇳 Favs for World T20🏆

'Dont Blush😊 Baby'- Gayle💪 At it Again ‼ 📹:

IPL🏆: Dhoni😎 Unveils Pune Jersey👕

NZ-AUS: Innings Victory✌ for AUS 🎉

SA-ENG: ABD💪 Leads Proteas' Come🔙

U19 WC🏆: Sarfaraz Creates History 🎉

'SanTina👯' Just Keep on Winning✌

🎥"ஐ" யை மிஞ்சுமா 🎥"தெறி" ❓

காதலர் தினத்தில்😳 'சிம்பு-நயன்'💑 📷

🙏 AshtaVinayak Virtual darshan- Day 8⃣ Shri MahaGanapati of Ranjangaon

🙏 Day 8⃣ Shri Maha Ganapati of Ranjangaon - History

🙏Day8⃣ Shri Maha Ganapati of Ranjangaon -Temple

Sonam Kapoor: Losing Weight is Easy🍰

Sallu & Anushka's New Valentine❤️ Day's Look👀

Sandhya's Letter✍️ to Sunny☀

Priyanka Breaks Down😭 During Action Scene

Kat Offers Weight-Loss⏲ Tips

Kangana’s Reply to Hrithik’s Relationship💔 Tweet

Anushka with 🐶 Dude on V-Day❣️

DiCaprio😏 Wins BAFTA🎭 Best Actor

PeeCee's Picture Perfect Moment📷

Rob's Love❤️ for Blac Chyna❗️

Watch👀 this Tabla Cover for Calvin Harris' Song🎧

Aamir & Kangana Meet Modi✌️

B-Town Celebrated Valentine's Day❤️

Indonesia blocks gay emoji

VHP Activists Pelt Stones at SRK's🚘

Parineeti Styled by Her Favourite Shiraz💙

Sonakshi's Gorgeous Look😍

Abraham Attah🇬🇭 to Host Oscars🎉

Child Abuse👶🏻: Anas👀 Goes Undercover Again‼

💀Creepy GoT Teaser: Everyone Dead❓📹:

Nana-Addo👔: Intercede🙏🏻 for me

Video📹: JB's Killer 🔪Deny Entering House🏠 -

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🌈Indonesia to Block🚫👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Gay Emoji

Zuckerberg Invests 💲1⃣ bn Into Kanye⁉

Apple🍎 to Open Hyderabad Tech👓 Centre

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern Maintains🙌🏻 Lead

EPL Review⚽: Title🏆 Race Set for Photo-Finish😍

La Liga Review⚽: The MSN Show😍 Continues❗

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Monaco Track PSG

Pogba⭐: Spain🇪🇸 But Not That Team😱

Serie A Review⚽: AC Milan Revival Continues‼

Watch📹 Another Demolition👊🏻 Exercise From Barcelona🔷:

CM Fadnavis Tackles 'Make in 🇮🇳' Fire🔥

TERI Saves Reputation, Appoints New Boss👔

Kashmir Infiltration Reduced to a “Trickle”💧

Drones🚁 to Assess Crop🌱 Damage

AAP Celebrates🎉 First Anniversary

JNU President Goes to Court🏤

Modi✌: Development is the Only Solution

అమాంతం పెరిగిపోయిన హీరో నాని రేంజ్ ❓❓

కోట్ల ఖర్చుతో జరుగనున్న”సర్దార్ గబ్బర్ సింగ్"ఆడియోరిలీజ్✨💰

ఫ్యామిలీ ఎంటర్‌టైనర్‌గా శ్రీరస్తు-శుభమస్తు👍

శ్రీకృష్ణ దేవరాయులు పాత్రలో కనిపించనున్న బాలకృష్ణ❗❗

అండర్-19 ప్రపంచకప్ ఫైనల్లో ఓడిన భారత్ 👎👎

ఇంగ్లండ్తో జరిగిన ఐదువన్డేల సిరీస్ను దక్షిణాఫ్రికా కైవసం✨👍👍

టీమిండియా నంబర్‌వన్ ర్యాంక్ పదిలం✨🌟🌟

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Philippians 3:10-11

FT Review: Man City 1⃣-2⃣ Spurs

HT Review: Man City 0⃣-0⃣ Spurs

🇮🇳-SL: Team 🇮🇳 Clinch Series🏆 in Style👏

BREAKING💥: Massive Fire🔥 at 'Make in 🇮🇳' Event 😱

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Spins👌 a Web Around SL

Day7⃣ 🙏 Shri Vighneshwar Vinayak of Ozhar

🙏 Shri Vighneshwar of Ozhar - History

🙏 Shri Vighneshwar of Ozhar: The Temple

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 To Chase in Vizag 😯

Preview⚽: Aston Villa vs Liverpool🔴

Preview⚽: Arsenal🔫 vs Leicester

EPL Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Run Rout, United♦ Slips

La Liga Review⚽: Ronaldo⭐ Inspires Madrid to Victory👯

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: PSG Held😳

LvG👔: I Haven't Heard📞 From Mou👔

Neville's👔 Wish Finally Granted🙌🏻

Serie A Review⚽: Juventus Claims💪🏻 Top Spot

Watch Chelsea 5⃣-1⃣ Newcastle Highlights:

కోటి రూపాయలు డిమాండ్ చేస్తున్న రమ్యకృష్ణ💰💰

తన పెదనాన్న కోసం గ్రాండ్ ఈవెంట్ ప్లాన్ ...ప్రభాస్🌟🌟

ప్రభాస్ చెప్పిన సీక్రెట్స్ ‌!❗❗

రణ్ వీర్, దీపిక..వాలెంటైన్స్ డే సెలబ్రేషన్✨💕

అండర్-19ప్రపంచకప్‌ ఫైనల్లో పీకల్లోతు కష్టాల్లో భారత్😰😰

ఇంగ్లండ్‌తో జరిగిన నాలుగో వన్డేలో దక్షిణాఫ్రికా విజయం👍✨

కోహ్లీ, అనుష్కలు విడిపోవడానికి 'సుల్తాన్' సినిమానే కారణం ❓❓

న్యూజిలాండ్తో జరుగుతున్న తొలి టెస్టులో ఆస్ట్రేలియా దే పైచేయి✨✨

Poll Results : ❤How Would You Celebrate Valentine’s Day❓❤

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Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Joshua 10:25

FT Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 5⃣-1⃣ Newcastle

HT Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 3⃣-0⃣Newcastle

FT Review⚽: Real Madrid 4⃣-2⃣ Athletic Bilbao

Preview⚽: Chelsea🔵 vs Newcastle

Kupwara 🔫 Battle: 2 Army & 5 👿Terrorists Killed

🎥 ‘குயின்’ படத்தில் நயன்தாராவா❓

சிறந்த 💃நடிகைக்கான விருதுடன்🏆 நயன்தாரா 👏

சோழ மன்னராக ⭐அஜீத்❓

0⃣ ரன்னில் அனைத்து விக்கெட்டுக்களையும் இழந்தார்களா❓

2⃣ஆம் நாள் ஆட்டம் - ஆஸ்திரேலியா முன்னிலை🔝

T20 உலககோப்பை🏆 :போலார்டு, சுனில் நரைன் விலகல்😳

🇮🇳இந்தியா-இலங்கை 2⃣வது T20 : 5⃣ சுவாரசியமான சம்பவங்கள்.

⭐சச்சின், ⭐பிராட்மேன் சாதனைகளை முறியடித்த ⭐வோகஸ் 😳 🎉

"⭐யுவிக்கு அதிக வாய்புகள் கொடுக்கப்படும்", 😎தோனி 🔈

HT Review⚽: Real Madrid 3⃣-1⃣ Athletic Bilbao

Afzal Guru Event: 8⃣ JNU Students🎓 Arrested ❗

Army Drive: 1500+ Turn Up Doped💉 😱

Delhi🌆: No Official✋ Statehood Demand 😕

Kidnapped Snapdeal🛍 Employee Safe😌

'Make in 🇮🇳 Week' Launched🚀 in Mumbai 👏

Portugal ❌ Extradition of Khalistan Terrorist💀

🇮🇳-SL 2⃣nd T20: 5⃣ Vital Moments ❗

Dhoni😎 Wants to Give Yuvi💪 Chances

English Team All Out For 0⃣ 😱

NZ-AUS D2⃣: Voges, Khawaja Run Riot💪

SA-ENG: Morris Assault👊 Takes ENG Out 😲

Sachin's Fav 👩 Boxer👊 Returns 👏

Voges✌ Surpasses Bradman, Sachin😳 🎉

World T20🏆: Pollard⭐, Narine Pull Out👎 ‼

Weighty Matters For Aamir Khan❗

Day 6⃣ 🙏 Shri Girijatmaj of Lenyadri: Shlok

🙏 Shri Girijatmaj of Lenyadri - History

🙏 Shri Girijatmaj of Lenyadri: The Temple

'Bigg Boss'🔟 To Be Hosted by Sallu💪

Kareena Rejects👎, Yami Bags👍

Preeti Desai to Make Her Hollywood Debut👏

Sunny's V-Day Plans❤️

❌ Adult Entertainment Industry in 🇮🇳

Deepika and Ranveer Married💍

New Trailer for PeeCee's 🎥"Jai Gangaajal"❗️

Sallu & SRK Given a Clean Chit✅

HT Review⚽: Sunderland 1⃣-1⃣ Man Utd♦

Anushka's Wrestling Scenes💪

Kat's Breach of Space❗️

Kim Selected Kanye's Butt🍑 Model💃

Grammys🎤 2016 Primer: What to Expect

GoT’s👑 Teaser for S06 Teaser (Teaseception)📹:

Justni Bieber😍 on GQ Cover

29 Celebrities😎 Recite Bieber’s “Sorry"📹:

🎥"Deadpool" Cleaned Up by Censor Board👀

Preview⚽: Sunderland vs Man Utd♦

Parineeti Chopra for Stardust⭐ Awards❕

Watch Out👀 For These Fashion Designers❗

13 Feb 2016: #⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

13 Feb 2016: 📷Photo of the Day🌄

13 Feb 2016: 🔠Word of The Day🌄

13 Feb 2016: On this day🌄

Congress✋ Allies With DMK🌅

🇮🇳's Top 🔟 Start-ups & Investors💰

Facebook👤 🇮🇳 CEO Steps Down

Air Pollution: 4⃣th Leading Cause of Death💀

YouTube▶ Attracts Musicians With $8⃣M

EPL Preview⚽: Chelsea🔵 vs Newcastle

EPL Preview⚽: Sunderland vs Man Utd♦

Isco's⭐ Admirable😍 Human Nature🙌🏻

La Liga Preview⚽: Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Ranieri👔: Arsenal's🔫 Season Disastrous😱 if...

Real Devils♦ are Behind👍🏻 Depay😔

Suarez🌟 Reveals Secret👌🏻 Behind 'MSN' Success🙌🏻

Suarez🌟 Reveals Why he Quit Liverpool🔴

కృష్ణ‌గాడి వీర ప్రేమ‌గాథ‌ రివ్యూ⭐⭐

'గరం' మూవి రివ్యూ⭐⭐

చిరంజీవి ఇంట్లో పెళ్లి సందడి🎊🎊

బన్నీ, శిరీష్ ల మూవీ ల పై అల్లు అర‌వింద్ మాస్ట‌ర్ ప్లాన్❓❓

6000 స్క్రీన్స్పై బాహుబలి రిలీజ్✨✨

సర్దార్ పై ఆల్ టైం హయ్యెస్ట్ ఎక్ప్ పెక్టేషన్స్💰💰😍

అంపైర్ అసద్ రవూఫ్పై బీసీసీఐ వేటు❓❓

కెప్టెన్ మెహ్దీ హాసన్ మీరజ్ పశ్చాత్తాపం😞😞

తొలి టెస్టు సిరీస్ లో న్యూజిలాండ్ వర్సెస్ ఆస్ట్రేలియా❗❗

రెండో టీ 20 లో టీమిండియా ప్రతీకారం తీర్చుకుంది.....👍👍👏👏

శ్రీలంక పేస్ బౌలర్ తిషారా పెరీరా హ్యాట్రిక్⭐⭐

Inflation @ 17 Month High📈

Confirmed: ISI Training Terrorists☠

Two Bihar BJP🔸 Leaders Killed🔫

Jaitley Afraid to Raise Spending💰

Pak🇵🇰 Army Arrests 💯 Terrorists‼

🇺🇸US Arguing F-16 Sale to Pak🇵🇰

‘Make in 🇮🇳’ Week Begins❗

BCCI தடை செய்த பாக். அம்பயர்❓

⭐சச்சின் கண்டு ரசித்த ⭐சச்சினின் சுயசரிதை👏

தொடரை சமன் செய்தது 🇮🇳இந்தியா🎉

4⃣வது ஒரு நாள் போட்டியில்: தென் ஆப்ரிக்கா 🎉 வெற்றி❗❗❗

நியூ-ஆஸி: ஆஸ்திரேலியா அணி முன்னிலை👏

💬வாட்ஸ்ஆப் மூலம் ரவீனாவுடன் காதலில்♥ வீழ்ந்த ⭐ ஜடேஜா

⭐வார்னேவுக்கு ஸ்டீவ் வாக்கின் பதிலடி❗

SC🏤: Sonia and Rahul to Face Trial

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 34:8

IPL Spot Fixing💵: BCCI Bans🚫 PAK Umpire ‼

Nostalgic Sachin🙏 Oversees👀 Biopic Shoot🎥

NZ-AUS: Bowlers Put Aussies in Command💪

SA-ENG: SA to Chase 262🎯

Waugh's 'Classy👌' Reply to Warne Jibes😏 ❗

WhatsApp📱 Turned Matchmaker💑 for Jadeja

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Roars Back in Style✨

3⃣ Day 👨👩'Gender Mela' @ Delhi University

Economic Growth📈: Manmohan Slams😱 Modi ❗

HAL to Roll Out Combat ✈ in 2017 👍

Headley day 4️⃣: BARC, Mumbai Airport✈ Were 🎯 Targets😳

L/Nk Hanumanthappa: Defiant😤 Even in Death 👍

Muslim Girl👧 🔝 Ramayana Exam😳 👏

Sonebhadra - Hot Bed of 🇮🇳 Archery🎯

German Rookie 👦 Joins Manor🏁

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Posts 196👏

Bale⭐ Out Indefinitely‼

China🇨🇳 Claims📝 Chelsea🔵 & Milan Players

Fans Throw 🎾 Tennis Balls on Pitch❗️

👔😷: I don't Wanna Upset CR7⭐

Nigeria🇳🇬 Legend Kanu in Trouble‼

The Barca🔷-Qatar✈ Union📝 Continues

Valbuena-gate📹: Benzema⭐ Makes Shocking😱 Admission

🙏 Shri Chintamani Vinayak of Theur - Temple

Day 5 🙏 Shri Chintamani Vinayak of Theur

🙏 Shri Chintamani Vinayak of Theur - History

🇮🇳-SL: IND to Bat First Again ❗

கோலிவூடில் இந்த வார 🎥படங்களின் நிலவரம் என்ன❓

⭐சிம்பு-⭐கார்த்தி மோதிக்கொள்கிறார்களா❓

Anushka's Condolences For Hanumanthappa🙏

Aamir👊 Multiplex Monopoly❗️

Khloe and Lamar are Back Together👫❓

Bikes😍 Launching🚀 In March👀

Elvis, Picasso & Chaplin Are of Indian🇮🇳 Origin😳

JB's👔 Killer🔪 Arrested

Supreme Court🏤 Throws Woyome💰 Case Out‼

UK🇬🇧 Murder Suspect😔 Extradited

Unemployment: Cause of Murder🔪 Cases

Box Office Clashes💥 between Hrithik & Ajay❗️

T20 உலக கோப்பையில்🏆 உள்ள சிக்கல்கள்😟

ஆஸ்திரேலியா கிரிக்கெட்டர் ⭐உஸ்மான் க்ஹவஜா செய்த கூத்து ❓ 📹:

கிரிக்கெட்டில் ரெட் கார்டு📕 வரபோகிறது😳

⭐ கோலி ரசிகரின் ஜாமின் விசாரணை ஒத்திவைப்பு👏

தொடரை சமமாக்குமா 🇮🇳இந்தியா🙏

⭐லாரா ரசிகரின் கனவு நனவானது👏

ஷாருக் கானின் 'நைட் ரைடர்ஸ்' 👏

Movie Reviews for The Week ❗

Hot Chocolate❗️Karan & Aditya☕️ 📹

Priyanka Be Hair Flipping❗️

A Little of 🎥Sultan's Plot Unveiled❗️

Nargis Fakhri Burning it up🔥

Kanye Drops Album😍 and Fashion Line✌️

Beyonce Chooses Indian🇮🇳 Designers❗️

Karenjit Vohra➡️ Sunny☀ Leone❗️

Deepika Wows Her Director🎬

SRK Fined for ₹1⃣Lakh💰

Kat's Reaction to Sallu's 'Majdoor' Comment📢

Poll Results : Who is the Best Dressed Actress❓

Dilemma😕 for Google's Self-Driving Car🚗

The Science🔬 Behind Yawning😝

Einstein’s Gravitational Waves🌊 Discovered‼ 📹

New Facebook👤 Updates

Amazon buys 26% of Tata’s ‘Westland📕’

March 2016 :🚗s to Hit Indian 🇮🇳 Market

Flash ⚡ Drives to Save North Korea?

‘కృష్ణగాడి వీర ప్రేమగాథ’ యుఎస్ లో 130 స్క్రీన్లలో రిలీజ్🌟🌟

మీడియా పై కన్నెర్ర చేసిన ఐశ్వర్యరాయ్ 😡😡😱

మేము సైతం లో నెక్ట్స్ విడతలో ఎన్టీఆర్, మహేష్ ❗❗

రోజుకో సరికొత్త రికార్డు సృష్టిస్తూ దూసుకెళ్తున్న బాహుబలి....✨✨

రేపువిడుదల కానున్న 'గరం'⭐⭐⭐

అత్యంత వేగంగా పది సెంచరీలు కొట్టిన.. డీ కాక్ ✨👍👍

భారత్ తో తుదిపోరుకు సిద్ధమవుతున్న వెస్టిండీస్✨✨

శ్రీలంక మరియు భారత్ల మద్య నేడు రెండో టి20 మ్యాచ్⭐⭐⭐

Cable Compaines 📺 to Provide Internet 🌎 in India.

Vodafone 🚀 launches 4G in Mumbai

Adidas Abandon🚫 Adam Johnson😎

CDR🏆: Sevilla Coach👔 Against "Second Messi😳"

Klopp👔: Liverpool Title🏆 Drought Not Over‼

Mecca Rejects👎🏻 Neymar Jr⚡

Mou👔 Talks📝? I Would Have Known

Real Madrid Defender Rejects😏 China🇨🇳 Deal💰

Ronaldo⭐ Hit by Internet💻 Controversy😱

🌆Odd/Even🚗 Returns From 15-30 April

SC🏤 to Hear Gandhis Plea in Herald📰 Case

🏦Rajan: Report Liquidity Drain in Advance

Modi✌ Encourages UAE🇦🇪 to Invest in 🇮🇳

Woman Cuts Off🔪 Brother-in-Law’s Genitals😱

Final Farewell😔 to Lance Naik Koppad💐

Kidnapped Snapdeal👌 Executive Now Safe❗

Japan🇯🇵 Bringing Asian Markets Down

Basant🔶Panchami Celebrations🎉

Basant🔶Panchami - Festival of Abundance❗️

श्री Symbol of Basant🔶Panchami

Recipe: Traditional 🍬 Sweet of Basant🔶Panchami 📹:

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Ephesians 3:16

Coca-Cola Closes 3⃣ Plants in 🇮🇳 ❗

Headley🔈: Ishrat Jahan a LeT Operative💀 ‼

Leopard🐆 Scare Grips😨 Bengaluru ❗

Pro Afzal Guru😯, Anti 🇮🇳 Slogans✊ at JNU

SAG🏆: 🇮🇳 'Squashes' 🇵🇰 😉

Dancing Jailer😅 Suspended⛔ 📹

UK Daily📰 Terms 'Mumbai🌆' Hindu Nationalistic😱

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 👀 to Level Series👊 at Ranchi

😲Aussie Cricketer's 'Bum 🍑 Grab' 📹

Coming 🔜: Red Cards📕 in Cricket ‼

Kohli's PAK 😍 Fan's Jail Term Extended😱

World T20🏆: Sticky Wicket😱⁉

Barcelona🔷, Kings👑 of CDR🏆

Benzema⭐ Remains Under Judicial Control👌🏻

Fixtures⚽ for 2017 AFCONs🏆 Released

Prince Ali👔: FIFA⚽ Needs Change🔄

PSG Ties Blanc Down📝‼

Day 4: 🙏 Shri Varadavinayak of Mahad : Shlok

🙏 Shri Varadavinayak of Mahad: History

🙏Shri Varadavinayak of Mahad: Temple

த்ரிஷா : காதல் ❤ திருமணம்💍 வேண்டாம் ❌

🎥கபாலி டீசர் பிப்-25 வெளியீடா ❓

அது பொய் புகார் 🔈 தோனி 😟

🇮🇳இந்திய அணியின் சிறப்பினை பாராட்டுவோம் 🔈 தோனி

🇮🇳இந்தியா ஏன் தோற்றது❓

⭐கெயில், ⭐போலார்ட் இல்லாமல் வெஸ்ட் இண்டீஸ் உலககோப்பை🏆 அணியா❓

⭐சச்சின் பாராட்டும் சைக்கிளிங்👏

டப்ச்மாஷ் வீடியோவில்📹 ⭐விராத், ⭐யுவி மற்றும் பலர் 😂 :

🌈1⃣st Transgender on Men’s Health💪 Magazine

Ferdinand's Great 🇮🇳 Adventure 😍 ❗

🇮🇳 Lara Fan's😍 Dream Comes True ‼

A Throne💺 of Deadpools & His Wife in Hand🖐🏻

Rob and Blac Engaged💍❓

'Game of Thrones👑' Road Painted🎨 by Mistake

Harry Potter’s⚡ Back⁉

🎥"Airlift" 💥at the Box-Office❗️

Ice Skating⛸ to a "Ram Leela" Song😍

Hrithik's Films🎥 Delayed❗️

Aamir Inspiring Rakhi to Become a 😒Pornstar❓

Boko Haram💣 Strikes Again‼ 56 Dead😔

Ghana🇬🇭 to Play England🇽🇪 Again‼

Why Was Justin Bieber Killed❓

Kennedy Agyapong👔: I've Ceased Fire🔥

Police👮🏼 Mistakenly Gun🔫 Down 2⃣ Brothers

Prez Mahama👔: I'll Commit Murder😳 if...

Parineeti Chopra's🔥 Look for 'Cosmopolitan'😍

💪Sallu's New Online Shopping Website🙌

Victim's Family Challenges Salman💪 Verdict😶

FIR Filed Against👊 "Mastizaade"🎥 Actors

SRK's Re-Brands His Trinidad Franchise👌

Celeb Photographer📷 Smitten by Priyanka😍

Kat & Adi Stress Eating for 🎥"Fitoor"❓

Anushka Sweating😅 it Out For "Sultan"🎥

Poll Results : Who is the Hottest🔥 Cricketer❓

ఎవర్ గ్రీన్ కపుల్ అమితాబ్ జయ ల ప్రేమకథ✨💞

చిరంజీవి ఇంట పెళ్లిసందడి✨🎊

తమిళ ఇండస్ట్రీ కాన్సన్ట్రేషన్ మొత్తం రానా వైపే❓❓

దుల్కర్ సల్మాన్, నిత్యామీనన్ జంటగా 'జతగా...'😍😍✨

నయనతార హీరోయిన్ గా చిరంజీవి 150వ సినిమా✨✨

ప్రభాస్ అమీర్‌ మద్య గ‌ట్టిపోటీ ....⭐⭐⭐

ప్రేమించడం,పెద్దలనుఎదురించి పెళ్లి చేసుకోవడం..మహేష్ బాబు,నమ్రత ⭐⭐

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ తీరుపై డిసప్పాయింట్....ఫ్యాన్స్❗❗

ఇంగ్లండ్‌తో జరిగిన మూడో వన్డేలో దక్షిణాఫ్రికా విజయం✨✨

భారత్ జట్టు మేలుకోవాల్సిన సమయం ఆసన్నమైంది.👍👍

వెస్టిండీస్ క్రికెటర్లకు బోర్డు హెచ్చరిక💥💥

సోషల్ మీడియాలో హల్‌చల్ చేస్తోన్న ఫొటో .....కోహ్లి💫💫

Adam Johnson⚽ Charged For Underage Sex‼

CDR Review⚽: Barca🔷 Continues Unbeaten Run🙌🏻

Coupe de France Review⚽: PSG March on‼

Enrique👔: I Had to Rest my Voice😷

German Cup Review⚽: Bayern Ease to Victory

Madrid Loanee Kicked Off Marseille Bus⁉

Neville👔 Abandoned by Valencia Fans😠

Willian⭐: Terry Definitely Leaving🚪🚶🏻

The Man Behind The Speakers🔉: Amar Bose

Cellphone📱 Revolution in Africa🌍

IoT Will Be Used to Spy👀 on You❗

Facebook👤 Director’s ‘Racist’😳 Remark

An App For The Perfect Bra👙❕

Siachen🗻 Avalanche Survivor Passes Away💐

Siachen🗻 Survivor’s Condition Worsens

David Headley👿 Has More to Say

Modi✌ to Launch UWIN Smart Card💳

Teacher Brutally Kills Schoolboy😳

🇮🇳 to Store UAE’s🇦🇪 Oil

PM Modi's✌ Estranged Wife Is Curious

Second Woman Against Pachauri😡

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 40:29

FT Review⚽: Valencia 1⃣-1⃣ Barcelona🔷

HT Review⚽: Valencia 0⃣-0⃣Barcelona

Preview⚽: Valencia vs Barcelona🔷

Match Fixing: ITF🎾 Bans🚫 2⃣ Umpires ❗

CBSE Viva💬: Students Made to Sing🎤 & Dance💃 ‼

Commerce Head 💵 Leaves Flipkart🛍

Fog🌫: 30 Car🚗 Pile-up, 4⃣ Dead 😱

🏤IITian Who Fed🍱 a Million Children👏

NASA: Sports🎾 Key to Mars🚀Mission❗

RaGa🔈: Stop Fighting👊 Kerala😠

Tharoor Wants Women👩 at Sabarimala🙏

Siachen🏔 Soldier: 👩 Willing to Donate Kidney👏

Arsenal🔫 Title🏆 Hopes Depends on Ozil⭐

ATM's Ghanaian🇬🇭 Sensation😍 Injured😁

Barca🔷 Players Describe😂 Neymar⚡

CR7⭐-Messi💫 Rivarly Good for Football⚽

Enrique👔: Pep Isn't a Threat⚡

⚽SAG U-23 Thriller: India Beat Maldives 3️⃣-2️⃣

Leicester's Title🏆 Run Built💪🏻 to Last‼

Real Madrid Confirms Marcelo's Injury😰

United♦Buzz: Fergie 👍 Poch, Villa Fan Rooney😅

Analysis📊: Complacency Cost 🇮🇳❓

Dhoni😎 Pleased Despite Loss😲

Dubsmash📹: Yuvi, Kohli, Maxwell have Fun😂 📹:

Match Fixing💰: Dhoni Threatens Legal Action😡

SA-ENG: De Kock & Amla💪 Keep Hosts Alive😌

🙏Sachin Supports 'Cycling🚲 for Cancer' 👏

World T20🏆: Gayle, Pollard to Miss Out😱 ⁉

🎥 இறுதிச்சுற்றில் 💃 ரித்திகா கஷ்டப்பட்ட காட்சி❓

🎥 'வேதாளம்' சாதனையை முறியடித்தது 🎥 'தெறி' 🎉

🙏Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali: Shlok

🙏Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali: History

🙏Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali: Temple

❓ Who is Staying With Hrithik❓

Sonam Does ❌ Work for Awards 🏆

Virat Re-Uploaded 💔 Picture📷

Box🎥Office 💥Clashes

Priyanka Chopra's Biggest Fear 😱

Kat🐱 Was An Unpopular Kid in School😳

Kim Kardashian’s Tampon😜 Valentine Kimoji⁉

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Kissed💋❗

DMX Almost Died😳

Becca🎤 Opens up on Bisa Kdei🎤 Relationship😍

'Despite Group'📻📺 Apologizes🙏🏻 to Kenedy Agyapong

GWCL Cries😭 Over Downward Review💰

Beyonce’s Pregnancy Rumours Slammed👊📹:

Shatta🎤 Donates to Police Hospital🏨

Deepika's Filmfare Look♥️

Nargis🔥 Look for Reebok❗️

Another Leopard Spotted in B’lore School😳

🌈🚫Stop Stereotyping Gay Men❕

3⃣வது ஒரு நாள் போட்டி: இங்கிலாந்தை வென்றது தென் ஆப்ரிக்கா🎉

U19 உலககோப்பையில்🏆: இறுதிச்சுற்றில் 🇮🇳 அணி ✨

உலககோப்பை T20: ஆஸ்திரேலியா அணி ஸ்மித் தலைமையில்🎉

கென்யாவின் 'மசாய் வாரியர்ஸ்'👏

திறமையை வெளிக்கொண்டு வராது IPL : தோனி 🔈

"நான் சிங்கிள்"அழைக்கும் ⭐ விராட்👏

முதல் T20 இலங்கை வெற்றி🎉

McDonald’s🍔 Food is Immortal😳‼

Nigerian Start-up AIG Raises 💲83 M💰

🇮🇳's Net Neutrality Stance Can Inspire👏

Gmail’s📧 New Security🔐 Features

Uber🔲 to Start Accepting Cash💵

Ben Stiller's Guinness World Record👏📷

అండర్-19 ప్రపంచకప్‌లో యువ భారత్ జట్టు ఫైనల్‌✨👍👍

తొలి టి20లో భారత్ పై శ్రీలంక విజయం👍👍✨

ధోని సేనకు షాక్❓❓

ప్రేమికుల రోజున అనుష్కతో గడుపడానికి కోహ్లి బ్రేక్❗❗

100 కిలోల బరువును కూడా అలవోకగా మోసేసిన.. సమంత💪💪

ఈ నెల 18న శ్రీశ్రీ ఆడియో

నేనుసైతం లో ఆటో నడిపిన అఖిల్✨

‘బాహుబ‌లి 2’షూటింగ్ జ‌రుగుతుండ‌గానే పెద‌నాన్న‌తో సినిమా..ప్ర‌భాస్✨

మూటలు మోసిన భల్లాలదేవుడు.....❗❗

Arda Turan⭐ to China🇨🇳⁉

Coupe de France Review⚽: Monaco Stunned😱

FA Cup Review⚽: Liverpool🔴 Thrashed Out‼

German Cup Review⚽: Bayer Stunned, Dortmund Advances

LvG👔 Demotes Depay😳

Motta: Difficult😰 to Beat Chelsea Without Mou👔

US🇺🇸 & Kenya Threatens to Boycott Rio‼

Sallu💪 On Marriage💍 & Kat 🐱

Sunny Wants to Work With Karan Johar😄

Filmfare Cover Photo 🔥

SRK's "Fan" Game🎮 Out Soon👏

Kajol Appointed to Prasar Bharti Board🙌

🎥Neerja: New Music🎧 Video❗️

Pak🇵🇰 Finally Approves Hindu🕉 Marriage Bill

Busted❗️AAP Demands 💰 Bribe📹:

Public Sector Banks🏦 Suffer From Bad Loans💰

Meet the Leader of ISIS▪ India

PM Modi✌ to Launch🚀 ‘Rurban’ Mission

Delhi HC🏤: Why Ban Nirbhaya Documentary❓📹:

Headley Day 3⃣ Cancelled🚫 Due to Video Glitch

Siachen Glacier🗻 Soldier Comatose & Critical⚠

⭐கமல் இயக்கவுள்ள ஆங்கில 🎥படம்👏

🎬 ஷங்கர் பட ஷூட்டிங்கில் 📱கைபேசிக்கு அனுமதி இல்லை❌

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Philippians 4:13

Dhoni😎: IPL🏆 Can't Measure Talent😳

Maasai Warriors: Harlem Globetrotters🌏 of Cricket ❗

SA-ENG: ENG Put up 318 👏

U19 WC🏆: 🇮🇳 Through to Final✨

World T20🏆: Smith to Lead✌ Aussies

🇮🇳-SL: SL Completes a Nervy Chase👍

Andy Murray's Wife Gives Birth to a Girl👶 😍

AAP Funded by NRI Money💰 😳

Govt Strives to Prevent🚫 Zika ❗

ISI Supports👍 PAK Terrorists💀 ‼

Modi Visits👀 Siachen🏔 Survivor 👏

🇮🇳 to Sign Key Pacts📝 with UAE 👏

USA🇺🇸 to Quit❌ Olympics Over Zika😱

Aduriz: Questions Over CR7⭐ Form Insulting😏‼

Busquets⭐: Only Pep👔 Can Lure me😱

Kalou😎 Considers Ivory Coast🇨🇮 Future⚽

Watching Barca is Like Playing🎮FIFA😂‼

Messi's💫 Surgery Update‼

Premier League⚽ Logo Changed☺‼

Turban: Sikh Hollywood Actor 🚫 From ✈ ❗

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Shot Out for 101 ‼

🙏Shri Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek: Shlok

🙏Shri Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek: History

🙏Shri Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek: Temple

🇮🇳-SL: SL to Bowl First ❗

Nach Baliye💃🏃 to be Shelved ❗️

Hrithik & Parineeti in Dhoom 4⃣ ❓

Kanye's YEEZY Shoes to release on Feb 19❓

Akufo-Addo👔 Appeals to Krobos📥

Cwesi Oteng🎤 Backs Obinim🐍

Dery😰: Investigate🔎 Anas

Government🏤 to Borrow GH¢6,030bn💰‼

Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance 🎤💃

Anushka Strikes a Pose😍

Irrfan Khan Angry With SRK 😳

Sunny☀ Styled By Hitendra Kapopara❗️

Kat's Indirect Dig at Deepika & Priyanka 👊

Hugh Jackman Treated For Skin Cancer😷

'The Jungle🌳 Book📗’ Trailer 🎥:

Sallu's New Look For "Sultan" 👀

lulia ❌ Insecure About Sallu & Kat ❗️

1⃣ இடத்தை தக்க வைக்குமா 🇮🇳இந்தியா❗

⭐அனில் கும்ப்ளேவிற்கு ₹39 லட்சம்❗

ஆஸ்திரேலியாவை, நியூசிலாந்து விழ்த்தியது🎉

சர்ச்சைக்குரிய மார்ஷின் விக்கெட்😳 📹

😎தோனி ஊழல் செய்தாரா 🔈 ❓

பும்ராவின் பந்து வீசும் இரகசியம்

Allegri👔 Will Join Chelsea🔵‼

Ancelotti👔: Zidane's Inexperience is Good‼

Capello👔: CR7⭐ Only Good Till 2019‼

Messi💫 Set to Undergo Surgery‼

Report🔬: Zouma😔 Out of Euros🇫🇷

Rooney⭐: Leave Memphis😔 Alone‼

Zanetti: Don't Compare Messi💫 & Maradona🙌🏻‼

When Sunny☀ Met Aamir Khan ☺️

New Video of Vin & Deepika 😍📹

New "Fitoor" Music Video📹 Released❗️

Virat Enjoying His Single Life ❓

Sallu 💪 Fears Nothing ✌️

Apple Watch⌚ “Summons” a Tesla 📹:

North Korea Has a New Satellite📡

Taiwan Chipmakers✳ Optimistic👍 After Quake

G👀gle Gives Pichai 💲199 M in Stocks

‘After School’ App Raises 💲16.4 M After Ban🚫

ఆస్ట్రేలియాతో జరిగిన మూడు వన్డేల సిరీస్ లో న్యూజిలాండ్ 2-1🌟🌟

టీ 20 వరల్డ్ కప్లో టీమిండియానే ఫేవరెట్ అంటున్న....సచిన్ టెండూల్కర్🌟🌟👍

భారత్ బ్యాటింగ్....శ్రీలంక ఫీల్డింగ్⭐⭐

భారత్,శ్రీలంక జట్లు2భిన్న ఫార్మాట్లలో2భిన్న జట్లతో2భిన్న వేదికలపై✨✨

శ్రీలంకతో సరికొత్త సవాల్ తో బరిలోకి దిగుతున్న టీమిండియా👍👍

Update: NPP🐘 MP Murdered‼

అమరేంద్ర బాహుబలి పాత్ర కోసం... ప్రభాస్💦💦👍

‘క్షణం' సినిమా ట్రైలర్ ను మహేష్, సమంతల చేతుల మీదుగా... ✨✨

టాలీవుడ్లో హయ్యెస్ట్ రెమ్యూరేషన్ తీసకునే హీరో 💰💰

పూరీ ముందే.. ర‌వితేజ తోక జాడించాడా...❗❗

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ సమక్షంలో శ్రీజ నిశ్చితార్దం✨✨

'బాహుబలి-2' హిందీ రైట్స్ 150కోట్లు💰💰

ర‌కుల్ కి మ‌రో అవ‌కాశం ఇస్తున్న చ‌ర‌ణ్‌..👍👍

Jihadi John's 🇬🇧'Beatles' Terror☠ Gang

🇺🇸FDA Rejected 13,000 🇮🇳Products in 5⃣yrs

🇮🇳-Nepal Border Blockade🚫 Ends

Meteorite☄ Kills Tamil Nadu Bus Driver❗

Zuckerberg Disappointed😔 But Hopeful

TERI🔅 Promotes👍 Pachauri Despite Sexual Assault

Modi’s✌ 'Housing🏠 For All' Fail❓

थरूर 🔈ने कसा मेक इन इंडिया 🇮🇳 पर तंज़

भारत🇮🇳 मे फेसबुक🆓 बेसिक पर प्रतिबंध🚫

युथ आइकॉन✨ :सर्प 🐍 विशेषज्ञ वावा सुरेश हुए सम्मनित👏

ऑस्ट्रेलिया- न्यूज़ीलैंड:मैकुलम🎉 को मिली यादगार विदाई👋

धोनी😎 ने किआ था 2014 इंग्लैंड-भारत😱 मुकाबला फिक्स?

मलिंगा ने की बुमराह की मदद।

भारत🇮🇳 -श्रीलंका: शीर्ष स्थान दाव पर।

मार्श का विवादास्पद😳 विकेट।📹

Siachen🗻 Avalanche: 1⃣ Survivor Found❕

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 29:11

Balotelli😠 & KP Boateng😎 at it Again📹 -

Hamann😠: Pep👔 Took Bayern For a Ride‼

Hugo: Record Breaking CR7⭐ Not Done‼

Leicester Scout Joins Arsenal🔫‼

Pirlo: Ozil⭐, Europe's Most Creative🙌🏻‼

Suarez🌟 Gunning For Uruguayan Record⚽‼

United♦Buzz: LvG Rants😤 at Journo 📹

Anglogold Ashanti PRO Run over🚚‼

Another Ghanaian ISIS💣 Member Identified‼

Ghanaian🇬🇭 Recognised at Entrepreneurial Awards🏆

Islamic Extremists💣 Release Australian🇦🇺 Hostage

8⃣ Yr Old👦 Killed in 'Celebratory' Gunfire🔫 😱

Swachh Bharat: Unilever Praises🙌 Modi 👏

Pathankot: How Many Terrorists Killed😲 ❓

Punjab: AAP Leaders👥 to Join Congress😳

SAG: 🇮🇳 Archers🎯 Reign Supreme✌

Tharoor🔈: Make in 🇮🇳, Don't Hate in 🇮🇳 ❗

Youth Icon✨: Snake Catcher🐍 Vava Suresh Honoured 👏

🎥 'தெறி-2'ம் பாகம் வருமா 😳🎉

தெலுங்கிலும், 🎥இறுதிச்சுற்று நாயகி🎉

Facebook 🆓 Basics 🚫 in 🇮🇳❗️

🇮🇳-Sri Lanka: No.1☝ Ranking on the Line for 🇮🇳 ❗

Commentary💬: Anil Kumble Nets ₹39 lakhs💰

Bumrah Takes a Leaf🍃 Outta Malinga's 📖

Dhoni😎 Fixed 2014 IND-ENG Test😱 ⁉

Foot Fault❗ Marsh's Controversial Dismissal😳 📹

NZ-AUS: Memorable ODI Farewell👋 for Baz 🎉

🙏Moreshwar of Morgaon: Temple

🙏Moreshwar of Morgaon: History

🙏Moreshwar of Morgaon: Slokas

Anushka's 'Fear'😱 Wish for Sonam❗️📹:

Rob Supports His Girlfriend ❤️

Beyonce Drops a New Music Video 🎧

BREAKING📰: 🇮🇳 Posts 7.3% GDP⬆ for 2015 Q4 👏

Yami Gautam to Work With Hrithik❗️

Box Office Earnings 💰💰

Aamir is ❌ Promoting Any Brand❗️

🌈Transgender Persons Bill📜 Redrafted

Kat 🐱 Visits Salim Chishti's Shrine❗️

Priyanka' Marvel Superhero 👊

IPL🏆: ஏலத்தில் எடுக்கப்படாத 5⃣ வீரர்கள் 😱

IPL ஏலம் 💰: எதிர்பாராத வீரர்கள் சேர்க்கை ❗

சாலை பாதுகாப்புக்காக🚧 விளையாடும் சச்சின் 📹

சவுதி அரேபியா மாடலை💃 மணமுடித்தார்💍 இர்பான் பதான்🎉

⭐டேல் ஸ்டெய்னுடன் விஷப்பாம்பு🐍

பாக். 🔴பந்துவீச்சாளர் இடைநீக்கம்🚫

Deepika and Vin Diesel's Hot 🔥 Look ❗️

Sonam Kapoor Wearing Anita Dongre 😍

EPL Review⚽: Arsenal🔫 Win, United♦ Held‼

La Liga Review⚽: Barca🔷, Madrid Win😰‼

Ligue 1⃣: PSG claim bragging😎 rights‼

LvG👔: I'll Quit if...‼

Serie A Review⚽: Juve Breaks Record‼

Watch📹 Chelsea 1⃣-1⃣ Man Utd:

Zouma😰 Out For The Season & France⁉

Get A Job💼 Via WhatsApp❗

Zuckerberg: Happy Chinese🈶 New Year❕📹

👬3.5 Degrees Of Separation❔👫

Twitter🐦 Fighting 140-Characters of terrorism💀

Ghostbusters🚫👻 in LEGO (No Ectoplasm Included)📹

Sallu 💪 Angry With Huma 😶

Sunny ☀ Leone at Nykaa Beauty Awards🏆

Deepika's Emotional 😭 Speech 📢

AbRam Mobbed by SRK Fans 😶

Marriage is On the Cards For Priyanka 💍

Watch the Making of "Neerja" 🎥

BREAKING: Terrorist💀 David Headley Reveals All

చిరంజీవి ఇమేజ్ దృష్ట్యా.... నో లవ్ స్టొరీ❗❗

మెగారేస్ లో చరణ్‌ని క్రాస్‌ చేసిన బన్నీ❓❓

సర్దార్ గబ్బర్ సింగ్ బయ్యర్లు, డిస్ట్రిబ్యూటర్స్.....నో రిఫండ్⭐⭐⭐

ఏ అమ్మాయి పెళ్లి చేసుకోవడానికి ముందుకు రాదంటున్న .....రానా ❓❗❗

మల్టీప్లెక్స్ సినిమా హాల్లో కె.టి.ఆర్ ‘నాన్నకు ప్రేమతో’ ✨✨

చివరి వన్డేలోనూ దుమ్మురేపిన బ్రెండన్ మెకల్లమ్✨✨

టీమిండియా శ్రీలంకతో టీ 20 సిరీస్ గెలిస్తేనే.....⭐⭐⭐

రిచర్డ్సన్.... న్యూజిలాండ్తో జరుగనున్న మూడో వన్డేకు దూరం👎👎

విరాట్ ...'హార్ట్ బ్రేక్' అంటూ క్యాప్షన్ 💥💥

Congress✋ Posts National Herald📰 FAQs

ISIS’s▪ Indian🇮🇳 Hostages Alive

Tax Benefits💰 For Leather & Jewellery🔱

Marketing & Finance: Highest📈 Offers at IIM-L

Leopard in Bengaluru school🏫, 6 Injured📹

Banned🚫 Land Rovers Could Clean Delhi’s Air

Modi✌ Warns of Terror on the⛴ Seas❗️

🏈Superbowl HT🎵Show: 👀 Coldplay, Beyonce & Bruno Mars 📹:

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Habakkuk 3:19

HT Review⚽: Granada 0⃣-1⃣Real Madrid

Preview⚽: Granada vs Real Madrid

FT Review: United 1⃣-1⃣Chelsea

Player Ratings: United 1⃣-1⃣Chelsea

9⃣ Lakh Sex👄 Workers in 🇮🇳 ⁉

BSF Guns🔫 Down 4⃣ Drug Smugglers

Concern ⬆ as N.Korea Test-fires Rocket🚀

Olympics 1⃣st, TV📺 Shows Later, 🔈 Sushil Kumar

🇺🇸 Prisoner Abuse: Incriminating Pics📷 Declassified❗

Revealed: Frivolous Queries😅 Undermines RTI Act😠

HT Review: United♦ 0⃣-0⃣ Chelsea

Virtual Pilgrimage: Overview of Ashta🙏Vinayak

Doping💉: PAK Spinner Suspended🚫

God🙏 Bats for Road Safety🚧 📹

Dale Steyn vs Black🐍Mamba📹:

IPL🏆: 5⃣Surprising Snubs😳

IPL Auction💰: The Unknown Hits⭐ ❗

IPL🏆:Factory Worker's Son Makes it Big💰

Irfan Pathan Marries Saudi💃Model🎉

🎬மணிரத்தினம் படத்தில் 'பிரேமம்' புகழ் சாய் பல்லவி👏

🎥'தெறி' டீசர் நீக்கப்பட்டதா❓

மலேசியாவில் அவதி பட்டாரா 💃நயன்❓

FT Review⚽: Bournemouth 0⃣-2⃣ Arsenal🔫

Preview: Chelsea🔵 vs Manchester United♦

HT Review⚽: Bournemouth vs Arsenal🔫

FT Review⚽: Levante 0⃣-2⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Bournemouth vs Arsenal🔫

HT Review⚽: Levante 0⃣-1⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Levante vs Barcelona🔷

2016 Ford Mustang😳 Unveiled in 🇮🇳

Caste System Has Affected 🇮🇳's DNA

Rapper B.o.B Proves The World🌍 is Flat

Robot Solves Rubik's Cube🎲 in 1 Sec📹:

WhatsApp💬: 🆓 Forever❗

Bodies💀 Still in Ganga River😱

🇮🇳Mann Ki Baat, Jan 31st, 2016 📹:

PM Modi Reshuffles🔁 Bureaucrats👔

PM Modi✌ Wants Action Against Non Performers

PM Sharif🇵🇰: Fresh Evidence on Pathankot💥

Survey📝: BJP Govt 👎, Modi 👍 ‼

BREAKING💥: Padma Awards🏆 for Rajnikanth, Sania Mirza, Ambani 🎉

First 20 Smart💡 Cities🌆 to Be Announced

Ronaldinho⚽ Escapes Accident🚗 in Kerala 😱

Sex Tech👓: A Threat to Prostitution💋❓

UFO Shot Down🔫 in Rajasthan😳

Virat 💔 Anushka ❓

WhatsApp💬 Goes Down Globally🌍

Barca🔷 Demand Respect After Neymar👦🏻 Incident‼

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern, Dortmund Held‼

Chinese🇨🇳 Super League Claim PSG Star‼

EPL Review⚽: Defoe Stuns Lackluster Liverpool🔴

La Liga Review⚽: Atletico Levels With Barcelona🔷‼

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Monaco Cut✂ PSG Lead

Mourinho👔 Hints at Next Destination❗️

Vardy⭐ Pens New Contract📝‼

అమరేంద్ర బాహుబలి పాత్ర కోసం ప్రభాస్ బాడీ బిల్డప్ 💪💪💪

ఎయిర్ పోర్ట్ అధికారుల క‌ష్ట‌డీలో.....న‌టి న‌య‌న‌తార ❗❗

లేడీస్‌ కు నో ఎంట్రీ;శబరిమలైలోని అయ్యప్ప ఆలయం❓❓

స్పీడున్నోడు రివ్యూ⭐⭐

సూపర్‌ స్టార్‌ కృష్ణ సినిమా ఆడియోను మహేష్‌ రిలీజ్‌✨✨

అండర్-19 క్రికెట్ వరల్డ్ కప్ టోర్నీలో...దుమ్మురేపిన భారత్✨👍

ఇండియన్ ప్రీమియర్ లీగ్-9 సీజన్లో వేలంలో ఆటగాళ్ల ధరలు✨💰💰

కొత్తగా వచ్చిన పుణే సూపర్ జెయింట్స్, గుజరాత్ లయన్స్ ఆటగాళ్లు!⭐⭐⭐

క్యాన్సర్‌ బాధిత చిన్నారులకు సపోర్ట్ చేయడానికి రెడీ...యువరాజ్‌సింగ్‌,కోహ్లీ, శర్మ 👏👏👍

న్యూజిలాండ్ తో జరిగిన రెండో వన్డేలో ఆస్ట్రేలియా విజయం👍👍

భారీ కసరత్తులను కొనసాగిస్తున్న కోహ్లీ💪💪

రెండో వన్డేలోనూ చెలరేగిన ఇంగ్లండ్✨✨

100 குழந்தைகளின் கல்விக்கு உதவும் ⭐யுவராஜ்

IPL எலம் 🔝 10 பட்டியல்👏

IPLன் 8⃣ அணி வீரர்கள்👏

U19 உலககோப்பை🏆: அரையிறுதியில் 🇮🇳✌

ஆஸ்திரேலியா வெற்றி🎉

இங்கிலாந்து வெற்றி🎉

💯 விளாசிய சேவாக்👏

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 26:3

Barcelona🔷 Gunning For Another Milestone🙌🏻

Hazard⭐: I Apologized😔 to Mou👔‼

Hazard⭐: I Want Zidane👔‼

LvG👔: Keep up to Play 🔟‼

Mahrez⭐ Set PL Milestone👏🏻‼

Zidane👔: Neymar⚡ is a Crowd😍 Pleaser

FT Review⚽: Liverpool 2⃣-2⃣ Sunderland

FT Review⚽: Atletico 3⃣-1⃣ Eibar

God🙏, Kohli Join Yuvi's Cancer Fight👊

IPL Auctions💰: 🔝 🔟 Buys 💸

IPL Auctions💰: Who bought Who😳 ❓

MCL⭐: Viru 💯, Santokie Double Hattrick😳 📹:

NZ-AUS: Aussies Level Series 👏

Poll Results📊: Who Will Fetch Most💰 in IPL Auctions❓

SA-ENG: Hales & Buttler Put ENG Up 2⃣-0⃣

U19 WC🏆: 🇮🇳 Through to Semis✌

HT Review: Atletico Madrid 0⃣-0⃣ Eibar

HT Review⚽: Liverpool🔴 0⃣-0⃣ Sunderland

La Liga Preview⚽: Atletico Madrid vs Eibar

FT Review⚽: Man City 1⃣-3⃣ Leicester

Nargis Fakhri's Casual Look ❗️

Neha Dhupia in Varun Bahl Couture😍

Case Against Priyanka Chopra 👊

Kat & Adi's 3⃣ Min Kiss 💋

Salman 💪 Khan Partied with Sussane❗️

The Real Reason Behind the Anushka-Virat 💔

Randeep Hooda's Terrifying Look👀 In "Sarbjit"😳

Aamir's Deal Snapped with Snapdeal 😳

Picture submitted by DUTA User Mr. Akshay(982*****30)

HT Review: Man City 0⃣-1⃣ Leicester City

Michael Jackson’s Daughter In AA🍺

Bieber’s Got a New PUPPEH🐶‼

EPL Preview⚽: Liverpool🔴 vs Sunderland

Katrina Denys Breakup💔 With Ranbir❓📹:

Ranbir & Deepika to reunite 👫❓

Salman Slapped His Bodyguard 👋

Sunny ☀ Slaps Her Co-Star ❗️

VHP Supporters Protest Against SRK 👊

Delhi🌆 Auto Expo Showcases B-Town 🚗

Salman’s Acquittal ‘Perverse’😦❓

Sheen’s HIV Cured From Goat Milk🍼😕❔

Barbie isn’t White & Blonde Anymore🙎🏼

Sait Nagjee 🏆: Watford Lose in 🇮🇳

IPL Auctions💰: Negi Trumps Yuvi😳

7000 குழந்தைகளுக்கு உதவிக்கரம் நீட்டிய ⭐கமல்👏

🎼இளையராஜாவிற்கு பாராட்டு விழா🎉👏

ICC முக்கிய பதவிகளில் இருந்து விலகும் "பிக்-3".

குஜராத் 👍 🔈 ⭐இன்சமாம் 👏

"கவர்ச்சி உடையா 'நோ' பேட்டி" 🔈 ❓

⭐திராவிடால் ஊழலை💰 தடுக்க✋ முடியுமா❓

ராஜ்கோட்டில் ஜடேஜாவுக்கு 💐நிச்சயதார்த்தம்💐

லோதா அறிக்கை📝 அமலுக்கு வருமா❓

M&M Reveals XUV Aero🚗 Coupe

⚠Apple’s Error 53 Warning⚠

Secret Code🔢 for Chess in Facebook

Robot Makes a Hole-in-One⛳https📹://

TRAI📡 Takes Telecos By Surprise😯

IPL Auctions💰: Morris, Mohit &Sanju Get Huge Bids💵 👍

UK🇬🇧 Rejects UN🌐 Ruling on Assange📹

TRS🚕 Win Hyderabad Municipal Elections n2

Senior Citizens👴🏽👵🏽 Railway Discount to End❓

Most Air Polluted City is Not Delhi🌆

Tanzanian Woman’s Assault: 9⃣ Arrested

First Juvenile Rapist Tried As Adult😯

PM Modi✌ Calls 'One Family' a Menace😡

ఐపీఎల్-9 కోసం నేడు వేలం💰⭐⭐⭐

టి20 ప్రపంచకప్‌కు భారత జట్టు ప్రకటన⭐⭐👍👍

యాంకర్ వేసుకున్న డ్రెస్‌ వల్ల ఇంటర్వ్యూ ఇవ్వలేనన్న......ఆమ్లా😳😳❓❓

వరల్డ్ టీ20లో స్థానం దక్కని మనీష్ కి.. గంగూలీ భరోసా👍👍🌟

శ్రీమతికి క్రికెట్ అంటే పెద్దగా ఇష్టముండదని చెప్పిన..... జడేజా❗❗❗

27న బ్రహ్మాండ అభినందనోత్సవ కార్యక్రమం....సంగీత జ్ఞాని ఇళయరాజా✨👏👏

ప్రియాంక చోప్రాతో కలిసినటించాలని హాలీవుడ్ స్టార్... ర్యాన్ రేనాల్డ్స్⭐⭐⭐

మెగా ఫ్యామిలీ పై రివేంజ్ తీర్చుకుంటున్న పూరీ❗❗

రేణుకా దేశాయ్ కి పవన్ సాయం ఉందా..?❓❓

IPL Auctions💰: Highest Bid💵 for Watson, Yuvi 👉 SRH

Bus🚌 Falls into Gujarat River, 37 Dead😱

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 46:1-3

First 👀: Deepika On Set with Vin Diesel❗️

BREAKING💥: 5.2 mag Earthquake Hits Nepal😱

Diabetes❓ Medicine💊 for Just ₹5⃣ 😲

Illegal Foreign Students🎓: Karnataka Must Act ❗

Modi Declares South Asian Games🏃 Open🎉

PM Focuses👀 on Eastern 🇮🇳 👍

Modi Seeks More Jobs👏 ❗

🇮🇳's 1⃣st Underwater🌊 Restaurant Closed🚫

Unfulfilled Promise: Student👧 Sues College🏫 😳

ICC Blow👊 for 🇮🇳, 🇬🇧 & 🇦🇺 ‼

Improper Dress👗: Amla ❌ Interview With 🇮🇳 Anchor👩

Inzy Bats for Gujarat😳

IPL Auctions💰: All You Need to Know👌

Jaddu Gets Engaged💍🎉

'The Wall'🚧 to End Corruption💰 ❗

Alves Warns Neymar⚡ of Barcelona Exit‼

🇳🇬Nigeria to Fire Oliseh⁉

Pep👔: I'm Like a Woman, I Multitask😎

POTM🏆January: Aguero & Koeman Win‼

Redknapp👔: Gunners🔫 Should Sign Terry⭐

United♦Buzz: Herrera 👍 Mou, Martial > CR7⭐❓

Wenger👔: No 3⃣rd Place Obsession‼

Schumi's Health Deteriorates😱❓

Picture submitted by DUTA User Mr.SaiKumar (953*****62)

Anushka's Next Film🎥 to be Shot in Punjab❗️

Aamir Meets Wrestler💪 Sushil Kumar❗️

Prince 👑 Harry❤️ Juliette❓

Rebel Wilson's Valentine Video📹 for Justin❤️

Emilia & Sam in "Me Before you" ❤️

Farah Didn't Know Hrithik Could Dance😱❗

Movie Reviews for The Week ❗

Playboy's 1⃣st "Non-Nude" Issue ❓

Lodha Report📝: SC🏤 Asks BCCI to Behave😠

5⃣ 'Asian Film Awards' 🏆Nominations for "Bajirao Mastani"

Alia's Stunning😍 Look at the Audi R8 Launch 💙

Aditi Rao Hydari's 💥Wearing Deme by Gabriella ❗️

SRK Paid 💰Distributors Back For 🎥"Dilwale"❓

39 పరుగుల తేడాతో గెలిచిన ఇంగ్లండ్🌟🌟👍

కోహ్లి ఆట గురించి..... ఆస్ట్రేలియా కెప్టెన్ ఫించ్⭐❗❗

రవీంద్ర జడేజాకు నిశ్చితార్థం ✨✨

విరాట్ కోహ్లి పై రవిశాస్త్రి ప్రశంసల వర్షం...👏👏👍👍

సచిన్ రికార్డులను అధిగమించే సత్తా ఉన్న ఆటగాడు..... విరాట్ కోహ్లి✨✨

సెలక్షన్ కమిటీలో చర్చనీయాంశంగా మారిన.....రహానే, పాండే❓❓

అభిషేక్ బచ్చన్ బర్త్ డే సెలబ్రేషన్.....మాల్దీవుల్లో🎂🎂🎉

చిరు, బాలయ్య‌... కాస్త చూసుకోండ‌య్యా!❗❗

దీపికా పదుకునే ' xXx '✨

బాహుబలి 3 కూడా ఉంటుందని....వెల్లడించిన రాజమౌళి❗❗

'బాహుబలి2' సినిమా బృందంపై పై చర్యలు తీసుకోవాలని డిమాండ్💥💥❓

BREAKING💥: 🇮🇳 Squad for World T20 📢

G👀gle's 'moon🌝 shots' cost…

Infosys to Begin ‘Phallic’ War💥

The Perfect Selfie📷 Can Land You in Jail

Sushma Swaraj’s Rescue💪 Mission

WhatsApp💬 Group Limit Increased❗

Alves⭐ Reveal Real Madrid U-Turn↪‼

ATM's Filipe appeal Successful‼

Clau-bama Ranieri👔: Yes We Can‼

⚠DANGEROUS⚠: Illegal Football⚽ Streams

Depay's⭐ Potential Still Untapped at United‼

Inside: Alves⭐ vs CR7⭐ Gala Brawl😏

Neymar's⚡ Dad Hints of Possible Exit😳⁉

Player Open Up About Chinese⚽ Move📝‼

New Face of 'Being Human'❓

One Night Stand With Sunny 😳 ❓

Saina Wants Deepika to Play Her Role❗

Priyanka's Net Worth Soars⬆️💰

Watch 👀 Kat & Adi Wow College Students ❗️

Jet Crew 🚫For Sonu's Mid-Air✈️ Concert❗️

Juvey Kills😡 to Enter Dance Show⁉

Visa Problems Between 🇵🇰&🇮🇳

90 Ships⛴ Participate in Naval🌊 Parade

PM Nehru Supported👍 Treasure Looters😳

Condolences For 🔟 Avalanche🗻 Victims

🇮🇳to 🇵🇰: “Rein In Terrorist💀 Hafiz Saeed”

Modi's✌ Foreign Flight✈ Bill: ₹77 cr💰❗

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 41:10

விஜயின் 🌟 தெறி டீசர் 📹 இதோ ➡

Agogo Farmers Armed🔫 For Battle‼

Dada KD Legalize Marijuana🚬 in Ghana❗️ 📹:

Government Release 💰 GH¢200K to Fight Meningitis⚠

Prez👔 Presents Presents Vehicles🚔 to Security👮🏽 Agencies

Prez's👔 Son Sign📝 For Belgium Club⚽

MS தோனியை சீண்டி 😎 பார்ககாதிங்க ❗

சச்சின் 🌟 கோலியால் ⭐ ஆட்டோ எக்ஸ்போ கலை 🎪 கட்டியது.

சூதாட்டதில் ஈடுபட்ட ஆஸ்திரேலியா வீராங்கனைக்கு தடை ❌

சேவாக்கின் திறமையான 💪 ஆட்டம் ❗ 📹:

நாளை ஜடேஜவிற்கு 😲 நிச்சியமா ❓

மழையால் வென்றது இங்கிலாந்து 😏

டார்லிங்-II படத்தின் பாடல்களை 👂 கேட்க ➡

விசாரணை 🎥 படத்தை 👏 பாராட்டிய ரஜினி ❗

Betting💵: AUS Cricketer Banned🚫

Jadeja Gets Engaged💍 Tomorrow🎉

MCL⭐: Vintage Viru👌 Batting 📹:

SA-ENG: Rain☂ Thwarts de Kock😑

Sachin & Kohli Star⭐ at Auto Expo🚘

Shastri🔈: Don't Mess With Dhoni😎 ‼

26/11💥 Mastermind's Warning to 🇮🇳 ❗

Extraordinary Tale of a 👩 Sarpanch 😳

Petrol⛽ Costlier Than Aviation Fuel✈ 😅

TN Flood🌊: Response Too Slow⁉️

Sexual Assault👄: Team-mates Incriminate Sardar ⁉

UN🌐 to Rule in Assange's Favour ❓

World bank🏦 Expert to Lead Swachh Bharat 👏

Allegri👔 Signs📝 Chelsea Agreement⁉

Capello👔 Reveals Why Benitez😔 Failed‼

Lionel Messi💫 Joins Club 500⚽❗️

Suarez🌟: Neymar⚡ is Definitely Staying‼

Touré⭐ to be Africa's Highest Paid💰⁉

United♦Buzz: Mou Deal Close ❓

Zidane👔 Pens New Madrid Contract📝‼

Renault🏁 Unveils Sleek😍 New RS16💨

Knee Surgery🚑: FedEx Out For a Month😯

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Virat's Lunch Date ❌ Anushka 😳

Zayn & Gigi's Famous Connection 👫

Tyga Cheating on Kylie Jenner😳⁉

Selena “Can’t Do It Anymore”❔

Hrithik in Love ❤️Again ❓

Why The Fuss About Coldplay's 📹Video❓

GoT👑 Pilot Was a “Piece of 💩"

Malaika and Arbaaz Getting Divorced 💔❓

Students' Fitoor over "Fitoor" 😍

PeeCee: I Will Win An Oscar Nomination 🙌

Priyanka's Shoe 👠Dilemma ❗

Neha Dhupia Gorgeous😍 in Anita Dongre ❗

SRK & Aamir Scared 😱 to Express Opinions❓

Sallu Accused 🎥"Sanam Teri Kasam"❓

Ranveer Sings for Deepika 🎤❤️

SRK Has ❌ 💰to Buy A Plane ❓

Fashion Talk in 🎥"Fitoor"

Protests 👊 Against Sunny's "Mastizaade" 🎥

CDR Review📹: Barcelona🔵 Wipes The Pitch🙊 With Valencia -

EPL Review⚽: Hiddink👔 Still Unbeaten‼

Falcao Axed🔪 From Chelsea's🔵 UCL Squad‼

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: PSG Set New Domestic Record‼

Neville👔, Just Say Sorry😔 & Resign‼

Serie A Review⚽: Juventus Keeps The Pressure😰 Alive⚡

3⃣ iPhone 7 📱📱📱For 2016❓

Zuckerberg Shares Zika👾 Awareness Post📹t:

🇮🇳 Second Largest Smart📱 Market

“Super-Celebrity”😎 Auto Expo 2016 📹

If Guilty, Assange😤 Will 'Accept Arrest'

Somalia Plane✈ Explosion💥

Ranjath: Most Terror Attacks From Pak🇵🇰

1 in 5 Lung Cancer Patients Non-Smokers😕

Kejriwal: ₹551cr💰to Fix Delhi’s Mess😠

😡Bengaluru Hate Crime: Suspects in Hiding

Modi✌: 🇮🇹Trade for Evidence Against Sonia❓

Zika Vaccine💉 Developed in 🇮🇳❗

నా వంగవీటి రాధ అంటూ .... రాంగోపాల్ వర్మ ❓❓

గుట్టు చప్పుడు కాకుండా చిరంజీవి ఇంట్లో పెళ్లి హడావుడి ✨✨

ప్రియాంక చోప్రా తాజాగా మరో జాక్ పాట్ 💃💃✨

కోహ్లీ...అనుష్క శర్మల మధ్య ప్రేమాయణానికి పుల్ స్టాప్ ❗❗

మైనర్ స‌ర్జ‌రీ అయిన మెగాస్టార్!❓❓

చెలరేగిన ఇంగ్లండ్ బ్యాట్స్‌మెన్....బట్లర్✨✨

టి20 ప్రపంచకప్‌లో టీమిండియానే ఫేవరెట్ : సచిన్👍👍

తొలి వన్డేలో అదరగొట్టిన న్యూజిలాండ్..🌟🌟🌟

భారత జట్టు కోచ్‌గా బాధ్యతలు చేపట్టలేనని.....సౌరవ్ గంగూలీ:❓❓

యువరాజ్‌పైనే అందరి దృష్టి ⭐⭐

సందీప్ పాటిల్ నేతృత్వంలో రేపే భారత జట్టును ఎంపిక❗ ⭐⭐

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Jeremiah 29:11

FT Review⚽: Barcelona 7⃣-0⃣ Valencia

FT Review: Watford 0⃣-0⃣ Chelsea🔵

HT Review: Watford 0⃣-0⃣ Chelsea🔵

HT Review⚽: Barcelona 3⃣-0⃣ Valencia

Preview: Barcelona🔷 vs Valencia

IPLல் லலித் மோடிக்கு 3⃣ அணியில் உரிமமா 😲 ❓

ஆசிய மற்றும் T20 கோப்பைக்கான இந்திய அணிகள் பிப்5ல் வெளியீடு ❗

ஆஸ்திரேலியாவை 159 ரன்களுக்குள் 👊 வீழ்த்தியது நியூசிலாந்து

கிரிக்கெட் ஒளிபரப்பில் 📺 அஸ்வினுக்கு அதிருப்தி 😞

சந்தர்பால் 😞 கட்டாய ஓய்வா ❓

வீராட் 💕 அனுஷ்கா காதலில் 💔 விரிசலா

De Klerk👔 to Face Racism Charges‼

Prez Mahama👔 Appoints New Prisons Director‼

Renzi🇮🇹: Africa Must Help in Immigration Crisis‼

Sarkodie🎤 Responds to NDC Campaign Deal💰 💬

Tigo📡 Scores Big With E-Library💻

🇮🇳: Asia Cup, World T20🏆 Squads on Feb 5⃣

Chanderpaul Forced😱 to Retire ⁉

NZ Cricket Coverage📺: Ashwin Miffed😤

IPL🏆: Lalit Modi Owns 3⃣ Teams 😳❓

NZ🐦 Reduce AUS to Rubble💥 📹

SA-ENG : Buttler 💯 Helps ENG Score 399 👏

Anupam Kher Denies✋ VISA Offer😏

Racism😳: Tanzanian Woman Stripped, Beaten👎

Beware⚠❗ Sex👄 Transmits Zika Virus😳

First 👩 CEO for 🇮🇳 IT Major🎉

🇮🇳 Hockey ⭐ Accused of Sexual👄 Harassment ‼

RBI🏛 Eases Startup Norms👏

Sonia Leads Tributes💐 for Balram Jakhar

Woman👩 Throws Flower Pot💐 at Modi😱

Adebayor😎: I Come With The Magic‼

CDR Preview⚽: Barcelona♦ vs Valencia

Don Bortey⚽ Comes Clean on Age😂‼

EPL Preview⚽: Watford vs Chelsea🔵

⚡Neymar-gate: He's in Trouble❗️

இது நம்ம ஆளு 🎥 படத்தின் பாடல்களை 👂 கேட்க ➡

⭐ கமலுக்கு 🏆 விருது ❗

பிரகாஷ்ராஜிற்கு ஆண் 👶 குழந்தை பிறந்துள்ளது

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Burberry Lets Beckham’s⚽ Kid Shoot📷 Ads

David Bowie’s Gaga👻 Grammy🎤 Tribute

Jackie Chan to Romance❤️Disha Patani❓

Kim K & Amber Rose: “Tea☕ anyone❔”

Proof: Aamir at an Award Ceremony😳📹:

Sansa Stark🐺 Says Season 6⃣ is Superb❗ (Tongue-Twister)

Virat 💔 Anushka ❓

Hrithik😎 Bonding With Bachchans❔

Cluster of Exes 💔

Siachen🗻 Avalanche: 🔟 Soldiers Missing

Aditi 🔥 Amongst Art

Deepika Bags the 'NDTV Indian of the Year' Award 🏆

"Mastizaade" 👎 At the Box Office 💰

Voter📥 Gets Salman’s ID Card🎫⁉

కెప్టెన్ మహేంద్ర సింగ్ ధోని నమ్మకాన్ని గెలుచుకున్న..... యువరాజ్ సింగ్👍👍

టీ20 ప్రపంచకప్‌లో ఇండియానే ఫేవరెట్..... బ్రియాన్ లారా ❓❓

న్యూజిలాండ్ జట్టులో ఖాజాను ఎంపిక చేయకపోవడంపై కెప్టెన్ స్టీవ్ స్మిత్ 💫💫

యూనస్ అసంతృప్తి వ్యక్తం❗❗

వన్డేలైనా, టి20లైనా తిరుగులేని బ్యాటింగ్...కోహ్లి, రోహిత్ ✨🌟✨

అమ్మడికి ఈ ఏడాది నో రిలీజ్❓❓

క‌త్తి కోసం..తీవ్రంగా కృషి చేస్తున్న చిరు❓❓

'దాసరికి అశ్రునివాళి’ అంటూ ఇరుక్కున్న ‘రాంచరణ్ ఫ్యాన్స్’ ❗❗❗

పాస్ పోర్ట్ మర్చిపోయానని టెన్షన్ పడ్డ రజనీ❗❗

బాహుబలి ది కంక్లూజన్ కి ఊహించలేనంతగా రేట్లు 💰💰

వాట్ ఏ విక్టరీ నాగ్.....✨✨

EPL Review⚽: Jamie Magic Sinks Liverpool🔴

EPL Review⚽: United♦ Master class👌🏻 Sinks Stoke

Highlights📹: Leicester 2⃣-0⃣ Liverpool -

Highlights📹: Manchester United 3⃣-0⃣ Stoke City -

Judge Lift Restrictions🚫 on Benzema‼

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Monaco Responds in Style👌🏻‼

Neymar Sr👦🏻 Clears Neymar Jr⚡‼

Yahoo❗ Is Officially For Sale‼

Gmail📩 Reaches 1⃣bn Active Users❕

Streaming Now Included in 📀Album💿 Sales

⚠DANGEROUS⚠: Illegal Football⚽ Streams

Boeing✈ to Invest Billions in 🇮🇳❓

Adi's Lovely Experience ❤️Kat 🐱

Deepika ❌ Bollywood Film in 2016 ❓

Guess Who ❓

If SRK Can, So can I ❗

Karan On ❤️Bipasha ❗️

PeeCee On "Jai Gangaajal"🎥

Ranveer's Dubsmash With Girish 📹

Wikileaks⏳ Founder to be Released❓

Hema Malini: I Haven’t❌ Grabbed✊ Land

Mehbooba Mufti👩🏻 Meets J&K Governor

🇺🇸Obama: Pak🇵🇰 Will Remain Unstable

Avoid Zika👾 Prone Nations

Modi✌: Reservation for Dalits is Here to Stay

Dawood Ibrahim on UK🇬🇧 Sanctions🚫💰 List

Punjabi Version

English Version

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Deuteronomy 31:6

FT Review⚽: Leicester 2⃣-0⃣ Liverpool🔴

FT Review⚽: Manchester United♦ 3⃣-0⃣ Stoke City

HT Review⚽: Sunderland 0⃣-1⃣ Manchester City🔹

HT Review⚽: Manchester United♦ 2⃣-0⃣ Stoke City

United♦Buzz: Fan Unrest😤, Poch to Counter Pep❓

Suarez🌟 to Face Brazil🇧🇷 on Return‼

Watch📹: Balotelli Exact Revenge😂 on Freestyler -

Ronaldinho⭐: Neymar⚡ to Madrid Impossible‼

Mou👔 Backs Infantino For FIFA Prez👔

Toure to Leave Manchester City🔹‼

Wenger👔 Reveals Secret to Treble🏆 Ambitions‼

Amartey🇬🇭 to Feature⚽ Against City🔹

Preview⚽: Leicester vs Liverpool🔴

Preview⚽: Arsenal🔫 vs Southampton

Preview⚽: Sunderland vs Manchester City🔹

Preview⚽: Manchester United♦ vs Stoke City

🇮🇳 இந்தியா-இலங்கை தொடரில் ⭐கோலி ஓய்வு👍

IPL: 'குஜராத் லயன்ஸ்' கேப்டனாக ⭐ரைனா

"என் ரத்தத்தில் ஆக்ரோஷம்💪 கலந்துள்ளது" 🔈 ⭐கோலி

⭐ கோலியின் செல்பி 📷 😍

😎தோனி ஆற்றிய 📝உரை👏

நேபாள் U-19 அணியில் 25 வயது கேப்டனா❓

வேட்டையாடியதால் அணியில் இருந்து நீக்கம்😳

⭐வருண் ஆரோன் திருமணம்💍💐

Crime Against Women👩: Delhi Commissioner Summoned✋

Leading Economist: 👍 to Modi ❗

Maneka: 😱Compulsory👶Sex Determination❓

NCP Cries Foul😤 Over Leader's Arrest⛓

No🚫PAK Visa for Anupam Kher⁉️

💥Pathankot: ISI Spy🕵 Arrested😱

Pro Kabaddi🏆: Patna Stun Jaipur👏

Team 🇮🇳: Dhoni's😎 Inspirational🎙Speech

Hunting🔫: Ranji Cricketer Dropped😠

IPL🏆: Rajkot Name Unveiled👍, Raina to Lead👏

Poll Results📊: Who is 🇮🇳's 'Find' of the AUS Tour✈ ❓

U19 WC🏆: 25 Yr Old Captain for Nepal😱 ❓

Court Wedding for Varun Aaron 🎉

🎥 பெங்களூர் நாட்கள் 📹 பாடல்

Picture submitted by DUTA User Mr.AnjaniKumar(900*****89)

Ranbir & Anushka's Characters Names Are..‼️

A Special Cook For Aamir👌

SC🏤 Reopens Gay🌈 Sex Debate

🎥'இது நம்ம ஆளு' டிரைலர் 👉 -

👊மைக் டைசன் பார்க்க விரும்பும் இறுதிச்சுற்று👏💐

⭐நிவின் பாலியை பாராட்டிய ⭐'விஜய்' 👏💐

What's Deepika's Co-Star⭐ Vin Diesel upto❗

Kit Harington ❤️ Rose Leslie❓

With ❤️ From Priyanka‼️

Virat: Aggression's😠 in My Blood❗️

🌎 🔝Chef Benoit Violier Found Dead😔

🌈Will Supreme Court Lift Ban🚫 on Gay Sex?

SRK to Quit 🚫 All Social Media Platforms❓

Sunny ☀ to Work With Hrithik❓

Deepika's Gorgeous Indian Look ❤️

Look Hot 🔥 For a Good Cause❗

The Future of Data💽 Centres is Subsea🏊🏻❔

Samsung📱 Updates Browser With Ad Block🚫

WhatsApp💬 Reaches 1⃣ Bn Monthly Users❕

Get ID Proof🎫 for👰🏻Profile❔

World’s Most Valuable Firm: G👀gle

Argentina🇦🇷 Drop Messi💫 For Olympics‼



Florentino Perez👔 to Undergo Surgery‼

Heitinga Retires From Football‼

Klopp👔: Trust us Teixeira Decision

Pellegrini👔: I Knew About Guardiola👔

विराट की शर्टलैस सेल्फी

बॉक्स ऑफिस पर कमाई

साथ काम करेंगे शाहरूख और आनंद राय?

‘रैम्बो’ के अवतार में कृष

आमिर के साथ प्रो-कबड्डी लीग

कानूनी पचड़े में ‘बाजीराव मस्तानी’

‘क्वांटिको’ गैंग के साथ दिखीं प्रियंका

हरियाणवी सल्लू रॉक्सः प्रीति जिंटा

4⃣ Postal Officials Arrested For Treason😨

Kabul Suicide Bombing💣: 20 Killed💥

🚨Zika Virus👾 Declared Global Emergency🚨

14 Students🙇🏻 Drown In Arabian Sea, 1⃣ Missing.

Saudi Prince👑 to Hunt Endangered Bird🐦

Mehbooba Mufti🙍🏻 to Meet J&K Governor

The Finances💰 of Modi's✌ Cabinet

❓ Did Deepika React to Ranbir-Kat 💔 ❓

Kajol Regrets 🎥"Dilwale" ❓

Poll Results : Who is Telling the Truth, Hrithik or Kangana❓

Priyanka Will Present at the Oscars 👏

Sallu 💪 Surprises Kat 🐱

Who Pushes Anushka ❓

అందరివాడు అనిపించుకున్న పవన్🌟🌟🌟

ఒకే వేదిక‌పై మెగాస్టార్-ప‌వ‌ర్ స్టార్!✨✨

నెల రోజులుగా ఉలుకు పలుకు లేని సమంత, ఏమైంది?❗❗👀

పవన్ కళ్యాణా మజాకా! ‘సర్దార్..’ బిజినెస్ రూ. 100 కోట్లు!✨✨

మెగా అభిమాని ఎంత ప‌ని చేశాడు!😱😱

మహేష్ చెప్పింది నిజమే....వింటే మనకే మేలు 👍👍👍

అతని సలహాల వల్లే ఎదిగా:కోహ్లి⭐⭐⭐

కోహ్లి@ నంబర్ వన్👍✨

కోహ్లికి రెస్ట్.. ఉమేష్ కు షాక్❓❓❓

'యువరాజ్ ను ఆడించండి' మాజీ కెప్టెన్ సునీల్ గవాస్కర్ ❗❗

వరల్డ్ కప్ నాటికి ఫించ్ సిద్ధం!❗❗

'వరల్డ్ టీ 20తో సమయం వృథా'💫💫💫

‘సెట్’ అయింది..!👍👍

கோலிவுட்டில் மீண்டும் 💃⭐ பிரபுதேவா❗

மீண்டும் 🎬மணிரத்தினம்-⭐ரஜினி கூட்டணியா❓

3⃣ சுழற்பந்து🔴 வீச்சாளர்களுடன் நியூசிலாந்து👏

T20யின் 🔝 பேட்ஸ்மென் ⭐ கோலி👏

U19 🏆 நேபாளை வீழ்த்தியது இந்தியா

🇮🇳இந்திய அணியின் உணவு: சாலட்கள் மற்றும் சிக்கன்🍗

நியூசிலாந்தில் உள்ள ஆஸ்திரேலியா அணி👍

⭐பும்ராவை பாராட்டு ☂மழையில் நனைக்கும் 😎தோனி👏

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 43:19

Before Saying Nonsense, Prove it❗

Messi💫 Back to His Best👌🏻 ‼

Messi💫 to Meet Young Aghan Fan👶🏻 Watch 📹:

Pellegrini👔 Explains Iheanacho Penalty⚽ Choice

Wenger: Sign Terry❓No❗ But...😳

Blackberry🍇 Android Sales “Encouraging”👏

Moto X Force📱 With ShatterShield Display

Video📹 Interviews For 🇺🇸SAT Exams🔎❕

CPP🐔 Vote Greenstreet as Presidential Candidate👔

Fares💰 Hiked by 15% ‼

Nana Addo: 👔Mahama Must Go ‼

Reggie's🎤 Sexting Scandal😱 ‼

Aussies Sledged😱 in NZ ‼

Dhoni😎 is a Bumrah Fan😍 ❗

U19 WC🏆: Pant Hits Fastest💨 50 as 🇮🇳 Win

World T20🏆: Kiwis🐦 Bank on Spin

Heritage City: Ahmedabad🌇 Beats Delhi🌆😱

K Srikanth Wins👏 Syed Modi GP Gold🏆

Kohli - World No.1☝ in T20s 🎉

Malala👧 Trumps Trump ‼

Mumbai🌆 Air: Injurious to Health🚫

Teen👦 Run-over🚈 While Clicking📸 Selfie 😱

🇷🇺 Wants Stronger Ties with 🇮🇳 ⁉

'Saas'👩 Comes to 'Hockey-Mom's' Rescue👏

BREAKING: 🇮🇳-SL T20 series squad 📢, Kohli rested😫❗

Picture submitted by DUTA User Mr.D.Ashok (904*****22)

Guardiola👔 to Replace Pellegrini👔 Next Season‼

🇬🇧British-Indian🇮🇳 Man Rapes Transvestite😱

Salads & Chicken🍗: Team 🇮🇳's Fitness Mantra

G👀gle’s Top Secret Project: Skybender

New Concept Aircraft✈:🇬🇧to🇺🇸 in 11 Minutes❕

GoT Season 6⃣ Almost Killed Whom😳❓

Bieber's Surprise Gig 🎤

SAG Awards 2016 Winners ❗

SRK & Anand Rai to Collaborate ❓

"Fitoor" different from the Novel ❓

Hrithik in a "Rambo" Remake ❓

Deepika is Freaking Out her Co-Star Ruby Rose 🌹 ❗

Priyanka with her "Quantico" Gang ❗

Sunny's ☀ Stunning Look ❗

🎥 "Bajirao Mastani" in More Legal Trouble❗

Box Office Earnings 💰💰

Preity Zinta: Haryanvi Sallu 💪 Rocks👊

Priyanka's Fashion Game On Point 😍💓

Pro Kabaddi League With Aamir❗

Virat's Shirtless Selfie 📷 😍

🇮🇳-🇦🇺 T20 : 3⃣-0⃣ என்ற கணக்கில் 🇮🇳 அணி வெற்றி🎉

ICC :T20 தரவரிசையில்: 🇮🇳 முதலிடம்1⃣ 🔝

⭐ கிளார்க்: ஓய்வில் இருந்து திரும்புவாரா⁉

சாதனை நாயகன் ⭐ கோலி🎉

பாக். - நியூ. : நியூசிலாந்து தொடர் வெற்றி🎉

⭐ ரஹானே ◼பெல்டா😳 📹

ட்விட்டரில் 🎼 A.R ரஹ்மானின் பாலோவர்ஸ் ❓ 😳

⭐தனுஷின் அடுத்த ஹீரோயின் ❓

క్లీన్‌స్వీప్‌తో ‘టాప్’✨✨

టీమిండియా ఎట్ టాప్✨

న్యూజిలాండ్‌దే సిరీస్👍👍

వాట్సన్ దూకుడు❓❓

ఎన్టీఆర్‌పై మరో కుట్ర మొద‌లైందా??😱😱

నవ్వుల నటరాజు -ఎన్నటికీ తరగదు మీపై మోజు✨✨

ప్రభుత్వాల చెప్పు చేతల్లో సెన్సార్‌బోర్డు❓❓

బ్ర‌హ్మీ.. ఇప్పుడు మేల్కొన్నాడా?😆😆

మెగా రూమర్లలో ఏది నిజమో!!

రకుల్ కేకల గురించి ఏమన్నాడంటే..❗❗

వావ్.. ఓ రేంజ్ లో ఉందిగా😍✨

సుక్కు వైఫ్ పేపర్లో పాంప్లెట్ పెట్టింది❓❓

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern Maintains Gap‼

Chelsea🔵 Open To Terry Stay📝 ‼

FA Cup Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Books City Clash ‼

La Liga Review⚽: CR7⭐ Thrashes Espanyol

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Ibrahimovic⭐ Runs The Show

Ramos Welcomes Neymar⚡-Madrid Rumours💬

Serie A Review⚽: Juve Wins, AC Thrash Inter ‼

Boko Haram▪: 86 Dead, Children Burnt🔥 Alive😱

Delhi HC🏤OKs Female ‘Karta'👍

DU Requires ➕💯% For Top Grade❕

Net Neutrality: Rahul 🎯 Targets Modi

Set Fire🔥 to Train🚃, Get BC Status❓

Sikh👳🏼 Regiment Missing From R-Day🇮🇳 Parade❓

ISIS: “Lion’s Share” of Attacks in 🇬🇧UK

Y Sinha Anti-Modi✌ Statements

🔥आरक्षण की मांग, ट्रेन को फूंका

भूख हड़ताल पर बैठे राहुल गांधी🍲🚫

मोदी ने की ‘मन की बात’ 📹:

🤐मोदी विरोधी बयान से सिन्हा ने किया इनकार

👳🏽सिख रेजीमेंट को परेड से बाहर रखने पर बादल ने लिखा पीएम को पत्र

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 40:3