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Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 46:1-3

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 41:10

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Jeremiah 29:11

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Deuteronomy 31:6

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Isaiah 43:19

Daily☀ Bible📖 Verse✝: Psalm 40:3

Akshay⭐ To Become Chef Again?!!😃

Dangal💪📽 To Release Earlier?!!😃

Miles✈ To Go For Sonam💃 - Anil Kapoor🕶

Kartina's Split💔 with Ranbir⭐ Costs Her!!!

Sunny Leone☀ Is Hot🔥Nothing Else Matters!!🚬

🐺 Sunny☀ Impresses👊 Malayalam Actor Jayasurya🔅

Rajneeti-2⃣ At least the Title is Confirmed!!👍

Aamir Khan⭐ Interested in Kishore Kumar🎤 Biopic🎞?

Rajkumar Rao: No Role👎 For Me In Dangal🎞!!😕

Katrina💃 Off To Thailand!!✈

New Music Video📹 for "Ki & Ka"❗️

Fitoor🎞 Failue: Whose Fault was It?

Sunny Leone's💃 Crazy Fan Moment!!😂

Kapil Back To Small Screen📺!!

🐺 Karan Johar: Aligarh🎥 is Exceptionally 😔Poignant🎥:

Sunny’s☀ “Smokin’ Hot”🔥 Campaign🎥:

Katrina💃 Loses a Few 💔Friends!!

Anurag Talks About Kat🐱 in "Jagga Jasoos"🎥

Sunny: I Don't Walk Around in a 👙& 👠All Day❗️

Aamir Bonds With 🔫'Terrorists'❓

Anushka Turns 🎬 Producer Again

Look👀 at The Films🎥 that Anushka has Rejected🚫

Preity Zinta to be GoodEnough💍❓

Kat🐱 Making Ranbir's Life Difficult❓

Aamir Can't Wait to 👀Watch 🎥"Ardaas"

Zee🏆Cine Awards 2016: Highlights❗️

Ki & Ka 🎵: High 👠 Heels📹:

Sunny☀ Leone's in Strange Outfit😕!!!

Aamir's Solution💡 for Water💧 Crisis.

Fitoor Kissing Scene 😘 Goes Viral📽:

Poll Results : Should the 3⃣ Khans Move Aside for New Talent❓

5⃣ Facts About Aamir❗️

Neerja Prettier Than Sonam Kapoor💃🏻!!

Aamir Expects a Lot From Sultan👑

What is Huma Qureshi Wearing😂❓

New Single🎶 From The Film🎞 Rocky Handsome

Saif Ali Khan 🌟Excited About Ki & KA

Sunny💃🏻 in Anti-Smoking🚫 🚬Campaign

🎥 Shabana Azmi playing Neerja's Mother-

🎥 Aditya Roy Kapoor Loses Dubsmash Virginity:

NBA All Stars With Ranveer Singh🏀

Aamir: Fire🔥 at "Make In India" Unfortunate😔

Sunny☀ Loves Lilu❤️

Ki & Ka Movie Trailer🎥

Sonam Kapoor: Losing Weight is Easy🍰

Sandhya's Letter✍️ to Sunny☀

Kat Offers Weight-Loss⏲ Tips

Anushka with 🐶 Dude on V-Day❣️

Aamir & Kangana Meet Modi✌️

Weighty Matters For Aamir Khan❗

Preeti Desai to Make Her Hollywood Debut👏

Sunny's V-Day Plans❤️

❌ Adult Entertainment Industry in 🇮🇳

Anushka's Condolences For Hanumanthappa🙏

Aamir👊 Multiplex Monopoly❗️

Hot Chocolate❗️Karan & Aditya☕️ 📹

Karenjit Vohra➡️ Sunny☀ Leone❗️

Poll Results : Who is the Best Dressed Actress❓

🎥"Airlift" 💥at the Box-Office❗️

Kat & Adi Stress Eating for 🎥"Fitoor"❓

Sonam Does ❌ Work for Awards 🏆

Virat Re-Uploaded 💔 Picture📷

Box🎥Office 💥Clashes

Kat🐱 Was An Unpopular Kid in School😳

Sunny Wants to Work With Karan Johar😄

Filmfare Cover Photo 🔥

🎥Neerja: New Music🎧 Video❗️

Nach Baliye💃🏃 to be Shelved ❗️

When Sunny☀ Met Aamir Khan ☺️

New "Fitoor" Music Video📹 Released❗️

Anushka's 'Fear'😱 Wish for Sonam❗️📹:

Aamir is ❌ Promoting Any Brand❗️

Kat 🐱 Visits Salim Chishti's Shrine❗️

Sunny ☀ Leone at Nykaa Beauty Awards🏆

Marriage is On the Cards For Priyanka 💍

Kat & Adi's 3⃣ Min Kiss 💋

The Real Reason Behind the Anushka-Virat 💔

Randeep Hooda's Terrifying Look👀 In "Sarbjit"😳

Aamir's Deal Snapped with Snapdeal 😳

Katrina Denys Breakup💔 With Ranbir❓📹:

Sunny ☀ Slaps Her Co-Star ❗️

Anushka's Next Film🎥 to be Shot in Punjab❗️

Aamir Meets Wrestler💪 Sushil Kumar❗️

One Night Stand With Sunny 😳 ❓

Watch 👀 Kat & Adi Wow College Students ❗️

Students' Fitoor over "Fitoor" 😍

SRK & Aamir Scared 😱 to Express Opinions❓

Fashion Talk in 🎥"Fitoor"

Adi's Lovely Experience ❤️Kat 🐱

Guess Who ❓

Karan On ❤️Bipasha ❗️

Ranbir & Anushka's Characters Names Are..‼️

A Special Cook For Aamir👌

Who Pushes Anushka ❓

Box Office Earnings 💰💰

Pro Kabaddi League With Aamir❗

Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV's Final Verdict❗️

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Mixed Questions

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗General Points

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Start-ups

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Monetary Policy

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Financial Sector

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗▣Money

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗More Infra

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Infrastructure

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Business

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗ R&D, Logistics

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Business

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Health & Social Security

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Rural

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Farmers

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Students

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Salaried Recap

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗🚗💍

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗Pensions

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗️Tax Rebate

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗️Rents

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A with ⚖Advocate VV❗️Income Tax

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A ⚖Advocate VV❗️Overview

❓AskDuta❓ Budget 📊 2016: Q&A with ⚖Advocate VV Begins❗️

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: How Twitter🐦 Reacted ❗

🇮🇳Union Budget💰: Round Up ❗

Questions about the budget?

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Tax Reforms Contd.

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Tax Reforms

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Live Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Financial Reforms

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Infrastructure Sector

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Live Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Live Updates

🇮🇳Union Budget💰 2016: Jaitley Begins His Speech

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: PAK Survive UAE Scare😱

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 Take On Demoralised😨 SL 💥 Follow Live, Type 'SC13' 💥

🐎 Kohli, Raina 🎤 Duet With Fahmida Nabi💃 📹

🐎 Meet Bashir - Pakistani Fan Who Loves😘 Dhoni

🐎 Steyn Returns👏 For AUS Series

🐎 Yuvi's B'day Gift🎂 to Hazel💑

Ayushmann Delivers Kohli-Anushka💔 News📰

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: BAN Stun SL😲

🐎 US Firm🇺🇸 To Produce Doc📽 On Yuvi

🐎 Smith Eyes👀 World T20🏆 and Ashes

🐎 Dhoni Hits Out😤 At Pitches, Umpire 😱

🐎 Kohli Fined💰, Hails🙌 'Ferocious🔥' Amir

🐎 Rohit A Doubt😱 For 🇮🇳-SL Clash

🐎 🇮🇳-🇵🇰: 5⃣ Key🔑 Incidents

🐎 Asia Cup Preview: PAK vs UAE - 💥 Follow Live, type 'SC12' 💥

Asia Cup🏆Preview: SL vs BAN 💥 Follow Live: Type 'SC11' 💥

🐎 Chris Gayle😍 In Awe of Big-B⭐

🐎 Sri Lanka Slams😡 Jayawardene😱

Virat Kohli's PAK Fan Gets Bail😀

🐎 Sunny Leone👄 Learns From Dhoni

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: Kohli, 🇮🇳 Bowlers Crush👊 🇵🇰

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: 🇮🇳 Bowlers Blow 🇵🇰 Away 👏

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: Dhoni Elects to Bowl ❗

Poll Results📊: Can 🇵🇰 Bowlers Tame 🇮🇳 Batsmen ❓

#IndvsPak Rivalry Begins on 🐦Twitter💥Follow Match Live Type: sc10💥

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: BAN Downs UAE 👏

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 Resume Rivalries With 🇵🇰 💥 Follow Live, Type: sc10 💥

🐎 Malinga✨ Hints😯 at Retirement

🐎 Ruthless😠 Mumbai Win Ranji🏆

🐎 Shots Fired💥 Ahead of IND-PAK Clash⚡

🐎 World T20🏆: No 📺 Coverage in AUS ⁉

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: Malinga⭐ Helps SL Avoid Upset 😳

🐎 Asia Cup🏆 Preview: BAN vs UAE 💥 Follow Live type: SC9 💥

Dhoni😎 All Praise For Yuvi💪

🐎 IND vs BAN: 5⃣ Things We Learned 📖

🐎 WorldT20🏆: PAK Shown Green🚥 Signal

🐎 Ranji 🏆 Final: Mumbai Gain✌ Lead

🐎 WorldT20🏆: 2⃣ Women😳, 6⃣ 🇮🇳ns In Umpire Panel

🚄 Budget 💰 2016-17 - Follow Live Type: rbudget

🐎 Asia Cup🏆Preview: Sri Lanka vs UAE 💥Follow Live: Type sc8💥

🐎 NZ-AUS: McCullum Exits😢 as AUS Claim No.1⃣

🐎 Rohit, Dhoni Antics😂 📹:

🐎 When a Mobile📱 'Buzzed Off' Kohli🙆

🐎 IND vs BAN: Clinical Win for 🇮🇳 ❗

🐎 IND vs BAN: Rohit ✨ Boosts 🇮🇳

🐺 Virat & Anushka Back 👫Together❔

🐎 INDvsBAN: 🇮🇳 To Bat On Green Deck❗

SRK & Sachin🌟 Each Other's Fans🙌

Sunny👄 Unveils Cricket Team!!

🐎 Bumrah's Yorker Impresses 'Pigeon' ❗

🐎 Arm💪Wrestling: Shikhar vs Bhajji 📹

🐎 Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 Take On Bangladesh 💥Follow Live Type: sc7💥

🐎 F-Word😨 at Umpire: Hazlewood 💰 Fined❗️ 📹

🐎 Kohli💪 Won't Hit 6⃣es ⁉

🐎 Kohli, Yuvi & Dhoni - BFF❗

🐎 NZ-AUS: Victory✌ In Sight For Aussies

Choose 🔴 Matches to Follow Live❗️

🐎Asia Cup🏆: Injury Scare For Dhoni🚑, Parthiv Called Up 😳

🐎 Dhoni Fed Up😤 With Retirement Queries ❗

🐎 Kolkata School🏫 Scores 844/2😲 in 45 Overs ‼

🐎NZ-AUS: NZ Struggling Despite Wagner 6⃣-for 😯

🐎 Pepsi Fizzes🍷 Back To 🇮🇳 Cricket ❗

Poll Results📊: Should Betting💸 Be Legalised in 🇮🇳 ❓

🐎 Sachin🙏 Offers Relief For Drought-hit☀ Village 👍

Dhoni😎 Lauds👏 Armed Forces

NZ-AUS: Brave✌ Smith Puts AUS In Control

Poll Results📊: Did 🇮🇳 Make a Mistake❌ in Selecting Shami❓

Ranchi T20 BreaksTV📺 👀 Record

Rohit-Dhawan✌ > Sachin-Sourav⁉

SA-ENG: de Villiers Assault💥 Stuns😲 ENG

Betting💸in Cricket Legalised❓

McCullum Embarrassed😟 After Record 💯 😳 📹

Mohammed Shami Ruled Out Of Asia Cup🏆

NZ-AUS: McCullum Lights Up✨ Day 1⃣ 👌

SA-ENG: SA Win💪 a Last Ball Thriller 😍

Sachin🙏 Greatest After Bradman ⁉

Rohit Sharma🌟 on a 'Shopping Spree' With Wife💑

Bail Denied✋ for Kohli's PAK Fan😳

BCCI👥 to Challenge Lodha Report📝 in SC🏤

Dhoni😎 Launches🚀 New Lifestyle Brand ❗

JNU Row: Dhawan💪 Calls for Nationalism🇮🇳

Kohli, Rohit & Co💪 Gives Ashwin Nightmares😨 ❗

🙏Sachin's Autobiography✍ Breaks Records 🎉

Yuvi Stars⭐ As World T20🏆 Comes to Delhi ❗

Anaconda🐍 Bites Shane Warne😱 📹:

💪Baz Names His Fav😘 Batsman

Conflict of Interest: BCCI Warns⚠ Harbhajan ❗

Asia Cup🏆: 🇮🇳 📱 Firm Named Sponsors❗

Poll Results📊: Is Ashwin Only Suited For 🇮🇳 Conditions ❓

Revealed: Why Rohit Likes to Face 1⃣st ball ❓

UP Exams: Sachin's🙏 Son's Pic in Fake Admit Card ⁉

Talent Program That Found👀 Dhoni, Raina 🔙

IPL🏆: Ganguly Denies✋ 'Conflict of Interest'😳

Ranji🏆: Mumbai to Meet Saurashtra in Final👏

Streak on Sachin's🙏 Olonga Demolition💥 📹

Viv Richards to Coach👔 PAK ⁉

Virat🌟 Dodges Questions❓About Anushka💃🏻

Dhoni's😎 Heart💔 Still Beats For CSK ‼

IPL🏆: Dhoni Wanted Murugan Ashwin 😳

IPL🏆: Delhi ❌ Mumbai's 'Shreyas Iyer' Approach 😳

Southee✌ Outbats Ganguly, de Villiers & Afridi 😱 ❗

World T20🏆: Army Tanks😳 for Security ‼

World T20🏆: PAK Likely To Get Clearance✅

World T20🏆: 🇮🇳's Warm Up Schedule 📋

How Virat Celebrated V-Day❗️

Dhawan😼 👀 Top Form at World T20🏆

Dhoni: 🇮🇳 Favs for World T20🏆

'Dont Blush😊 Baby'- Gayle💪 At it Again ‼ 📹:

IPL🏆: Dhoni😎 Unveils Pune Jersey👕

NZ-AUS: Innings Victory✌ for AUS 🎉

SA-ENG: ABD💪 Leads Proteas' Come🔙

U19 WC🏆: Sarfaraz Creates History 🎉

🇮🇳-SL: Team 🇮🇳 Clinch Series🏆 in Style👏

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Spins👌 a Web Around SL

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 To Chase in Vizag 😯

🇮🇳-SL 2⃣nd T20: 5⃣ Vital Moments ❗

Dhoni😎 Wants to Give Yuvi💪 Chances

English Team All Out For 0⃣ 😱

NZ-AUS D2⃣: Voges, Khawaja Run Riot💪

SA-ENG: Morris Assault👊 Takes ENG Out 😲

Sachin's Fav 👩 Boxer👊 Returns 👏

Voges✌ Surpasses Bradman, Sachin😳 🎉

World T20🏆: Pollard⭐, Narine Pull Out👎 ‼

IPL Spot Fixing💵: BCCI Bans🚫 PAK Umpire ‼

Nostalgic Sachin🙏 Oversees👀 Biopic Shoot🎥

NZ-AUS: Bowlers Put Aussies in Command💪

SA-ENG: SA to Chase 262🎯

Waugh's 'Classy👌' Reply to Warne Jibes😏 ❗

WhatsApp📱 Turned Matchmaker💑 for Jadeja

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Roars Back in Style✨

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Posts 196👏

🇮🇳-SL: IND to Bat First Again ❗

Basant🔶Panchami Celebrations🎉

Basant🔶Panchami - Festival of Abundance❗️

श्री Symbol of Basant🔶Panchami

Recipe: Traditional 🍬 Sweet of Basant🔶Panchami 📹:

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 👀 to Level Series👊 at Ranchi

😲Aussie Cricketer's 'Bum 🍑 Grab' 📹

Coming 🔜: Red Cards📕 in Cricket ‼

Kohli's PAK 😍 Fan's Jail Term Extended😱

World T20🏆: Sticky Wicket😱⁉

🇮🇳 Lara Fan's😍 Dream Comes True ‼

SRK's Re-Brands His Trinidad Franchise👌

Poll Results : Who is the Hottest🔥 Cricketer❓

Analysis📊: Complacency Cost 🇮🇳❓

Dhoni😎 Pleased Despite Loss😲

Dubsmash📹: Yuvi, Kohli, Maxwell have Fun😂 📹:

Match Fixing💰: Dhoni Threatens Legal Action😡

SA-ENG: De Kock & Amla💪 Keep Hosts Alive😌

🙏Sachin Supports 'Cycling🚲 for Cancer' 👏

World T20🏆: Gayle, Pollard to Miss Out😱 ⁉

Dhoni😎: IPL🏆 Can't Measure Talent😳

Maasai Warriors: Harlem Globetrotters🌏 of Cricket ❗

SA-ENG: ENG Put up 318 👏

U19 WC🏆: 🇮🇳 Through to Final✨

World T20🏆: Smith to Lead✌ Aussies

🇮🇳-SL: SL Completes a Nervy Chase👍

🇮🇳-SL: 🇮🇳 Shot Out for 101 ‼

🇮🇳-SL: SL to Bowl First ❗

Virat Enjoying His Single Life ❓

🇮🇳-Sri Lanka: No.1☝ Ranking on the Line for 🇮🇳 ❗

Commentary💬: Anil Kumble Nets ₹39 lakhs💰

Bumrah Takes a Leaf🍃 Outta Malinga's 📖

Dhoni😎 Fixed 2014 IND-ENG Test😱 ⁉

Foot Fault❗ Marsh's Controversial Dismissal😳 📹

NZ-AUS: Memorable ODI Farewell👋 for Baz 🎉

Doping💉: PAK Spinner Suspended🚫

God🙏 Bats for Road Safety🚧 📹

Dale Steyn vs Black🐍Mamba📹:

IPL🏆: 5⃣Surprising Snubs😳

IPL Auction💰: The Unknown Hits⭐ ❗

IPL🏆:Factory Worker's Son Makes it Big💰

Irfan Pathan Marries Saudi💃Model🎉

God🙏, Kohli Join Yuvi's Cancer Fight👊

IPL Auctions💰: 🔝 🔟 Buys 💸

IPL Auctions💰: Who bought Who😳 ❓

MCL⭐: Viru 💯, Santokie Double Hattrick😳 📹:

NZ-AUS: Aussies Level Series 👏

Poll Results📊: Who Will Fetch Most💰 in IPL Auctions❓

SA-ENG: Hales & Buttler Put ENG Up 2⃣-0⃣

U19 WC🏆: 🇮🇳 Through to Semis✌

IPL Auctions💰: Negi Trumps Yuvi😳

IPL Auctions💰: Morris, Mohit &Sanju Get Huge Bids💵 👍

IPL Auctions💰: Highest Bid💵 for Watson, Yuvi 👉 SRH

ICC Blow👊 for 🇮🇳, 🇬🇧 & 🇦🇺 ‼

Improper Dress👗: Amla ❌ Interview With 🇮🇳 Anchor👩

Inzy Bats for Gujarat😳

IPL Auctions💰: All You Need to Know👌

Jaddu Gets Engaged💍🎉

'The Wall'🚧 to End Corruption💰 ❗

Lodha Report📝: SC🏤 Asks BCCI to Behave😠

BREAKING💥: 🇮🇳 Squad for World T20 📢

Betting💵: AUS Cricketer Banned🚫

Jadeja Gets Engaged💍 Tomorrow🎉

MCL⭐: Vintage Viru👌 Batting 📹:

SA-ENG: Rain☂ Thwarts de Kock😑

Sachin & Kohli Star⭐ at Auto Expo🚘

Shastri🔈: Don't Mess With Dhoni😎 ‼

Virat's Lunch Date ❌ Anushka 😳

🇮🇳: Asia Cup, World T20🏆 Squads on Feb 5⃣

Chanderpaul Forced😱 to Retire ⁉

NZ Cricket Coverage📺: Ashwin Miffed😤

IPL🏆: Lalit Modi Owns 3⃣ Teams 😳❓

NZ🐦 Reduce AUS to Rubble💥 📹

SA-ENG : Buttler 💯 Helps ENG Score 399 👏

Virat 💔 Anushka ❓

Team 🇮🇳: Dhoni's😎 Inspirational🎙Speech

Hunting🔫: Ranji Cricketer Dropped😠

IPL🏆: Rajkot Name Unveiled👍, Raina to Lead👏

Poll Results📊: Who is 🇮🇳's 'Find' of the AUS Tour✈ ❓

U19 WC🏆: 25 Yr Old Captain for Nepal😱 ❓

Court Wedding for Varun Aaron 🎉

Virat: Aggression's😠 in My Blood❗️

Aussies Sledged😱 in NZ ‼

Dhoni😎 is a Bumrah Fan😍 ❗

U19 WC🏆: Pant Hits Fastest💨 50 as 🇮🇳 Win

World T20🏆: Kiwis🐦 Bank on Spin

Kohli - World No.1☝ in T20s 🎉

BREAKING: 🇮🇳-SL T20 series squad 📢, Kohli rested😫❗

Salads & Chicken🍗: Team 🇮🇳's Fitness Mantra

Virat's Shirtless Selfie 📷 😍

Priyanka's💃 Quantico📺 a Shampoo Ad❓

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Barca🔷 Equals Real Madrid's⚪ Unbeaten Streak🙌🏻

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Dede Ayew⭐ on the Move⁉

Fan Dies😔 After Lyon Win🎉

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Preview⚽: Southampton vs Chelsea🔵

Blatter👔 Speaks on Infantino Victory🎉

Bravo⭐ Targets ter Stegen‼

CR7⭐ Sets Another Record🙌🏻

Infantino👔: We're Gonna Restore FIFA's⚽ Image

Neymar Sr👨🏽: My Son's Happy😃 at Barcelona🔷

PSG Demotes⬇ Serge Aurier😔

Zidane👔: Derby Won't Define Our Season⚽

FIFA⚽ Elections: Gianni Infantino Delcared Winner🙌🏻

⚽Fans Clash😡 at Bilbao Game

Guti Lashes Out😠 at Neymar⚡

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Neymar⚡ Renewed Contract📝 in December

Nolito😎: Barcelona🔷 Rumours💬 Hurt Me

Poll Results📊: Who will be the next FIFA⚽ Head❓

Sunday Oliseh👔 Resigns as Nigeria🇳🇬 Coach

Europa League Draw⚽: Man Utd♦ Draws Liverpool🔴

Arsenal🔫 Legend Retires‼

Bolt⚡ Turns Down Bellerin Claims😂

Hazard⭐ Rejects👎🏻 Barcelona🔷

Neymar-gate⚡: Florentino Perez👔 to Testify⁉

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FIFA Elections🗳: The Candidates👔

Madrid Derby⚽: Zidane👔 Hoping for Benzema⭐ Miracle

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Messi💫 Sends Souvenirs to Afghan Fan👶🏻

Blatter & Platini's👔 Ban🚫 Reduced

CR7⭐: Cristiano😍 For Ladies

Jose👔 Opens up About Rumours💬

Neymar's⚡ Mother Summoned to Court🏤

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Messi💫 Stars in inspirational🙌🏻 Ad📹 -

Arsenal UCL🏆 Tie Isn't Over

Barca🔷 & UNICEF🌍 continues Partnership👍🏻

Depay🤓 Admits the Obvious😔

Nothing😏 Between Zidane & Benitez👔

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Lahm⭐: You Can't Buy💰 a Great🙌🏻 Team

McLeish👔 Succeeds Mido as Zamalek🇪🇬 Coach

Prince👑Ali: Suspend🚫 FIFA⚽ Elections

The Messi💫 Cech Situation😔

UCL Preview⚽: Arsenal🔫 vs Barcelona🔷

Alves⭐: I Won't Retire at Barcelona🔷

Casillas⭐ Opens up on Mou👔 Relationship

Copa Del Rey Date📆 & Venue Set‼

CR7⭐ Open to Acting📺 Career

Gabriel🤓: We Know How to Stop✋🏻 'MSN'✨

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KP Boateng: I Refused😏 Advice From Drogba⭐

Player😡 Sent Off for Showing Ref👕 Red

🐎 United♦Buzz: Midfielder Deal Done😋, LvG Payout💰

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LvG👔 Should Just Leave🚪🚶🏻

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Asia🌏 Chooses Their FIFA⚽ Presidential Candidate👔

Di Maria⭐: Madrid's⚪ Anti-Barca🚫 Clause

El Classico⚽ Referee Corruption😳 Case Archived📦

Eto'o⭐ Bans🚫 Ex's Revenge Book📚

Gotze⭐: Messi💫 Comparisons Makes no Sense❗

Torres😎: I Owe it all🙌🏻 to Benitez👔

Bale⭐ Transfer📝 to be Investigated⁉

Blatter👔: Platini is Innocent😊 Like me

CR7⭐: I Prefer😍 Penalties to Free-kicks

CR7⭐ in Record🙌🏻 Goalscoring⚽ Form

Europa League Review⚽: United♦ Hit a New Low😔

Hargreaves♦: LvG👔 has Done Nothing Wrong‼

The Messi💫 & Suarez🌟 Families' Night Out

⚽Preview: Augsburg vs. Liverpool🔴

⚽HT Review: FC Midtjylland 1⃣ - 1⃣ Man Utd

⚽Preview: FC Midtjylland vs. Man Utd

Benzema⭐ Contact Ban🚫 Lifted🙌🏻

Drogba⭐ Leaps to Aurier's😔 Defence

Giroud⭐: Transfer💬 Rumours Motivated👍🏻 me

Lionel 300⚽ Messi💫: The Breakdown👊🏻

Ramos⭐: Barca🔷 Holds Madrid's Fate😁

United♦Buzz: Rooney to China, Love to Debut❓

Valdano👔: Madrid⚪ Suffering From CR7⭐ Dependency

Beckenbauer🙌🏻 Sanctioned by FIFA⚽

Benitez👔 Slams😠 'Nervous' Florentino Perez😰

Ibrahimovic⭐ Clashes😡 With Fabregas‼

La Liga Review⚽: Messi💫 Hit 300⚽ Milestone

Rooney⭐ Out For 6⃣ Weeks

Roy Keane♦: Hazard's⭐ a 'Spoilt Child'😗

UCL Review⚽: CR7⭐ Bail Zidane👔 Out

Zidane👔 Lauds🙌🏻 Decisive CR7⭐

FT Review⚽: Sporting Gijon 1⃣-3⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Roma vs Real Madrid

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Preview⚽: Sporting Gijon vs Barcelona🔷

Baba😎 Impresses👏🏻 Against PSG🇫🇷

Ferdinand😎 Mocks😝 CR7⭐

Football⚽ Fan Jailed For Murder🔪

Lavezzi⭐ Completes China🇨🇳 Move

Morata⭐, Alonso BFF😍

United♦Buzz: Rooney Dropped😟, Mou Done Deal😳

Villas-Boas👔: I'm Not❌ Returning to EPL⚽

Ancelotti👔 Speaks on Messi's💫 Penalty⚽

Blanc👔: Chelsea Regaining💪🏻 Their Colour🔵

CR7⭐: BBC Don't Need Friendship😏 to Perform‼

CR7⭐ Silence Critics😷 With Vital Question

Fans⚽ Make Passionate Appeal🙏🏻 to Messi💫

Real Madrid's Eternal Italian Curse😰

UCL Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Earn Vital👌🏻 Away Goal

Preview⚽: PSG vs Chelsea🔵

Hiddink👔 Ready👍🏻 for Big Chelsea Test⚽

I've Told Neymar⚡ to Join PSG🇫🇷

Keita⭐: Madrid is Beatable‼

Obafemi Martins🇳🇬 Join The China⚽ Train💰

Roberto Carlos⭐ Jabs Messi💫 Over Penalty😍

Roma Coach Hails🙌🏻 Great Teacher Ancelotti👔

United♦Buzz: Trophies🏆, Academy & Auba ❗

Adidas Unveil UCL🏆 Final Match ball⚽

Benzema⭐: CR7⭐ Isn't The GOAT🙌🏻

Ibrahimovic⭐: I Wish😊 I Was Facing Mou👔

Luiz⭐: Chelsea🔵 Should Show Terry Respect🙌🏻

Messi💫 Loves😍 to Emulate Football Greats🙌🏻

Referee😔 Gunned Down🔫 After Showing Red‼

Santillana⭐: Madrid Needs Titles🏆 not Pichichi

Terry⭐ Out of PSG Clash‼

Breaking News: Neymar's assets🚤🚗🏠✈︎ frozen❅

Ancelotti👔 Targets Arsenal Star😳

Bayern to Sack🚪 Guardiola👔⁉

Cahill😎: 2012 Heroics🏆 is Our Inspiration‼

Cruyff Penalty: Messi⭐ Passed to Neymar, not Suarez😱 📹:

📹Florenzi's Beats Messi💫 & Suarez🌟 to UEFA Goal 🏆 -

Hazard⭐: We fear😰 PSG😱

United♦Buzz: Schweini's Lobby, Charlton's Stand 😳

Watch📹 Weah Jr.'s 5⭐ Show⚽ -

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern Maintains🙌🏻 Lead

EPL Review⚽: Title🏆 Race Set for Photo-Finish😍

La Liga Review⚽: The MSN Show😍 Continues❗

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Monaco Track PSG

Pogba⭐: Spain🇪🇸 But Not That Team😱

Serie A Review⚽: AC Milan Revival Continues‼

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FT Review: Man City 1⃣-2⃣ Spurs

HT Review: Man City 0⃣-0⃣ Spurs

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Preview⚽: Arsenal🔫 vs Leicester

EPL Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Run Rout, United♦ Slips

La Liga Review⚽: Ronaldo⭐ Inspires Madrid to Victory👯

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: PSG Held😳

LvG👔: I Haven't Heard📞 From Mou👔

Neville's👔 Wish Finally Granted🙌🏻

Serie A Review⚽: Juventus Claims💪🏻 Top Spot

Watch Chelsea 5⃣-1⃣ Newcastle Highlights:

FT Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 5⃣-1⃣ Newcastle

HT Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 3⃣-0⃣Newcastle

FT Review⚽: Real Madrid 4⃣-2⃣ Athletic Bilbao

Preview⚽: Chelsea🔵 vs Newcastle

HT Review⚽: Real Madrid 3⃣-1⃣ Athletic Bilbao

HT Review⚽: Sunderland 1⃣-1⃣ Man Utd♦

Preview⚽: Sunderland vs Man Utd♦

EPL Preview⚽: Chelsea🔵 vs Newcastle

EPL Preview⚽: Sunderland vs Man Utd♦

Isco's⭐ Admirable😍 Human Nature🙌🏻

La Liga Preview⚽: Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Ranieri👔: Arsenal's🔫 Season Disastrous😱 if...

Real Devils♦ are Behind👍🏻 Depay😔

Suarez🌟 Reveals Secret👌🏻 Behind 'MSN' Success🙌🏻

Suarez🌟 Reveals Why he Quit Liverpool🔴

Bale⭐ Out Indefinitely‼

China🇨🇳 Claims📝 Chelsea🔵 & Milan Players

Fans Throw 🎾 Tennis Balls on Pitch❗️

👔😷: I don't Wanna Upset CR7⭐

Nigeria🇳🇬 Legend Kanu in Trouble‼

The Barca🔷-Qatar✈ Union📝 Continues

Valbuena-gate📹: Benzema⭐ Makes Shocking😱 Admission

Adidas Abandon🚫 Adam Johnson😎

CDR🏆: Sevilla Coach👔 Against "Second Messi😳"

Klopp👔: Liverpool Title🏆 Drought Not Over‼

Mecca Rejects👎🏻 Neymar Jr⚡

Mou👔 Talks📝? I Would Have Known

Real Madrid Defender Rejects😏 China🇨🇳 Deal💰

Ronaldo⭐ Hit by Internet💻 Controversy😱

Barcelona🔷, Kings👑 of CDR🏆

Benzema⭐ Remains Under Judicial Control👌🏻

Fixtures⚽ for 2017 AFCONs🏆 Released

Prince Ali👔: FIFA⚽ Needs Change🔄

PSG Ties Blanc Down📝‼

Ferdinand's Great 🇮🇳 Adventure 😍 ❗

Adam Johnson⚽ Charged For Underage Sex‼

CDR Review⚽: Barca🔷 Continues Unbeaten Run🙌🏻

Coupe de France Review⚽: PSG March on‼

Enrique👔: I Had to Rest my Voice😷

German Cup Review⚽: Bayern Ease to Victory

Madrid Loanee Kicked Off Marseille Bus⁉

Neville👔 Abandoned by Valencia Fans😠

Willian⭐: Terry Definitely Leaving🚪🚶🏻

FT Review⚽: Valencia 1⃣-1⃣ Barcelona🔷

HT Review⚽: Valencia 0⃣-0⃣Barcelona

Preview⚽: Valencia vs Barcelona🔷

Arsenal🔫 Title🏆 Hopes Depends on Ozil⭐

ATM's Ghanaian🇬🇭 Sensation😍 Injured😁

Barca🔷 Players Describe😂 Neymar⚡

CR7⭐-Messi💫 Rivarly Good for Football⚽

Enrique👔: Pep Isn't a Threat⚡

⚽SAG U-23 Thriller: India Beat Maldives 3️⃣-2️⃣

Leicester's Title🏆 Run Built💪🏻 to Last‼

Real Madrid Confirms Marcelo's Injury😰

United♦Buzz: Fergie 👍 Poch, Villa Fan Rooney😅

Arda Turan⭐ to China🇨🇳⁉

Coupe de France Review⚽: Monaco Stunned😱

FA Cup Review⚽: Liverpool🔴 Thrashed Out‼

German Cup Review⚽: Bayer Stunned, Dortmund Advances

LvG👔 Demotes Depay😳

Motta: Difficult😰 to Beat Chelsea Without Mou👔

US🇺🇸 & Kenya Threatens to Boycott Rio‼

Aduriz: Questions Over CR7⭐ Form Insulting😏‼

Busquets⭐: Only Pep👔 Can Lure me😱

Kalou😎 Considers Ivory Coast🇨🇮 Future⚽

Watching Barca is Like Playing🎮FIFA😂‼

Messi's💫 Surgery Update‼

Premier League⚽ Logo Changed☺‼

Allegri👔 Will Join Chelsea🔵‼

Ancelotti👔: Zidane's Inexperience is Good‼

Capello👔: CR7⭐ Only Good Till 2019‼

Messi💫 Set to Undergo Surgery‼

Report🔬: Zouma😔 Out of Euros🇫🇷

Rooney⭐: Leave Memphis😔 Alone‼

Zanetti: Don't Compare Messi💫 & Maradona🙌🏻‼

Balotelli😠 & KP Boateng😎 at it Again📹 -

Hamann😠: Pep👔 Took Bayern For a Ride‼

Hugo: Record Breaking CR7⭐ Not Done‼

Leicester Scout Joins Arsenal🔫‼

Pirlo: Ozil⭐, Europe's Most Creative🙌🏻‼

Suarez🌟 Gunning For Uruguayan Record⚽‼

United♦Buzz: LvG Rants😤 at Journo 📹

EPL Review⚽: Arsenal🔫 Win, United♦ Held‼

La Liga Review⚽: Barca🔷, Madrid Win😰‼

Ligue 1⃣: PSG claim bragging😎 rights‼

LvG👔: I'll Quit if...‼

Serie A Review⚽: Juve Breaks Record‼

Watch📹 Chelsea 1⃣-1⃣ Man Utd:

Zouma😰 Out For The Season & France⁉

HT Review⚽: Granada 0⃣-1⃣Real Madrid

Preview⚽: Granada vs Real Madrid

FT Review: United 1⃣-1⃣Chelsea

Player Ratings: United 1⃣-1⃣Chelsea

HT Review: United♦ 0⃣-0⃣ Chelsea

FT Review⚽: Bournemouth 0⃣-2⃣ Arsenal🔫

Preview: Chelsea🔵 vs Manchester United♦

HT Review⚽: Bournemouth vs Arsenal🔫

FT Review⚽: Levante 0⃣-2⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Bournemouth vs Arsenal🔫

HT Review⚽: Levante 0⃣-1⃣ Barcelona🔷

Preview⚽: Levante vs Barcelona🔷

Barca🔷 Demand Respect After Neymar👦🏻 Incident‼

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern, Dortmund Held‼

Chinese🇨🇳 Super League Claim PSG Star‼

EPL Review⚽: Defoe Stuns Lackluster Liverpool🔴

La Liga Review⚽: Atletico Levels With Barcelona🔷‼

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Monaco Cut✂ PSG Lead

Mourinho👔 Hints at Next Destination❗️

Vardy⭐ Pens New Contract📝‼

Barcelona🔷 Gunning For Another Milestone🙌🏻

Hazard⭐: I Apologized😔 to Mou👔‼

Hazard⭐: I Want Zidane👔‼

LvG👔: Keep up to Play 🔟‼

Mahrez⭐ Set PL Milestone👏🏻‼

Zidane👔: Neymar⚡ is a Crowd😍 Pleaser

FT Review⚽: Liverpool 2⃣-2⃣ Sunderland

FT Review⚽: Atletico 3⃣-1⃣ Eibar

HT Review: Atletico Madrid 0⃣-0⃣ Eibar

HT Review⚽: Liverpool🔴 0⃣-0⃣ Sunderland

La Liga Preview⚽: Atletico Madrid vs Eibar

FT Review⚽: Man City 1⃣-3⃣ Leicester

HT Review: Man City 0⃣-1⃣ Leicester City

EPL Preview⚽: Liverpool🔴 vs Sunderland

Sait Nagjee 🏆: Watford Lose in 🇮🇳

Alves Warns Neymar⚡ of Barcelona Exit‼

🇳🇬Nigeria to Fire Oliseh⁉

Pep👔: I'm Like a Woman, I Multitask😎

POTM🏆January: Aguero & Koeman Win‼

Redknapp👔: Gunners🔫 Should Sign Terry⭐

United♦Buzz: Herrera 👍 Mou, Martial > CR7⭐❓

Wenger👔: No 3⃣rd Place Obsession‼

Alves⭐ Reveal Real Madrid U-Turn↪‼

ATM's Filipe appeal Successful‼

Clau-bama Ranieri👔: Yes We Can‼

⚠DANGEROUS⚠: Illegal Football⚽ Streams

Depay's⭐ Potential Still Untapped at United‼

Inside: Alves⭐ vs CR7⭐ Gala Brawl😏

Neymar's⚡ Dad Hints of Possible Exit😳⁉

Player Open Up About Chinese⚽ Move📝‼

Allegri👔 Signs📝 Chelsea Agreement⁉

Capello👔 Reveals Why Benitez😔 Failed‼

Lionel Messi💫 Joins Club 500⚽❗️

Suarez🌟: Neymar⚡ is Definitely Staying‼

Touré⭐ to be Africa's Highest Paid💰⁉

United♦Buzz: Mou Deal Close ❓

Zidane👔 Pens New Madrid Contract📝‼

CDR Review📹: Barcelona🔵 Wipes The Pitch🙊 With Valencia -

EPL Review⚽: Hiddink👔 Still Unbeaten‼

Falcao Axed🔪 From Chelsea's🔵 UCL Squad‼

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: PSG Set New Domestic Record‼

Neville👔, Just Say Sorry😔 & Resign‼

Serie A Review⚽: Juventus Keeps The Pressure😰 Alive⚡

FT Review⚽: Barcelona 7⃣-0⃣ Valencia

FT Review: Watford 0⃣-0⃣ Chelsea🔵

HT Review: Watford 0⃣-0⃣ Chelsea🔵

HT Review⚽: Barcelona 3⃣-0⃣ Valencia

Preview: Barcelona🔷 vs Valencia

Adebayor😎: I Come With The Magic‼

CDR Preview⚽: Barcelona♦ vs Valencia

Don Bortey⚽ Comes Clean on Age😂‼

EPL Preview⚽: Watford vs Chelsea🔵

⚡Neymar-gate: He's in Trouble❗️

Burberry Lets Beckham’s⚽ Kid Shoot📷 Ads

EPL Review⚽: Jamie Magic Sinks Liverpool🔴

EPL Review⚽: United♦ Master class👌🏻 Sinks Stoke

Highlights📹: Leicester 2⃣-0⃣ Liverpool -

Highlights📹: Manchester United 3⃣-0⃣ Stoke City -

Judge Lift Restrictions🚫 on Benzema‼

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Monaco Responds in Style👌🏻‼

Neymar Sr👦🏻 Clears Neymar Jr⚡‼

FT Review⚽: Leicester 2⃣-0⃣ Liverpool🔴

FT Review⚽: Manchester United♦ 3⃣-0⃣ Stoke City

HT Review⚽: Sunderland 0⃣-1⃣ Manchester City🔹

HT Review⚽: Manchester United♦ 2⃣-0⃣ Stoke City

United♦Buzz: Fan Unrest😤, Poch to Counter Pep❓

Suarez🌟 to Face Brazil🇧🇷 on Return‼

Watch📹: Balotelli Exact Revenge😂 on Freestyler -

Ronaldinho⭐: Neymar⚡ to Madrid Impossible‼

Mou👔 Backs Infantino For FIFA Prez👔

Toure to Leave Manchester City🔹‼

Wenger👔 Reveals Secret to Treble🏆 Ambitions‼

Amartey🇬🇭 to Feature⚽ Against City🔹

Preview⚽: Leicester vs Liverpool🔴

Preview⚽: Arsenal🔫 vs Southampton

Preview⚽: Sunderland vs Manchester City🔹

Preview⚽: Manchester United♦ vs Stoke City

Argentina🇦🇷 Drop Messi💫 For Olympics‼



Florentino Perez👔 to Undergo Surgery‼

Heitinga Retires From Football‼

Klopp👔: Trust us Teixeira Decision

Pellegrini👔: I Knew About Guardiola👔

Before Saying Nonsense, Prove it❗

Messi💫 Back to His Best👌🏻 ‼

Messi💫 to Meet Young Aghan Fan👶🏻 Watch 📹:

Pellegrini👔 Explains Iheanacho Penalty⚽ Choice

Wenger: Sign Terry❓No❗ But...😳

Guardiola👔 to Replace Pellegrini👔 Next Season‼

Bundesliga Review⚽: Bayern Maintains Gap‼

Chelsea🔵 Open To Terry Stay📝 ‼

FA Cup Review⚽: Chelsea🔵 Books City Clash ‼

La Liga Review⚽: CR7⭐ Thrashes Espanyol

Ligue 1⃣ Review⚽: Ibrahimovic⭐ Runs The Show

Ramos Welcomes Neymar⚡-Madrid Rumours💬

Serie A Review⚽: Juve Wins, AC Thrash Inter ‼

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 5

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 4

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 3

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam - Shloka 2

Ganesha Pancharatnam: Mudakaratta Modakam -Shloka 1

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 8

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 7

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 6

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 5

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 4

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Verse 3

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: verse 2

Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram

🙏 Shri Ashta Vinayak Darshan -Virtual Tour Ends with visit to Moreshwar 🙏 😃

🙏 AshtaVinayak Virtual darshan- Day 8⃣ Shri MahaGanapati of Ranjangaon

🙏 Day 8⃣ Shri Maha Ganapati of Ranjangaon - History

🙏Day8⃣ Shri Maha Ganapati of Ranjangaon -Temple

Day7⃣ 🙏 Shri Vighneshwar Vinayak of Ozhar

🙏 Shri Vighneshwar of Ozhar - History

🙏 Shri Vighneshwar of Ozhar: The Temple

Day 6⃣ 🙏 Shri Girijatmaj of Lenyadri: Shlok

🙏 Shri Girijatmaj of Lenyadri - History

🙏 Shri Girijatmaj of Lenyadri: The Temple

🙏 Shri Chintamani Vinayak of Theur - Temple

Day 5 🙏 Shri Chintamani Vinayak of Theur

🙏 Shri Chintamani Vinayak of Theur - History

Day 4: 🙏 Shri Varadavinayak of Mahad : Shlok

🙏 Shri Varadavinayak of Mahad: History

🙏Shri Varadavinayak of Mahad: Temple

🙏Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali: Shlok

🙏Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali: History

🙏Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali: Temple

🙏Shri Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek: Shlok

🙏Shri Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek: History

🙏Shri Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek: Temple

🙏Moreshwar of Morgaon: Temple

🙏Moreshwar of Morgaon: History

🙏Moreshwar of Morgaon: Slokas

Virtual Pilgrimage: Overview of Ashta🙏Vinayak

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Picture submitted by DUTA User Ms.Vani (982*****32)

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Picture submitted by DUTA User Mr.D.Ashok (904*****22)

E/R🇬🇭 Ranked 3⃣rd Most Dangerous Place to Drive🚘

Man😰 Arrested For Alleged Assassination🔫 Attempt

Nana Addo👔 to Deliver Real SoNA🎙

Turkish Prez👔 to Visit Ghana🇬🇭 Today

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #LeonardoDiCaprio

On This Day🌄 29 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 29 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄: Bissextus

🐺 Tesla's ⚡Car 🔋Charger Looks Like a…

🏆Oscars 2016🏆 Winners Roundup❗️

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #AndersonSilva

On This Day🌄 28 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 28 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄: Natter

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #BattleReadyDLSU

On This Day🌄 27 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 27 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄: Internecine

🐺 Why did Khloe💋 Break Up💔 with Harden📹:

Chiefs Should Stay Away🚫 From Politics🏤

Government🏤 Release Funds💰 to Pay Teachers

Policemen👮🏻 Nabbed for Extortion💰

Prez Mahama👔 Set Tone For Re-election📥

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #GOPDebate

On This Day🌄 26 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 26 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄 : Sylvan

🐺 ISIS▪ Threatens Facebook👤 & Twitter🐦 CEOs

Reactions🤓 to SOTN Address🎙

Update📰: State of Nation Address

Update📰: State of Nation Address

Popular Tweets📱 on Prez's👔 Address

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #RailBudget2016

On This Day🌄 25 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄 : Parapraxis

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 25 Feb

Live Updates📰: State of Nation's🇬🇭 Address

🐎 Rihanna Trumps🎉 Michael Jackson 📹

GES📚 Must Prove👍🏻 Fake Cert Claims

Meningitis⚠: Death Toll Hits Triple Digits😱

Samini🎤 Declares Lyrical War😡 on Shatta‼

Samira Bawumia👩🏽: NDC is Expired😳

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #UpdateAFairyTale

On This Day🌄 24 Feb

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄 23 Feb

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄 : Supercilious

🐺 Mark Z Showcases Internet📡 Beaming Plane✈

Dr. Bawumia👔 Shreds NDC Development Claims😱

Prez Buhari👔 Appoints Blind Man😎

Teachers With Fake😳 Certificate in BNI👮🏻 Custody

Youth Employment Module Records📝 50K Applications‼

Hitler's Micro 🔍Condition Revealed!!

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄 #NationalToastDay

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

🐺 Mark Zuckerberg at Mobile📱 World🌍 Congress

Date🗓 Set For Abuakwa By-Election📥

Justin Wants Another Monkey🐒

Rihanna's 🎧"Work" Teaser 📹

Ivory Coast🇨🇮: Prison Break Ends in Disaster🔫

Major Communication📡 Stakeholders Against👎🏻 Spy Bill

Nana-Addo👔: I'm Not Election📥 Year Christian

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

🐺 Virgin Galactic🌌 Unveils New Spaceship✈

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

ADB💰 Appoints New MD👔

EC📥 Suspends🚫 Steering Committee

Hiddink👔 Lauds🙌🏻 Baba Rahman's Quality👌🏻

Prez👔: State of the Nation🇬🇭 Address📜

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

How to Land a Boeing 737✈ 📹

Half the World Will Be Short-Sighted👓 by 2050📹:

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

IRS Questions $60K Oscar Gift Bags🎁

Anthony Baffoe😎: Swansea Lost😔 Without Ayew⭐

NDC: Otabil's👔 a Threat⚡ to National Security

PNF😠: Remove❌ the EC Boss👩🏽

Soldiers👮🏻 Get Life Sentences for 🔫 Ex-Prez👔

A “Flexible”〰 Android Smartphone📱❓

Justin Beiber🎤 on His Ink!!

Kim Unhappy😠 With Kanye's🎤 Rants!!

BoG💰: No New Notes💵 Being Issued

Ghana🇬🇭 League⚽ Officially Launched🚀

Kintampo Accident🚌: Survivor's😰 Account🔊

Wisdom🙌🏻: Otabil👔 Fires Again‼

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Apple🍎 Won’t Hack its Own Phones📱

Store 360 TB on 1⃣ Inch of Glass💿

Ayariga👔: I'm 40❗ No More Jokes😂

Iran🇮🇷 to Export Oil⛽ to Ghana🇬🇭

Kanye West🎤 Replies

Kwasi Appiah😎 Nears Return💪🏻

Report: JB's Murder as it Happens

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Who Invented🔧 The Stethoscope❓

Fulani Cows🐂: E/R Police👮🏻 Issues Shoot-to-Kill🔫

Nation's🇬🇭 Wembley⚽ to Undergo Rehabilitation🔧

Prices💰 of Foodstuffs🌽 to Shoot up⬆

Wisa's😎 Back With Another 'Erotic'👙 Performance🎤 -

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Andy 6.0 Update📡 for Galaxy S6 📱

Music Video Shot in Zero Gravity✈‼📹

Abraham Attah🇬🇭 to Host Oscars🎉

Child Abuse👶🏻: Anas👀 Goes Undercover Again‼

💀Creepy GoT Teaser: Everyone Dead❓📹:

Nana-Addo👔: Intercede🙏🏻 for me

Video📹: JB's Killer 🔪Deny Entering House🏠 -

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

Zuckerberg Invests 💲1⃣ bn Into Kanye⁉

Poll Results : ❤How Would You Celebrate Valentine’s Day❓❤

#⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

On This Day🌄

📷 Photo of the Day 🌄

🔠 Word of The Day 🌄

13 Feb 2016: #⃣Hashtag of The Day🌄

13 Feb 2016: 📷Photo of the Day🌄

13 Feb 2016: 🔠Word of The Day🌄

13 Feb 2016: On this day🌄

JB's👔 Killer🔪 Arrested

Supreme Court🏤 Throws Woyome💰 Case Out‼

UK🇬🇧 Murder Suspect😔 Extradited

Unemployment: Cause of Murder🔪 Cases

Kanye Drops Album😍 and Fashion Line✌️

Dilemma😕 for Google's Self-Driving Car🚗

The Science🔬 Behind Yawning😝

Boko Haram💣 Strikes Again‼ 56 Dead😔

Ghana🇬🇭 to Play England🇽🇪 Again‼

Why Was Justin Bieber Killed❓

Kennedy Agyapong👔: I've Ceased Fire🔥

Police👮🏼 Mistakenly Gun🔫 Down 2⃣ Brothers

Prez Mahama👔: I'll Commit Murder😳 if...

Cellphone📱 Revolution in Africa🌍

Becca🎤 Opens up on Bisa Kdei🎤 Relationship😍

'Despite Group'📻📺 Apologizes🙏🏻 to Kenedy Agyapong

GWCL Cries😭 Over Downward Review💰

Beyonce’s Pregnancy Rumours Slammed👊📹:

Shatta🎤 Donates to Police Hospital🏨

Nigerian Start-up AIG Raises 💲83 M💰

Akufo-Addo👔 Appeals to Krobos📥

Cwesi Oteng🎤 Backs Obinim🐍

Dery😰: Investigate🔎 Anas

Government🏤 to Borrow GH¢6,030bn💰‼

Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance 🎤💃

'The Jungle🌳 Book📗’ Trailer 🎥:

Apple Watch⌚ “Summons” a Tesla 📹:

Update: NPP🐘 MP Murdered‼

Zuckerberg Disappointed😔 But Hopeful

Anglogold Ashanti PRO Run over🚚‼

Another Ghanaian ISIS💣 Member Identified‼

Ghanaian🇬🇭 Recognised at Entrepreneurial Awards🏆

Islamic Extremists💣 Release Australian🇦🇺 Hostage

Get A Job💼 Via WhatsApp❗

🏈Superbowl HT🎵Show: 👀 Coldplay, Beyonce & Bruno Mars 📹:

Agogo Farmers Armed🔫 For Battle‼

Dada KD Legalize Marijuana🚬 in Ghana❗️ 📹:

Government Release 💰 GH¢200K to Fight Meningitis⚠

Prez👔 Presents Presents Vehicles🚔 to Security👮🏽 Agencies

Prez's👔 Son Sign📝 For Belgium Club⚽

Selena “Can’t Do It Anymore”❔

GoT👑 Pilot Was a “Piece of 💩"

3⃣ iPhone 7 📱📱📱For 2016❓

Zuckerberg Shares Zika👾 Awareness Post📹t:

De Klerk👔 to Face Racism Charges‼

Prez Mahama👔 Appoints New Prisons Director‼

Renzi🇮🇹: Africa Must Help in Immigration Crisis‼

Sarkodie🎤 Responds to NDC Campaign Deal💰 💬

Tigo📡 Scores Big With E-Library💻

CPP🐔 Vote Greenstreet as Presidential Candidate👔

Fares💰 Hiked by 15% ‼

Nana Addo: 👔Mahama Must Go ‼

Reggie's🎤 Sexting Scandal😱 ‼

G👀gle’s Top Secret Project: Skybender

New Concept Aircraft✈:🇬🇧to🇺🇸 in 11 Minutes❕

Bieber's Surprise Gig 🎤

SAG Awards 2016 Winners ❗

Boko Haram▪: 86 Dead, Children Burnt🔥 Alive😱

ISIS: “Lion’s Share” of Attacks in 🇬🇧UK

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Punjabi Version

English Version

Leo & Kate at the Oscars Together😍

Spoof Video📹 aimed🎯 at #OscarSoWhite❗️📹

Leo's Award Winning Speech😍📢

Oscars Round-up🏆

Caitlyn Jenner's new MAC Lipstick💄

🐺 Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Divorce💔 Revealed

🐺 2016 Brit Awards🇬🇧🏆 – Highlights

🐺 George R.R. Martin😈 Reveals A GoT👑 Twist😳

Priyanka💃 To Chat with Jimmy Fallon📺🎙

Melisandre Attends Baby👶Shower😂

Teigen Choose to Have a Girl🎀 During IVF💖

🐺 Priyanka as a Non-White Female💁🏽 in H-wood

🐺 Irrfan Khan Completes 🔟Years in 🎥H-wood

🐺 Adam Levine's🎤 Mythological Tattoo

🐺 Game of Thrones👑: Everyone Dies (Kidding👻)

🐺 Kylie Wearing An 🇮🇳 Designer Outfit❕

🐺 Britain's 🇬🇧 Royal Staff Threaten to Strike✊

🐎 Co-Star⭐ Calls Will Smith an A-Hole😱 ❗

🐎 In Pics📷: 'Captain America🇺🇸: Civil War'

First Look👀 of Baywatch👙

Demi Lovato's🎤 Take on Taylor Swift's Donation💸

Kim Reveals Saint West to the World👶

🐺 Gigi Hadid Fans Not Happy👎 With Vogue🇨🇳

Madonna🎤 Reaches Out To Her Son👦!!

H-Wood Makeup Artist Obsessed❤️ With PeeCee

GoT Writer Defends Sansa's Rape Scene❗️

John Lennon's Hair Sold at $35K💰

Kim Makes Millions💰 Through Her Video Game🎮

Priyanka With Her 🎥"Baywatch" Squad🙌

Angelina Jolie's💃🏻 Epiphany About Her Son

Who is Kanye West🎼 Bigger Than❓

Rihanna Falls Sick😨Before Grammy

Carpool🚗 Karaoke🎧 With Justin Beiber🎤!!📹:

McCartney🎤 "Not VIP Enough" For After Party🎉?

Natalie Cole🎤 Tribute ”DISRESPECTFUL”

Harington & Leslie are Perfect for Each other❤️

Stars🌟 & Sexuality👫👬👭

5⃣Facts About Vin Diesel❗️

Gods of Egypt Latest Trailer🎞

Gunfire🔫 Linked to Beyonce's Performance💃🏻

The Jungle🐅 Book🎞 To Release Early In 🇮🇳

Priyanka Chopra's💃🏻🌟 Baywatch👙 Debut

Deadpool😈 Breaks the Box-Office 👊Wall

🌈2016 Grammys📀: David Bowie Returns

🎼Grammy Awards🏆 Highlights🎉

🎼Taylor Swift🎤 Swings Back at Kanye

Priyanka Shoots in -20 Dregees😨

DiCaprio😏 Wins BAFTA🎭 Best Actor

PeeCee's Picture Perfect Moment📷

Rob's Love❤️ for Blac Chyna❗️

Watch👀 this Tabla Cover for Calvin Harris' Song🎧

Kim Selected Kanye's Butt🍑 Model💃

Grammys🎤 2016 Primer: What to Expect

GoT’s👑 Teaser for S06 Teaser (Teaseception)📹:

Justni Bieber😍 on GQ Cover

29 Celebrities😎 Recite Bieber’s “Sorry"📹:

🎥"Deadpool" Cleaned Up by Censor Board👀

Khloe and Lamar are Back Together👫❓

Elvis, Picasso & Chaplin Are of Indian🇮🇳 Origin😳

Beyonce Chooses Indian🇮🇳 Designers❗️

A Throne💺 of Deadpools & His Wife in Hand🖐🏻

Rob and Blac Engaged💍❓

'Game of Thrones👑' Road Painted🎨 by Mistake

Harry Potter’s⚡ Back⁉

Kim Kardashian’s Tampon😜 Valentine Kimoji⁉

Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Kissed💋❗

DMX Almost Died😳

Turban: Sikh Hollywood Actor 🚫 From ✈ ❗

Kanye's YEEZY Shoes to release on Feb 19❓

Hugh Jackman Treated For Skin Cancer😷

Rob Supports His Girlfriend ❤️

Beyonce Drops a New Music Video 🎧

Ghostbusters🚫👻 in LEGO (No Ectoplasm Included)📹

Michael Jackson’s Daughter In AA🍺

Bieber’s Got a New PUPPEH🐶‼

Sheen’s HIV Cured From Goat Milk🍼😕❔

Barbie isn’t White & Blonde Anymore🙎🏼

Prince 👑 Harry❤️ Juliette❓

Rebel Wilson's Valentine Video📹 for Justin❤️

Emilia & Sam in "Me Before you" ❤️

Playboy's 1⃣st "Non-Nude" Issue ❓

Priyanka's Net Worth Soars⬆️💰

Zayn & Gigi's Famous Connection 👫

Tyga Cheating on Kylie Jenner😳⁉

Why The Fuss About Coldplay's 📹Video❓

David Bowie’s Gaga👻 Grammy🎤 Tribute

Jackie Chan to Romance❤️Disha Patani❓

Kim K & Amber Rose: “Tea☕ anyone❔”

Sansa Stark🐺 Says Season 6⃣ is Superb❗ (Tongue-Twister)

Kit Harington ❤️ Rose Leslie❓

With ❤️ From Priyanka‼️

🌎 🔝Chef Benoit Violier Found Dead😔

Look Hot 🔥 For a Good Cause❗

GoT Season 6⃣ Almost Killed Whom😳❓

🐎 Agra On The Boil😡 Over VHP Leader's Murder

🐎 Govind Pansare Murder: HC🏤 Wants Faster Probe🔍

🐎 Kerala Polls📊: Who Will Lead Congress, CPIM ❓

🐎 Woman👩 With Severed Girl's Head😱 Arrested 📹

🐎 Petition Against Delhi Police👮 Chief ❌Dismissed

🐎 Sensex Down📉, ⛽Petrol Prices ⬇, Diesel ⬆

🐎 Village Girl Bags NASA🚀 Scholarship🎉

🐎 World TT🏓: 🇮🇳 Advance👏 To Round 3⃣

Karishma💃 Files Case Against Husband & Mother-in-Law

🐺 Why Does 🇮🇳 Need a Film on a 🌈Gay Teacher❔

🐺 ‘Soni Sori Plot’ JNU🏤 Umar Khalid Speech💬

🐺 2015’s Budget💰 Funds Still Unspent😐

🐺 Rahul, Kejriwal Booked📔 For Sedition😑

🐺 G K Pillai: Chidambaram Dropped Ishrat’s LeT☠ link

🐺 Wedding Boat⛴ Carrying 60 Capsizes, 1⃣ Drowned

🐺 Thane Killer👪🔪 Liked Crime Shows

🐎 Man Massacres🔪 14 Family😱Members ‼

🐎 3⃣ 🇮🇳 Beaches🏖 Among Asia's Best

🐎 🇺🇸 to Hold Strategic Talks💬 With 🇵🇰

🐎 Woman👩 Raped, Filmed📹 by Batchmates

🐎 Olympic Mark: A Record 7️⃣🇮🇳 Walkers🚶Qualify🎉

💬Whatsapp: To End 🚫 Support for Blackberry,📱Nokia & More

🐎 Congress Attacks💥 Subramanian Swamy's 🚗 Car

🐎 Congress To Fight😠 BJP's 'Nationalism'

🐎 JNU Row💥: 'Sleeping😴' Cops👮 Queried On Court Violence

🐎 Mamata👩 Dares Left, Congress😏 To Forge Ties

🐎 Minor Dalit👧 Raped😱 and Set Alight🔥

🐎 PKL🏆: Delhi and Jaipur in Thrilling👏 Tie

🐎 Economic Survey Favours👍 GM Crops🌾

Pakistan Bans🚫 Neerja🎞✈!!

Economic Survey📑 2016

Asia Cup🏆: Psychological Battles⚔ Begin!!

Union Budget📊 2016: CRY Seeks More Funding for Children👦👧

🐎 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰: Sania's Divided Loyalties😳

Aki's Ab Workouts🏋Revealed

🐺 Police👮🏼 Omit❌ Rohith’s Medical Exam in Report

🐺 Railways🚋 Wash Blankets Once in 2⃣ Months😤

🐺 🇮🇳 Can’t Trust Pak🇵🇰 & Vacate Siachen🗻

🐺 President Calls for Revision🔁 of IPC📜

🐺 Chinese🇨🇳 Ships⛴ in Andaman Waters

🐎 4⃣th Pro Bout👊 For Unbeaten Vijender

🐎 🇬🇧British Royalty👑 To Visit 🇮🇳

🐎 JNU Row: Not Sedition😳, says Chidambaram

🐎 Rohith's Kin Accuses😱 Smriti👩 of 'Lies'

🐎 Siachen Hero's🏔 Wife Wants Daughter👏 to Join Army

🐎 Women Cops👮 To Probe🔍 Murthal Rapes

🐎 Zika Causes Death😱 ⁉

Budget 2016📊 - Industry Wishlist💫 Part1⃣

Budget 2016📊 - Industry Wishlist💫 Part2⃣

Movie🎞 Reviews of the Week!!

Poll Results : 🐺 Poll: Conservative BJP vs Naughty JNU❓

Poll Results📊: 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016 - Substantial or Show-Off ❓

Railway Budget🚂📊 - The Tradition

🐺 Delhi🌆 Water💧 Crisis⚠ – Update

🐺 Sanjay Loves 🇮🇳, Not Lost his Humour👍

🐺 Vijay Mallya Quits USL for 💲75 M💰

🐺 Women🙋🏻 to be Inducted into Combat💂 Roles

🐺 18 🇮🇳Fishermen Caught by Pak🇵🇰

🐺 3,000 Condoms👙 Info From WhatsApp💬📹:

🐎 China 🇨🇳 Postures for 🌊 South China Sea

🐎 IS 💣Bombs: 'Make in 🇮🇳'❓

🐎 Forbes Promising💫 Leaders: Saina, Sania, Kohli 👍

🐎 Mid-Day Meal🍱: 250 Children👦Sick❗️

🐎 Army Camp Attacker 💀 Held ❗

🐎 ₹Rupee Hits 30-Month 😱 Low

🐎 Smriti Irani's👩 Fiery 🔥 JNU Speech

Bill Gates: The Urgency for Clean💡Energy

🌈Gay Arranged Marriages In 🇮🇳?

🐺 Sanjay Dutt😛, Munnabhai is Finally 🆓

Union Budget📊 : Fiscal Improvements

🐎 🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: Round Up ❗

🚄Rail 💰Budget 2016: 🐦Reactions💬

🐺 Smriti Irani’s Strong😠 Statements

🐺 🔟 Women Raped During Jat 💥Riots⁉

🐺 SC🏤: Restrictions⛔ on Dance Bars are Absurd

🐺 ➕30% Lawyers Have Fake📜Degrees❗️

🐺 37 Countries🌐 Added to E-tourist Visa🎫 List

🐺 Delhi🌆 Tanker Water💧 Supply Insufficient

🐎 Boxing👊: Vikas Krishnan Goes Pro 👍

🐎 PAK Boat🚤 With Weapons🔫 Found

🐎 JNU Row: Sparks Fly🔥 in Lok Sabha

🐎 Nepal Air✈ Crash😱: 23 Dead

🐎 Cancer: Johnson & Johnson to 💰Pay $72m😳

🐎 PIL To Block🚫 Sanjay Dutt's⭐ Release

🐎 Tough 🚈Rail 💰Budget On The Cards

Budget📊 2016: Defense Expense Hike⬆ By 9⃣%

Budget📊 2016: Funds for Social Security💳 Card❓

Union Budget📊 : Return of Crude Oil Customs❓

Raveena Tandon - Highest Paid Actress⭐ on TV📺💰

🐺 Salman Khan’s💪 Life in Danger😳❗

🐺 A Fortnight of Low Water Supply for Delhi🌆

🐺 Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassin💣 Gets 1⃣ Day Parole

🐺 Trump: 🇮🇳 is Stealing US🇺🇸 Jobs

🐺 🇮🇳 Has Bad👎 2015 Human Rights Record

🐺 ISIS▪ Kills Hinduॐ Priest🙏 in Bangladesh

🐺 Institutions🏤 Converted to “War💥Zones”❓

🐺 JNU🏤 Students🙇🏻 Surrender at Midnight

🐎 Asian Meets: 🇮🇳 Wrestlers & Athletes Shine✨

🐎 B-Wood ⭐ Dilip Kumar Acquitted❗

🐎 HC Asks JNU Students to Surrender😯‼

🐎 INS Viraat: From Warship🚢 to Luxury Hotel🏨

🐎 Jat Protests✊: Haryana CM Summoned to Delhi

🐎 🇮🇳's Nuke Sub Ready For Ops

🐎 South China Sea🌊 Not Hawaii, 🇺🇸US Warns 🇨🇳China

Budget📊 2016 : Finance Ministry to Go Green🌿

Budget📊 2016 : Pre-Budget Address 📹 :

Interesting Facts About Budgets📊 in History

Don 3⃣ is Confirmed💥

🐺 Delhi🌆 Won’t Have Water for 4⃣ Days

🐺 Khalid’s Family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Threatened After JNU row

🐺 Ex-Congress✋ CM’s Aide Heard Inciting Jat Violence💥

🐺 🇮🇳 Gives 💲1⃣M in Aid to Fiji After Cylone

🐺 J&K Encounter🔫 Ends, 3⃣ Terrorists Killed

Sanjay Dutt to be Released on Thursday❗️

🐎 Jats Call Off Protests👍

🐎 J&K Encounter💥 Ends, 3⃣ Militants💀 Killed ❗

🐎 Punjab Warriors Win HIL🏆 🎉

🐎 Rail🚈 Budget: What to Expect ❓

🐎 Water Crisis💧: SC🏤 Raps Kejri Govt ❗

🐎 Wife's Fake Letter✉: Husband Gets Divorce 😳

Advantage⬆ Start-ups in Union Budget📊 2016??

Budget 📊 2016: Hoping🙂 To Hit The Sweet🍭 Spot! 📹:

Insurance for Senior Citizens👵👴 - Budget 2016??📊

🐎 Sait Nagjee🏆: Dnipro Win 🇮🇳 Tourney✌ ❗

Priyanka Like to Play Strong Female Characters🙌

Girls Banned🚫 from Using Cell 📱❓

Martyr Pawan Kumar’s Last Message💌

BJP🔸 Will Introduce Jat-OBC Bill📄

ISIS▪ Blast💥 Kills +140 in Syria

Urdu Cause of Political Tensions in Pak🇵🇰

5⃣ Year High Growth Rate📈 For 🇮🇳 👏

IIM-Calcutta🏫: 100% Placement in 3⃣ Days 👏

🇮🇳 & Nepal Sign✍ 9⃣ Accords 🎉

Non-bailable Warrant😳 Against Musharraf ❗

Pampore💥: Encounter Still On, 6⃣ Killed 😱

Snowden Ready to Return to USA🇺🇸 ❗

TN: Personal Pics📷 Leaked, Dairy & Milk Minister Sacked 🙆

Breaking 📰: Delhi Water💧Crisis: Schools to Close

Badminton: 🇮🇳 Reach Semis, China Ousted ❗

Chatrapathi Shivaji👑 Not Celebrated🎉 Enough ??

ISRO's Cryogenic Engine🚀Test Successful 👍

Congress Rebel✊ Takes Over as CM of Arunachal❗

New Chairman👔 for GST Committee👥

Modi Actively Involved👏 in Budget 2016💰 ❗

USA Imposes Sanctions🚫 on N-Korea ‼

BREAKING📰: Terror Attack💥 in Srinagar, Encounter Ongoing😳

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About Neerja Bhanot ❗

Poll Results : Relationships❤️ Between Younger Men & Older Women❓

The World Loses 2⃣Amazing Authors✍

Poll Results : Priyanka, Deepika, Kat, Anushka- Who is the Most Intelligent❓

Kanhaiya’s Assault Planned, Video Doctored🔧

Akshay Kuma👍r All For Hoisting Tricolour🇮🇳

Saudi & Iraq Increase📈 Oil Sales to 🇮🇳

Violence😡 Continues in Haryana

American F-16's✈ To Be Made in 🇮🇳 ‼

Badminton: 🇮🇳 Stuns😳 China 👏

Minister's Car Set Alight🔥, 1⃣ Killed 😱

Pathankot💥: PAK Lodges FIR, JeM Omitted🙆

SC Transfers➡ Kanhaiya's Bail Plea🙏 to HC 😳

Trump😠 Slams 'Pope✝' ❗

BREAKING💥: President's Rule Lifted in Arunachal 👍

5⃣ Facts About Katrina Kaif ❗️

SKYNET Killing🔫 Innocents by the 1000s

JNU🏤 Students Ordered to Vacate Rooms

“Metro Man” Says 🇮🇳Unready for Bullet Train

Smriti to Fly Tricolour🇮🇳 in Universities

CPI(M)🔴 Announced Pact With Congress✋

5⃣ Fascinating Facts About Hrithik🌟

Cabinet Clears✅ G-Wave🌊 Observatory🔭

Groom Killed in Celebratory Gun Fire💥🔫 ‼

HIL: Delhi Enter Semis 👏

IPS Officer👮 Found Hanging in Chennai😳

North Korea To Attack💥 South Korea ⁉

Scared😱JNU Leader Asks SC🏤 For Bail ❗

RK Pachauri Threatened😡 to Castrate✂ Colleague's BF 😱

Nike✅ Fires 🔥Manny Pacquiao For Anti-Gay Comments!!

☀️Sunny: 5️⃣Surprising Facts❗️

Sensex Up🔺 Over 200 Points, Nifty Below 7,200❕

Pope Francis Yells😝 At Mexicans https📹:

US🇺🇸 to Invest ₹1.85 lakh cr in 🇮🇳

Hanuman🐒 to Appear in Bihar Court⁉

Police Commissioner👮🏼 Afraid of Lawyers❓

Turkey Bomb💣: 28 Dead😳

2.2K Corrupt😈 Officials Identified

5⃣ Facts About Anushka❗

Badminton: 🇮🇳 Smashes💥 Singapore 👏

🇨🇳China Sets up Missiles🚀 on Contested island 😱

Coming 🔜: Made in 🇮🇳 Fighter Jets✈

Lawyers Proud of Assaulting👊 JNU Student🎓 😱

Massive 404 Carat Diamond💍 Found😱

⛽Petrol Prices Cut⬇, Diesel Hiked⬆ ❗

Fitoor Fails at Box Office👎

Ex-UN🌐 Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali Dies💐

PO📮 Schemes Interest Rate Cut✂, PF Hiked to 8.8%

Sensitising Public Against Sikh👳🏽 Jokes

Human Error Caused German Train Crash🚋💥🚋

Vodafone: Where’s Make in 🇮🇳 Now❓

Sensex & Nifty Down, Banking Stocks Drop📉

4⃣ Rebels Killed Near Arunachal Border😯

By-Polls: Huge Win✌ for BJP🔶 & Allies

Karnataka CM's 💰 Watch⏱ is BJP's🔶 Ace❗

Odd-Even🚗 v2: Free Bike🏍 Rides for Delhiites😄

SAG: 🇮🇳 🔝 With 308 Medals 🎉

Wife's Consent😅 for Viagra💊 Use ⁉

JNU Professor👓 Arrested, New Video📹 Emerges:

Swachh Bharat🇮🇳 Survey Results

Drug💊 Filled Bras “Busted”👙

Pak🇵🇰 Sindh Adopts Hinduॐ Marriage Bill

💲💲💲Flying Out of China🇨🇳

Peoples Court🏣 to Decide on Euthanasia

🇮🇳-American 👉 🇺🇸Supreme Court 😯

Bihar Crimes🔪: NDA Seeks Governor Help🙏

Bodies of Siachen🏔 Soldiers ✈ To Delhi ❗

J&K: All Eyes👀 On Mehbooba ❗

Married Man👨 Killed by Teen 'Girlfriend's' Kin😱

Pens✍ to Fight Intolerance ⁉

PKL💪: Paltans Pip Bulls 👏

Indonesia blocks gay emoji

VHP Activists Pelt Stones at SRK's🚘

TERI Saves Reputation, Appoints New Boss👔

Kashmir Infiltration Reduced to a “Trickle”💧

AAP Celebrates🎉 First Anniversary

JNU President Goes to Court🏤

BREAKING💥: Massive Fire🔥 at 'Make in 🇮🇳' Event 😱

Kupwara 🔫 Battle: 2 Army & 5 👿Terrorists Killed

Afzal Guru Event: 8⃣ JNU Students🎓 Arrested ❗

Army Drive: 1500+ Turn Up Doped💉 😱

Delhi🌆: No Official✋ Statehood Demand 😕

Kidnapped Snapdeal🛍 Employee Safe😌

'Make in 🇮🇳 Week' Launched🚀 in Mumbai 👏

Portugal ❌ Extradition of Khalistan Terrorist💀

Anushka's Wrestling Scenes💪

Kat's Breach of Space❗️

Congress✋ Allies With DMK🌅

Inflation @ 17 Month High📈

Confirmed: ISI Training Terrorists☠

Two Bihar BJP🔸 Leaders Killed🔫

Jaitley Afraid to Raise Spending💰

Pak🇵🇰 Army Arrests 💯 Terrorists‼

🇺🇸US Arguing F-16 Sale to Pak🇵🇰

SC🏤: Sonia and Rahul to Face Trial

3⃣ Day 👨👩'Gender Mela' @ Delhi University

HAL to Roll Out Combat ✈ in 2017 👍

Headley day 4️⃣: BARC, Mumbai Airport✈ Were 🎯 Targets😳

L/Nk Hanumanthappa: Defiant😤 Even in Death 👍

Muslim Girl👧 🔝 Ramayana Exam😳 👏

Sonebhadra - Hot Bed of 🇮🇳 Archery🎯

Bikes😍 Launching🚀 In March👀

Movie Reviews for The Week ❗

🌆Odd/Even🚗 Returns From 15-30 April

SC🏤 to Hear Gandhis Plea in Herald📰 Case

🏦Rajan: Report Liquidity Drain in Advance

Woman Cuts Off🔪 Brother-in-Law’s Genitals😱

Kidnapped Snapdeal👌 Executive Now Safe❗

Japan🇯🇵 Bringing Asian Markets Down

Coca-Cola Closes 3⃣ Plants in 🇮🇳 ❗

Headley🔈: Ishrat Jahan a LeT Operative💀 ‼

Leopard🐆 Scare Grips😨 Bengaluru ❗

Pro Afzal Guru😯, Anti 🇮🇳 Slogans✊ at JNU

SAG🏆: 🇮🇳 'Squashes' 🇵🇰 😉

Dancing Jailer😅 Suspended⛔ 📹

UK Daily📰 Terms 'Mumbai🌆' Hindu Nationalistic😱

🌈1⃣st Transgender on Men’s Health💪 Magazine

Victim's Family Challenges Salman💪 Verdict😶

FIR Filed Against👊 "Mastizaade"🎥 Actors

Siachen🗻 Avalanche Survivor Passes Away💐

Siachen🗻 Survivor’s Condition Worsens

David Headley👿 Has More to Say

Teacher Brutally Kills Schoolboy😳

🇮🇳 to Store UAE’s🇦🇪 Oil

Second Woman Against Pachauri😡

CBSE Viva💬: Students Made to Sing🎤 & Dance💃 ‼

Commerce Head 💵 Leaves Flipkart🛍

Fog🌫: 30 Car🚗 Pile-up, 4⃣ Dead 😱

🏤IITian Who Fed🍱 a Million Children👏

RaGa🔈: Stop Fighting👊 Kerala😠

Tharoor Wants Women👩 at Sabarimala🙏

Siachen🏔 Soldier: 👩 Willing to Donate Kidney👏

Another Leopard Spotted in B’lore School😳

🌈🚫Stop Stereotyping Gay Men❕

Kajol Appointed to Prasar Bharti Board🙌

Pak🇵🇰 Finally Approves Hindu🕉 Marriage Bill

Busted❗️AAP Demands 💰 Bribe📹:

Public Sector Banks🏦 Suffer From Bad Loans💰

Meet the Leader of ISIS▪ India

Delhi HC🏤: Why Ban Nirbhaya Documentary❓📹:

Headley Day 3⃣ Cancelled🚫 Due to Video Glitch

Siachen Glacier🗻 Soldier Comatose & Critical⚠

AAP Funded by NRI Money💰 😳

Govt Strives to Prevent🚫 Zika ❗

ISI Supports👍 PAK Terrorists💀 ‼

USA🇺🇸 to Quit❌ Olympics Over Zika😱

Kat's Indirect Dig at Deepika & Priyanka 👊

Jihadi John's 🇬🇧'Beatles' Terror☠ Gang

🇺🇸FDA Rejected 13,000 🇮🇳Products in 5⃣yrs

🇮🇳-Nepal Border Blockade🚫 Ends

Meteorite☄ Kills Tamil Nadu Bus Driver❗

TERI🔅 Promotes👍 Pachauri Despite Sexual Assault

Siachen🗻 Avalanche: 1⃣ Survivor Found❕

8⃣ Yr Old👦 Killed in 'Celebratory' Gunfire🔫 😱

Pathankot: How Many Terrorists Killed😲 ❓

Punjab: AAP Leaders👥 to Join Congress😳

SAG: 🇮🇳 Archers🎯 Reign Supreme✌

Tharoor🔈: Make in 🇮🇳, Don't Hate in 🇮🇳 ❗

Youth Icon✨: Snake Catcher🐍 Vava Suresh Honoured 👏

Facebook 🆓 Basics 🚫 in 🇮🇳❗️

BREAKING📰: 🇮🇳 Posts 7.3% GDP⬆ for 2015 Q4 👏

Box Office Earnings 💰💰

🌈Transgender Persons Bill📜 Redrafted

Priyanka' Marvel Superhero 👊

Watch the Making of "Neerja" 🎥

BREAKING: Terrorist💀 David Headley Reveals All

Congress✋ Posts National Herald📰 FAQs

ISIS’s▪ Indian🇮🇳 Hostages Alive

Tax Benefits💰 For Leather & Jewellery🔱

Marketing & Finance: Highest📈 Offers at IIM-L

Leopard in Bengaluru school🏫, 6 Injured📹

9⃣ Lakh Sex👄 Workers in 🇮🇳 ⁉

BSF Guns🔫 Down 4⃣ Drug Smugglers

Concern ⬆ as N.Korea Test-fires Rocket🚀

Olympics 1⃣st, TV📺 Shows Later, 🔈 Sushil Kumar

🇺🇸 Prisoner Abuse: Incriminating Pics📷 Declassified❗

Revealed: Frivolous Queries😅 Undermines RTI Act😠

BREAKING💥: Padma Awards🏆 for Rajnikanth, Sania Mirza, Ambani 🎉

First 20 Smart💡 Cities🌆 to Be Announced

Ronaldinho⚽ Escapes Accident🚗 in Kerala 😱

UFO Shot Down🔫 in Rajasthan😳

Virat 💔 Anushka ❓

WhatsApp💬 Goes Down Globally🌍

Delhi🌆 Auto Expo Showcases B-Town 🚗

Salman’s Acquittal ‘Perverse’😦❓

UK🇬🇧 Rejects UN🌐 Ruling on Assange📹

TRS🚕 Win Hyderabad Municipal Elections n2

Senior Citizens👴🏽👵🏽 Railway Discount to End❓

Most Air Polluted City is Not Delhi🌆

Tanzanian Woman’s Assault: 9⃣ Arrested

First Juvenile Rapist Tried As Adult😯

Bus🚌 Falls into Gujarat River, 37 Dead😱

BREAKING💥: 5.2 mag Earthquake Hits Nepal😱

Diabetes❓ Medicine💊 for Just ₹5⃣ 😲

Illegal Foreign Students🎓: Karnataka Must Act ❗

🇮🇳's 1⃣st Underwater🌊 Restaurant Closed🚫

Unfulfilled Promise: Student👧 Sues College🏫 😳

Movie Reviews for The Week ❗

SRK Paid 💰Distributors Back For 🎥"Dilwale"❓

Jet Crew 🚫For Sonu's Mid-Air✈️ Concert❗️

Juvey Kills😡 to Enter Dance Show⁉

Visa Problems Between 🇵🇰&🇮🇳

90 Ships⛴ Participate in Naval🌊 Parade

PM Nehru Supported👍 Treasure Looters😳

🇮🇳to 🇵🇰: “Rein In Terrorist💀 Hafiz Saeed”

26/11💥 Mastermind's Warning to 🇮🇳 ❗

Extraordinary Tale of a 👩 Sarpanch 😳

Petrol⛽ Costlier Than Aviation Fuel✈ 😅

TN Flood🌊: Response Too Slow⁉️

Sexual Assault👄: Team-mates Incriminate Sardar ⁉

UN🌐 to Rule in Assange's Favour ❓

World bank🏦 Expert to Lead Swachh Bharat 👏

Malaika and Arbaaz Getting Divorced 💔❓

Protests 👊 Against Sunny's "Mastizaade" 🎥

Somalia Plane✈ Explosion💥

Ranjath: Most Terror Attacks From Pak🇵🇰

1 in 5 Lung Cancer Patients Non-Smokers😕

Kejriwal: ₹551cr💰to Fix Delhi’s Mess😠

😡Bengaluru Hate Crime: Suspects in Hiding

Zika Vaccine💉 Developed in 🇮🇳❗

Anupam Kher Denies✋ VISA Offer😏

Racism😳: Tanzanian Woman Stripped, Beaten👎

Beware⚠❗ Sex👄 Transmits Zika Virus😳

First 👩 CEO for 🇮🇳 IT Major🎉

🇮🇳 Hockey ⭐ Accused of Sexual👄 Harassment ‼

RBI🏛 Eases Startup Norms👏

Sonia Leads Tributes💐 for Balram Jakhar

Woman👩 Throws Flower Pot💐 at Modi😱

Siachen🗻 Avalanche: 🔟 Soldiers Missing

"Mastizaade" 👎 At the Box Office 💰

Hema Malini: I Haven’t❌ Grabbed✊ Land

🇺🇸Obama: Pak🇵🇰 Will Remain Unstable

Avoid Zika👾 Prone Nations

Dawood Ibrahim on UK🇬🇧 Sanctions🚫💰 List

Crime Against Women👩: Delhi Commissioner Summoned✋

Maneka: 😱Compulsory👶Sex Determination❓

NCP Cries Foul😤 Over Leader's Arrest⛓

No🚫PAK Visa for Anupam Kher⁉️

💥Pathankot: ISI Spy🕵 Arrested😱

Pro Kabaddi🏆: Patna Stun Jaipur👏

SC🏤 Reopens Gay🌈 Sex Debate

🌈Will Supreme Court Lift Ban🚫 on Gay Sex?

SRK to Quit 🚫 All Social Media Platforms❓

4⃣ Postal Officials Arrested For Treason😨

Kabul Suicide Bombing💣: 20 Killed💥

🚨Zika Virus👾 Declared Global Emergency🚨

14 Students🙇🏻 Drown In Arabian Sea, 1⃣ Missing.

Saudi Prince👑 to Hunt Endangered Bird🐦

Mehbooba Mufti🙍🏻 to Meet J&K Governor

Priyanka Will Present at the Oscars 👏

Heritage City: Ahmedabad🌇 Beats Delhi🌆😱

K Srikanth Wins👏 Syed Modi GP Gold🏆

Malala👧 Trumps Trump ‼

Mumbai🌆 Air: Injurious to Health🚫

Teen👦 Run-over🚈 While Clicking📸 Selfie 😱

🇷🇺 Wants Stronger Ties with 🇮🇳 ⁉

'Saas'👩 Comes to 'Hockey-Mom's' Rescue👏

🇬🇧British-Indian🇮🇳 Man Rapes Transvestite😱

"Fitoor" different from the Novel ❓

Delhi HC🏤OKs Female ‘Karta'👍

DU Requires ➕💯% For Top Grade❕

Set Fire🔥 to Train🚃, Get BC Status❓

Sikh👳🏼 Regiment Missing From R-Day🇮🇳 Parade❓

⭐ஸ்மித் எதிர்நோக்கும் T20 உலககோப்பை🏆 மற்றும் ஆஷஸ்🏆

" 'பிட்ச்'சா இது" கோபப்பட்ட 😎தோனி😠

ஆக்ரோஷமாக 🔴பந்து வீசிய அமீரை பாராட்டிய ⭐கோலி

⭐ரோஹித் ஷர்மா காயமா ⁉

🇮🇳இந்தியா- பாகிஸ்தான்:- 5⃣ முக்கிய நிகழ்வுகள்👏

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆 : இலங்கையை வீழ்த்தியது வங்காளதேசம்😲

யுவராஜை பற்றிய படம் விரைவில்👏

⭐அமிதாப் பச்சனுக்கு, ⭐கெயிலின் அன்பு பரிசு🎁

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- நாளை இலங்கையுடன் மோதும் வங்காளதேசம்

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- பாகிஸ்தானை வீழ்த்தியது இந்தியா🎉

⭐கோலியின் பாக். ரசிகருக்கு ஜாமீன்👍

சென்னைக்காக மீண்டும் 'விசில் போடு'👍

⭐சானியா மிர்சா 😕 🇮🇳இந்தியாவா❓ பாகிஸ்தானா❓

⭐ரோஹித் - ⭐அப்ரிடி: போட்டி தொடங்கும் முன்னே சூடு🔥 பிடித்தது😳.

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- நாளை 🇮🇳இந்திய-பாகிஸ்தான் போட்டி😱

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆- வங்காளதேசம் அணி வெற்றி🎉

ஆஸ்திரேலிய 📺😍ரசிகர்களை ஏமாற்றிய T20 உலக கோப்பை🏆

🔴 மலிங்கா ஓய்வு பெறுகிறாரா❓ 😳

ரஞ்சி கோப்பை🏆 - மும்பை அணி வெற்றி🎉

"ஹர்பஜன் தவறாக நடத்தப்படுகிறார்" 🔈 சாக்லென் முஷ்டாக் 😠

ஆசிய கோப்பை: UAE அணியை விழ்த்தியது இலங்கை🎉

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆 - நாளை UAE - வங்காளதேசம்👌

🇮🇳இந்திய- வங்காளதேசம் போட்டி கற்று தந்த 5⃣ பாடங்கள்📖

உலக கோப்பை🏆 பாக். அணிக்கு அனுமதி👏

உலக கோப்பைக்கான🏆 அம்பயர் குழுவில் 6⃣ இந்தியர்கள்👏

😎தோனி, ⭐யுவராஜை புகழ்ந்தாரா❓

ரஞ்சி🏆 - மும்பை அணி முன்னிலை🔝

ஆசிய T20 கோப்பை🏆: 🇮🇳இந்திய அணி வெற்றி🎉

ஆசிய T20 கோப்பை🏆 இன்று இலங்கை - UAE👏

ஆஸ்திரேலிய அணி வெற்றி🎉

🇮🇳இந்திய அணி வெல்லுமா🔈 கோலி⁉

⭐கோலி- அனுஷ்கா👫 மீண்டும் இணைவார்களா ❓

⭐சச்சின் - ⭐ஷாருக் கானின் 😍ரசிகரா ❓

💃சன்னி லியோனின் சென்னை அணி👏

⭐ரோஹித், 😎தோனி ஆகியோரின் கலக்கல் வீடியோ😂 📹:

அம்பயரிடம் கெட்ட 🙉 வார்த்தையா❓ 📹

ஆசிய கோப்பை🏆 : நாளை 🇮🇳இந்தியா- வங்காளதேசம்👍

💪 இந்தப்போட்டியில் யார் வெல்வார்கள்❓ 📹

கொல்கத்தா பள்ளியில்🏫 45 ஓவரில் 844/2 ரன்களா😱

⭐கோலி, 😎தோனி மற்றும் ⭐யுவி எடுத்த 📷 👌

நியூ - ஆஸி: வெற்றியை🎉 நோக்கி ஆஸ்திரேலியா👏

⭐விராட் கோலியும், 6⃣சிக்சர்களும் 😐

அய்யோ❗ இந்த கேள்வியா❓ 🔈 தோனி 😤 ❗

ஆசிய கோப்பை 🏆: தோனிக்கு 🚑 காயமா❓ பார்த்திவ் அழைக்கப்பட்டார்😳

🇮🇳 கிரிக்கெட்டில் மீண்டும் பெப்சி 🍷 ❗

சச்சின் 🙏 வழங்கும் நிவாரணம் 👏

நியூ.-ஆஸி: தொடர்ந்து ஆஸ்திரேலியா முன்னிலை👏

ஆயுதப்படைகளை 👏புகழும் 😎தோனி😄

இங்கிலாந்து அணியை 💥 தாக்கிய ⭐ டி வில்லியர்ஸ்👏

நியூசிலாந்து-ஆஸ்திரேலியா: ஆஸ்திரேலிய அணி முன்னிலை👏

🔝பார்வையாளர்களை📺👀 ஈர்த்த ராஞ்சி T20👌

⭐ரோஹித்-⭐தவான் ✌ > சச்சின்-கங்குலி😱

அஸ்வின்: கோலி, ரோஹித் என்றால் எனக்கு 👻 பயம் ❗

உச்ச நீதிமன்றத்தை அணுகுகிறது BCCI ❗

T20 உலககோப்பை 🏆 அறிமுக விழாவை சிறப்பித்தார் ⭐ யுவராஜ் ❗

சச்சினின் மற்றொரு 🏆 சாதனை ❗

தோனி தொடங்கி 🏁 வைத்த புது நிறுவனம் ❓

அனகொண்டாவிடம் 🐍 கடிவாங்கிய ஷேன் வார்ன்:

ஆசியக்கோப்பை 🏆 'ஸ்பான்சர்' யார் ❓

எனக்கு தான் முதல் 🔴 பந்து: ரோஹித் 😎

சச்சின் மகனின் 👦 புகைப்படம் 📷 போலி ஹால் டிக்கெட்டில் ❓

மெக்கல்லம்: எனக்கு பிடிச்ச பேட்ஸ்மேன் ❓

அடுத்த ⭐தோனி, ⭐ரைனா கிடைப்பார்களா❓

⭐ கங்கூலி மறுக்கும்✋ IPL ஆதாயம்💰

💔தவறில் இருந்து பாடம் கற்கும் ⭐கோலி😟

பாகிஸ்தான் பயிற்சியாளார் ஆவாரா ⭐விவ் ரிச்சர்ட்ஸ்⁉

ரஞ்சி கோப்பை🏆 - இறுதி போட்டியில் மும்பை - சௌராஷ்டிரா🎉

🔴 ஹென்றி ஓலோங்காவிற்கு பதிலடி கொடுத்த 🌟 சச்சின் 📹 -

CSK அணிக்காக உருகிய 😎 தோனி😟

IPL🏆: ⭐'ஷிரேயஸ் ஐயர்' மும்பை அணிக்கா❓

T20 உலககோப்பைக்கு🏆 தயாராகும் இராணுவ பீரங்கிகள்!!

உலககோப்பை🏆 T20 - : 🇮🇳இந்தியா அணியின் 'வார்ம்-அப்' அட்டவணை📋

உலககோப்பை🏆 T20: பாக். அணிக்கு அனுமதி வழங்கப்பட்டதா❓

⭐ கங்கூலி, ⭐ ABDயை பின்னுக்கு தள்ளினார் ⭐டிம் சவுத்தி👍

⭐முருகன் அஷ்வினை' தேர்ந்தெடுத்தது 😎:தோனியா❓

⭐ விராட் கோலி கொண்டாடிய காதலர்♥ தினம்

🇮🇳 T20 உலககோப்பையை வெல்லும்🎉 🔈 தோனி👏

U19 உலககோப்பை🏆 : ⭐சர்பரஸ் கான் சாதனை👏

ஆஸ்திரேலியா இன்னிங்ஸ் வெற்றி🎉

தொடரை வென்றது தென்ஆப்ரிக்கா🎉

⭐ தவான் T20 உலககோப்பையில்🏆 எப்படி❓

மீண்டும் ⭐கெயில் அதே வார்த்தையை கூறினாரா ❓ 😱 📹:

வானவில்🌈 நிறத்தில் புனே ஜெர்சி❗

0⃣ ரன்னில் அனைத்து விக்கெட்டுக்களையும் இழந்தார்களா❓

2⃣ஆம் நாள் ஆட்டம் - ஆஸ்திரேலியா முன்னிலை🔝

T20 உலககோப்பை🏆 :போலார்டு, சுனில் நரைன் விலகல்😳

🇮🇳இந்தியா-இலங்கை 2⃣வது T20 : 5⃣ சுவாரசியமான சம்பவங்கள்.

⭐சச்சின், ⭐பிராட்மேன் சாதனைகளை முறியடித்த ⭐வோகஸ் 😳 🎉

"⭐யுவிக்கு அதிக வாய்புகள் கொடுக்கப்படும்", 😎தோனி 🔈

BCCI தடை செய்த பாக். அம்பயர்❓

⭐சச்சின் கண்டு ரசித்த ⭐சச்சினின் சுயசரிதை👏

தொடரை சமன் செய்தது 🇮🇳இந்தியா🎉

4⃣வது ஒரு நாள் போட்டியில்: தென் ஆப்ரிக்கா 🎉 வெற்றி❗❗❗

நியூ-ஆஸி: ஆஸ்திரேலியா அணி முன்னிலை👏

💬வாட்ஸ்ஆப் மூலம் ரவீனாவுடன் காதலில்♥ வீழ்ந்த ⭐ ஜடேஜா

⭐வார்னேவுக்கு ஸ்டீவ் வாக்கின் பதிலடி❗

T20 உலக கோப்பையில்🏆 உள்ள சிக்கல்கள்😟

ஆஸ்திரேலியா கிரிக்கெட்டர் ⭐உஸ்மான் க்ஹவஜா செய்த கூத்து ❓ 📹:

கிரிக்கெட்டில் ரெட் கார்டு📕 வரபோகிறது😳

⭐ கோலி ரசிகரின் ஜாமின் விசாரணை ஒத்திவைப்பு👏

தொடரை சமமாக்குமா 🇮🇳இந்தியா🙏

⭐லாரா ரசிகரின் கனவு நனவானது👏

ஷாருக் கானின் 'நைட் ரைடர்ஸ்' 👏

அது பொய் புகார் 🔈 தோனி 😟

🇮🇳இந்திய அணியின் சிறப்பினை பாராட்டுவோம் 🔈 தோனி

🇮🇳இந்தியா ஏன் தோற்றது❓

⭐கெயில், ⭐போலார்ட் இல்லாமல் வெஸ்ட் இண்டீஸ் உலககோப்பை🏆 அணியா❓

⭐சச்சின் பாராட்டும் சைக்கிளிங்👏

டப்ச்மாஷ் வீடியோவில்📹 ⭐விராத், ⭐யுவி மற்றும் பலர் 😂 :

3⃣வது ஒரு நாள் போட்டி: இங்கிலாந்தை வென்றது தென் ஆப்ரிக்கா🎉

U19 உலககோப்பையில்🏆: இறுதிச்சுற்றில் 🇮🇳 அணி ✨

உலககோப்பை T20: ஆஸ்திரேலியா அணி ஸ்மித் தலைமையில்🎉

கென்யாவின் 'மசாய் வாரியர்ஸ்'👏

திறமையை வெளிக்கொண்டு வராது IPL : தோனி 🔈

"நான் சிங்கிள்"அழைக்கும் ⭐ விராட்👏

முதல் T20 இலங்கை வெற்றி🎉

1⃣ இடத்தை தக்க வைக்குமா 🇮🇳இந்தியா❗

⭐அனில் கும்ப்ளேவிற்கு ₹39 லட்சம்❗

ஆஸ்திரேலியாவை, நியூசிலாந்து விழ்த்தியது🎉

சர்ச்சைக்குரிய மார்ஷின் விக்கெட்😳 📹

😎தோனி ஊழல் செய்தாரா 🔈 ❓

பும்ராவின் பந்து வீசும் இரகசியம்

IPL🏆: ஏலத்தில் எடுக்கப்படாத 5⃣ வீரர்கள் 😱

IPL ஏலம் 💰: எதிர்பாராத வீரர்கள் சேர்க்கை ❗

சாலை பாதுகாப்புக்காக🚧 விளையாடும் சச்சின் 📹

சவுதி அரேபியா மாடலை💃 மணமுடித்தார்💍 இர்பான் பதான்🎉

⭐டேல் ஸ்டெய்னுடன் விஷப்பாம்பு🐍

பாக். 🔴பந்துவீச்சாளர் இடைநீக்கம்🚫

100 குழந்தைகளின் கல்விக்கு உதவும் ⭐யுவராஜ்

IPL எலம் 🔝 10 பட்டியல்👏

IPLன் 8⃣ அணி வீரர்கள்👏

U19 உலககோப்பை🏆: அரையிறுதியில் 🇮🇳✌

ஆஸ்திரேலியா வெற்றி🎉

இங்கிலாந்து வெற்றி🎉

💯 விளாசிய சேவாக்👏

ICC முக்கிய பதவிகளில் இருந்து விலகும் "பிக்-3".

குஜராத் 👍 🔈 ⭐இன்சமாம் 👏

"கவர்ச்சி உடையா 'நோ' பேட்டி" 🔈 ❓

⭐திராவிடால் ஊழலை💰 தடுக்க✋ முடியுமா❓

ராஜ்கோட்டில் ஜடேஜாவுக்கு 💐நிச்சயதார்த்தம்💐

லோதா அறிக்கை📝 அமலுக்கு வருமா❓

MS தோனியை சீண்டி 😎 பார்ககாதிங்க ❗

சச்சின் 🌟 கோலியால் ⭐ ஆட்டோ எக்ஸ்போ கலை 🎪 கட்டியது.

சூதாட்டதில் ஈடுபட்ட ஆஸ்திரேலியா வீராங்கனைக்கு தடை ❌

சேவாக்கின் திறமையான 💪 ஆட்டம் ❗ 📹:

நாளை ஜடேஜவிற்கு 😲 நிச்சியமா ❓

மழையால் வென்றது இங்கிலாந்து 😏

IPLல் லலித் மோடிக்கு 3⃣ அணியில் உரிமமா 😲 ❓

ஆசிய மற்றும் T20 கோப்பைக்கான இந்திய அணிகள் பிப்5ல் வெளியீடு ❗

ஆஸ்திரேலியாவை 159 ரன்களுக்குள் 👊 வீழ்த்தியது நியூசிலாந்து

கிரிக்கெட் ஒளிபரப்பில் 📺 அஸ்வினுக்கு அதிருப்தி 😞

சந்தர்பால் 😞 கட்டாய ஓய்வா ❓

வீராட் 💕 அனுஷ்கா காதலில் 💔 விரிசலா

🇮🇳 இந்தியா-இலங்கை தொடரில் ⭐கோலி ஓய்வு👍

IPL: 'குஜராத் லயன்ஸ்' கேப்டனாக ⭐ரைனா

"என் ரத்தத்தில் ஆக்ரோஷம்💪 கலந்துள்ளது" 🔈 ⭐கோலி

⭐ கோலியின் செல்பி 📷 😍

😎தோனி ஆற்றிய 📝உரை👏

நேபாள் U-19 அணியில் 25 வயது கேப்டனா❓

வேட்டையாடியதால் அணியில் இருந்து நீக்கம்😳

⭐வருண் ஆரோன் திருமணம்💍💐

3⃣ சுழற்பந்து🔴 வீச்சாளர்களுடன் நியூசிலாந்து👏

T20யின் 🔝 பேட்ஸ்மென் ⭐ கோலி👏

U19 🏆 நேபாளை வீழ்த்தியது இந்தியா

🇮🇳இந்திய அணியின் உணவு: சாலட்கள் மற்றும் சிக்கன்🍗

நியூசிலாந்தில் உள்ள ஆஸ்திரேலியா அணி👍

⭐பும்ராவை பாராட்டு ☂மழையில் நனைக்கும் 😎தோனி👏

🇮🇳-🇦🇺 T20 : 3⃣-0⃣ என்ற கணக்கில் 🇮🇳 அணி வெற்றி🎉

ICC :T20 தரவரிசையில்: 🇮🇳 முதலிடம்1⃣ 🔝

⭐ கிளார்க்: ஓய்வில் இருந்து திரும்புவாரா⁉

சாதனை நாயகன் ⭐ கோலி🎉

பாக். - நியூ. : நியூசிலாந்து தொடர் வெற்றி🎉

⭐ ரஹானே ◼பெல்டா😳 📹

நடிகர் ⭐ குமரிமுத்து காலமானார்😢

🎬வெங்கட் பிரபுவின் 🎥"சென்னை 28- II இன்னிங்க்ஸ்"

🎥தெறி படத்தின் 🎶பாடல்கள் எப்போ❓

⭐நகுல் – ஸ்ருதி திருமணம்💍💐

💃பாவனாவின் ♥காதலன் யார் ❓

⭐விக்ரம் பிரபுவுடன் ஜோடி👫 சேரும் 💃மஞ்சிமா👏

🎥'ஆறாது சினம்' 👏பாராட்டும் ரசிகர்கள்

⭐சிம்புவுக்கு காயமா❓

₹20 கோடியை தாண்டிய 🎥'மிருதன்' 👍

⭐விஷால்-🎬லிங்குசாமி 🆒👊 ❓❓

🎶A.R.ரஹ்மான் 🎼இசையமைப்பில் 🎥சினிமா வீரன்👏

😂⭐சந்தானம் இல்லாமல் 🎬ராஜேஷ் படமா 😳

😍ரசிகர்களை நெகிழ வைத்த ⭐விக்ரம்: இதோ 📹

🎬வெங்கட் பிரபுவின் அடுத்த 🎥படம் ❓

🎥போகனுக்காக - மீண்டும் ⭐ஜெயம் ரவி - ⭐அரவிந்த்சாமி கூட்டணி👏

🙉பீப் பாடல்🎤 விவகாரம் பற்றி ⭐ சிம்பு என்ன கூறுகிறார்❓

இந்த வார சினிமா 🎦 விமர்சனம் ❗

'தல'யுடன் சண்டைக்கு 👊 ரெடி ❗

கார்த்தியின் 'தோழா' டீசர் 📹 இதோ ➡

மலாய் மொழியில் கபாலி ❗

"போக்கிரி ராஜா" 🎦 டிரைலர் 📹 வெளியானது ➡

மலையாள ரீமேக்கில் ⭐ ரஜினியா ❓

தனுஷ் - கௌதம் வாசுதேவ் மேனன் 👬 இணைகிறார்களா ❓

ரஜினி, கமலை 👬 இணைக்கிறதா கிரிக்கெட் ❓

🎥'ரெமோ': ⭐சிவகார்த்திகேயனின் அடுத்த படத்தலைப்பு👏

31வது பிறந்தநாளை🎂 கொண்டாடும் ⭐சிவகார்த்திகேயன் 💐

ஆதிவாசியாக மாறும் ⭐ஆர்யா❗

💃'ஜோ'வின் அடுத்த 🎥படம் என்ன ❓

🎥"ஐ" யை மிஞ்சுமா 🎥"தெறி" ❓

காதலர் தினத்தில்😳 'சிம்பு-நயன்'💑 📷

🎥 ‘குயின்’ படத்தில் நயன்தாராவா❓

சிறந்த 💃நடிகைக்கான விருதுடன்🏆 நயன்தாரா 👏

சோழ மன்னராக ⭐அஜீத்❓

கோலிவூடில் இந்த வார 🎥படங்களின் நிலவரம் என்ன❓

⭐சிம்பு-⭐கார்த்தி மோதிக்கொள்கிறார்களா❓

த்ரிஷா : காதல் ❤ திருமணம்💍 வேண்டாம் ❌

🎥கபாலி டீசர் பிப்-25 வெளியீடா ❓

🎥 இறுதிச்சுற்றில் 💃 ரித்திகா கஷ்டப்பட்ட காட்சி❓

🎥 'வேதாளம்' சாதனையை முறியடித்தது 🎥 'தெறி' 🎉

⭐கமல் இயக்கவுள்ள ஆங்கில 🎥படம்👏

🎬 ஷங்கர் பட ஷூட்டிங்கில் 📱கைபேசிக்கு அனுமதி இல்லை❌

🎥 'தெறி-2'ம் பாகம் வருமா 😳🎉

தெலுங்கிலும், 🎥இறுதிச்சுற்று நாயகி🎉

🎬மணிரத்தினம் படத்தில் 'பிரேமம்' புகழ் சாய் பல்லவி👏

🎥'தெறி' டீசர் நீக்கப்பட்டதா❓

மலேசியாவில் அவதி பட்டாரா 💃நயன்❓

7000 குழந்தைகளுக்கு உதவிக்கரம் நீட்டிய ⭐கமல்👏

🎼இளையராஜாவிற்கு பாராட்டு விழா🎉👏

விஜயின் 🌟 தெறி டீசர் 📹 இதோ ➡

டார்லிங்-II படத்தின் பாடல்களை 👂 கேட்க ➡

விசாரணை 🎥 படத்தை 👏 பாராட்டிய ரஜினி ❗

இது நம்ம ஆளு 🎥 படத்தின் பாடல்களை 👂 கேட்க ➡

⭐ கமலுக்கு 🏆 விருது ❗

பிரகாஷ்ராஜிற்கு ஆண் 👶 குழந்தை பிறந்துள்ளது

🎥 பெங்களூர் நாட்கள் 📹 பாடல்

🎥'இது நம்ம ஆளு' டிரைலர் 👉 -

👊மைக் டைசன் பார்க்க விரும்பும் இறுதிச்சுற்று👏💐

⭐நிவின் பாலியை பாராட்டிய ⭐'விஜய்' 👏💐

கோலிவுட்டில் மீண்டும் 💃⭐ பிரபுதேவா❗

மீண்டும் 🎬மணிரத்தினம்-⭐ரஜினி கூட்டணியா❓

ட்விட்டரில் 🎼 A.R ரஹ்மானின் பாலோவர்ஸ் ❓ 😳

⭐தனுஷின் அடுத்த ஹீரோயின் ❓

టి-20 ప్రపంచ కప్లో ఈ ముగ్గురు క్రికెటర్లు కీలకం⭐⭐⭐

ధోనికి బ్యాకప్‌గా పార్థీవ్ పటేల్❗❗

'బంగ్లాను తక్కువగా అంచనా వేయోద్దు'అంటున్న రవిశాస్తి👆👋

యువత క్రికెట్ను కెరీర్గా ఎంచుకోవడానికి ప్రోత్సహించాలంటున్న కపిల్⭐

ఇంగ్లండ్‌తో జరిగిన రెండో టీ20 లో దక్షిణాఫ్రికా ఘన విజయం 👍👍

జట్టులోకి పునరాగమనం చేయడమే కష్టం: నెహ్రా❗❓

రిటైర్మెంట్ ప్రశ్నపై ధోని అసహనం 💢❗

స్మిత్, బర్న్స్ సెంచరీలు✨👍

ఇంగ్లండ్‌పై విజయం సాధించిన దక్షిణాఫ్రికా👍✨

కెప్టెన్సీ హోదా మాత్రమే: రైనా❗

ఫాస్టెస్ట్ సెంచరీ కొట్టిన ధీరుడిగా మెకల్లమ్....✨

కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వ నిర్ణయానికి ధావన్ మద్దతు 👍👍

మహ్మద్ షమీ అవుట్!👎

రిటైర్మెంట్‌ గురించి స్పందించిన ధోనీ👍👌

‘కృష్ణాష్టమి’ రివ్యూ⭐⭐⭐

టాప్ స్టార్ హీరోలకు షాక్ ఇవ్వనున్న ఎన్టీఆర్❓😳

ఎన్టీఆర్ జనతా గ్యారేజ్ లో సాయికుమార్👍✨

కుర్రాళ్లు అద్భుతంగా రాణించారు... రాహుల్ ద్రవిడ్ 👌

చిర్రుబుర్రు లాడిన కోహ్లి😡😱

రంజీ ఫైనల్లో ముంబై✨🏆

వాహబ్ రియాజ్, షెహ్జాద్ అహ్మద్ లకు..... వార్నింగ్!❓❓

కొత్త కుర్రాళ్ల ప్రదర్శనపై ధోని వ్యాఖ్య 👍👍

ధోని ఇష్టపడే నగరాల్లో ఇదొకటి....వైజాగ్‌🌟🌟🌟

భారత్లో జరిగే 'వరల్డ్ కప్ లో ఆడతా'అని వాట్సన్❗❗

'వరల్డ్ కప్ గెలిచే సత్తా మాలో ఉంది'..అలెక్స్ హేల్స్❓❓

న్యూజిలాండ్‌తో జరిగిన తొలి టెస్టులో ఆస్ట్రేలియా విజయం🌟👍👍

వరల్డ్‌కప్‌కు అన్ని విధాలా రెడీ...టీమిండియా👍✌

వెస్టిండీస్ క్రికెట్ బోర్డు,ఆటగాళ్లకు తలెత్తిన సమస్య పరిష్కారం!👍

అండర్-19 ప్రపంచకప్ ఫైనల్లో ఓడిన భారత్ 👎👎

ఇంగ్లండ్తో జరిగిన ఐదువన్డేల సిరీస్ను దక్షిణాఫ్రికా కైవసం✨👍👍

టీమిండియా నంబర్‌వన్ ర్యాంక్ పదిలం✨🌟🌟

అండర్-19ప్రపంచకప్‌ ఫైనల్లో పీకల్లోతు కష్టాల్లో భారత్😰😰

ఇంగ్లండ్‌తో జరిగిన నాలుగో వన్డేలో దక్షిణాఫ్రికా విజయం👍✨

కోహ్లీ, అనుష్కలు విడిపోవడానికి 'సుల్తాన్' సినిమానే కారణం ❓❓

న్యూజిలాండ్తో జరుగుతున్న తొలి టెస్టులో ఆస్ట్రేలియా దే పైచేయి✨✨

అంపైర్ అసద్ రవూఫ్పై బీసీసీఐ వేటు❓❓

కెప్టెన్ మెహ్దీ హాసన్ మీరజ్ పశ్చాత్తాపం😞😞

తొలి టెస్టు సిరీస్ లో న్యూజిలాండ్ వర్సెస్ ఆస్ట్రేలియా❗❗

రెండో టీ 20 లో టీమిండియా ప్రతీకారం తీర్చుకుంది.....👍👍👏👏

శ్రీలంక పేస్ బౌలర్ తిషారా పెరీరా హ్యాట్రిక్⭐⭐

అత్యంత వేగంగా పది సెంచరీలు కొట్టిన.. డీ కాక్ ✨👍👍

భారత్ తో తుదిపోరుకు సిద్ధమవుతున్న వెస్టిండీస్✨✨

శ్రీలంక మరియు భారత్ల మద్య నేడు రెండో టి20 మ్యాచ్⭐⭐⭐

ఇంగ్లండ్‌తో జరిగిన మూడో వన్డేలో దక్షిణాఫ్రికా విజయం✨✨

భారత్ జట్టు మేలుకోవాల్సిన సమయం ఆసన్నమైంది.👍👍

వెస్టిండీస్ క్రికెటర్లకు బోర్డు హెచ్చరిక💥💥

సోషల్ మీడియాలో హల్‌చల్ చేస్తోన్న ఫొటో .....కోహ్లి💫💫

అండర్-19 ప్రపంచకప్‌లో యువ భారత్ జట్టు ఫైనల్‌✨👍👍

తొలి టి20లో భారత్ పై శ్రీలంక విజయం👍👍✨

ధోని సేనకు షాక్❓❓

ప్రేమికుల రోజున అనుష్కతో గడుపడానికి కోహ్లి బ్రేక్❗❗

ఆస్ట్రేలియాతో జరిగిన మూడు వన్డేల సిరీస్ లో న్యూజిలాండ్ 2-1🌟🌟

టీ 20 వరల్డ్ కప్లో టీమిండియానే ఫేవరెట్ అంటున్న....సచిన్ టెండూల్కర్🌟🌟👍

భారత్ బ్యాటింగ్....శ్రీలంక ఫీల్డింగ్⭐⭐

భారత్,శ్రీలంక జట్లు2భిన్న ఫార్మాట్లలో2భిన్న జట్లతో2భిన్న వేదికలపై✨✨

శ్రీలంకతో సరికొత్త సవాల్ తో బరిలోకి దిగుతున్న టీమిండియా👍👍

చివరి వన్డేలోనూ దుమ్మురేపిన బ్రెండన్ మెకల్లమ్✨✨

టీమిండియా శ్రీలంకతో టీ 20 సిరీస్ గెలిస్తేనే.....⭐⭐⭐

రిచర్డ్సన్.... న్యూజిలాండ్తో జరుగనున్న మూడో వన్డేకు దూరం👎👎

విరాట్ ...'హార్ట్ బ్రేక్' అంటూ క్యాప్షన్ 💥💥

అండర్-19 క్రికెట్ వరల్డ్ కప్ టోర్నీలో...దుమ్మురేపిన భారత్✨👍

ఇండియన్ ప్రీమియర్ లీగ్-9 సీజన్లో వేలంలో ఆటగాళ్ల ధరలు✨💰💰

కొత్తగా వచ్చిన పుణే సూపర్ జెయింట్స్, గుజరాత్ లయన్స్ ఆటగాళ్లు!⭐⭐⭐

క్యాన్సర్‌ బాధిత చిన్నారులకు సపోర్ట్ చేయడానికి రెడీ...యువరాజ్‌సింగ్‌,కోహ్లీ, శర్మ 👏👏👍

న్యూజిలాండ్ తో జరిగిన రెండో వన్డేలో ఆస్ట్రేలియా విజయం👍👍

భారీ కసరత్తులను కొనసాగిస్తున్న కోహ్లీ💪💪

రెండో వన్డేలోనూ చెలరేగిన ఇంగ్లండ్✨✨

ఐపీఎల్-9 కోసం నేడు వేలం💰⭐⭐⭐

టి20 ప్రపంచకప్‌కు భారత జట్టు ప్రకటన⭐⭐👍👍

యాంకర్ వేసుకున్న డ్రెస్‌ వల్ల ఇంటర్వ్యూ ఇవ్వలేనన్న......ఆమ్లా😳😳❓❓

వరల్డ్ టీ20లో స్థానం దక్కని మనీష్ కి.. గంగూలీ భరోసా👍👍🌟

శ్రీమతికి క్రికెట్ అంటే పెద్దగా ఇష్టముండదని చెప్పిన..... జడేజా❗❗❗

39 పరుగుల తేడాతో గెలిచిన ఇంగ్లండ్🌟🌟👍

కోహ్లి ఆట గురించి..... ఆస్ట్రేలియా కెప్టెన్ ఫించ్⭐❗❗

రవీంద్ర జడేజాకు నిశ్చితార్థం ✨✨

విరాట్ కోహ్లి పై రవిశాస్త్రి ప్రశంసల వర్షం...👏👏👍👍

సచిన్ రికార్డులను అధిగమించే సత్తా ఉన్న ఆటగాడు..... విరాట్ కోహ్లి✨✨

సెలక్షన్ కమిటీలో చర్చనీయాంశంగా మారిన.....రహానే, పాండే❓❓

చెలరేగిన ఇంగ్లండ్ బ్యాట్స్‌మెన్....బట్లర్✨✨

టి20 ప్రపంచకప్‌లో టీమిండియానే ఫేవరెట్ : సచిన్👍👍

తొలి వన్డేలో అదరగొట్టిన న్యూజిలాండ్..🌟🌟🌟

భారత జట్టు కోచ్‌గా బాధ్యతలు చేపట్టలేనని.....సౌరవ్ గంగూలీ:❓❓

యువరాజ్‌పైనే అందరి దృష్టి ⭐⭐

సందీప్ పాటిల్ నేతృత్వంలో రేపే భారత జట్టును ఎంపిక❗ ⭐⭐

కెప్టెన్ మహేంద్ర సింగ్ ధోని నమ్మకాన్ని గెలుచుకున్న..... యువరాజ్ సింగ్👍👍

టీ20 ప్రపంచకప్‌లో ఇండియానే ఫేవరెట్..... బ్రియాన్ లారా ❓❓

న్యూజిలాండ్ జట్టులో ఖాజాను ఎంపిక చేయకపోవడంపై కెప్టెన్ స్టీవ్ స్మిత్ 💫💫

యూనస్ అసంతృప్తి వ్యక్తం❗❗

వన్డేలైనా, టి20లైనా తిరుగులేని బ్యాటింగ్...కోహ్లి, రోహిత్ ✨🌟✨

అతని సలహాల వల్లే ఎదిగా:కోహ్లి⭐⭐⭐

కోహ్లి@ నంబర్ వన్👍✨

కోహ్లికి రెస్ట్.. ఉమేష్ కు షాక్❓❓❓

'యువరాజ్ ను ఆడించండి' మాజీ కెప్టెన్ సునీల్ గవాస్కర్ ❗❗

వరల్డ్ కప్ నాటికి ఫించ్ సిద్ధం!❗❗

'వరల్డ్ టీ 20తో సమయం వృథా'💫💫💫

‘సెట్’ అయింది..!👍👍

క్లీన్‌స్వీప్‌తో ‘టాప్’✨✨

టీమిండియా ఎట్ టాప్✨

న్యూజిలాండ్‌దే సిరీస్👍👍

వాట్సన్ దూకుడు❓❓

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Honda Recalls 57,676 Cars🚗

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TCS – UK’s🇬🇧 🔝 Employer

Invest in 🇮🇳 Or Else‼

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If Guilty, Assange😤 Will 'Accept Arrest'

Yahoo❗ Is Officially For Sale‼

Gmail📩 Reaches 1⃣bn Active Users❕

Streaming Now Included in 📀Album💿 Sales

⚠DANGEROUS⚠: Illegal Football⚽ Streams

Boeing✈ to Invest Billions in 🇮🇳❓

Wikileaks⏳ Founder to be Released❓

The Future of Data💽 Centres is Subsea🏊🏻❔

Samsung📱 Updates Browser With Ad Block🚫

WhatsApp💬 Reaches 1⃣ Bn Monthly Users❕

Get ID Proof🎫 for👰🏻Profile❔

World’s Most Valuable Firm: G👀gle

Blackberry🍇 Android Sales “Encouraging”👏

Moto X Force📱 With ShatterShield Display

Video📹 Interviews For 🇺🇸SAT Exams🔎❕

Net Neutrality: Rahul 🎯 Targets Modi

నేను రోబోని కాదంటున్న బ్యూటీ అమీ జాక్సన్

రబ్బరు బొమ్మ తమన్నా మిల్క్ షేక్స్ 👍

సమంతా సొంతంగా డబ్బింగ్ 😂

నైట్ పార్టీ లంటే చాలా ఇష్టమంట - రాశి ఖన్నా

రౌడిజం ఫై మరో చిత్రం - రామ్ గోపాల్ వర్మ

లావణ్య త్రిపాఠి కి మంచి అవకాశం!

గుంటూరు టాకీస్ లో రేస్మి ప్రతాపం

చిరు ఫై బాలయ్య సెటైర్స్

టీవీ యాంకర్ అనసూయ సినిమా పట్ల అభిప్రాయం❗️

ప్రభాస్ హీరోగా ప్రతాపరుద్రుడు❓

బారీ సెట్లో మహేష్ బాబు "బ్రహ్మోత్సవం" చిత్రం

శృతి హసన్ కంప్లీట్స్ ప్రేమమ్ షూటింగ్

🔊త్రివిక్రమ్ ఫై మండిపడ్డ మాలయాళ భామ. . .

🎥రామ్ చరణ్ తో "తనీ ఒరువన్" రీమేక్..

అనీషా ఆంబ్రోస్‌,పవన్ ల మధ్య స‌మ్ థింగ్ వ్య‌వ‌హారం💑❓

ఎన్టీఆర్ 'జనతా గారేజ్' ఆగష్టు 12న విడుదల చేసేందుకు ప్లాన్ ✨😍

చిరు చిన్నల్లుడు కళ్యాణ్ కు సైతం ఇది రెండో పెళ్లి.......❗❓

`నా రిబేటు రామ్ చ‌ర‌ణ్‌కే` అంటున్న..... రకుల్❓❗

కాబోయే భర్తతో చిరు కుమార్తె శ్రీజ....👫👍

పవన్ వస్తారా..ప్రాణం నిలబెడతారా? ❓

మై ఫస్ట్ టాటూ అంటూ....అమలాపాల్ ❗❗

మహేష్ బాబు సిస్టర్ ని కృష్ణం రాజు దత్తత ఆలోచన! ❗❓

25న రిలీజ్కు రెడీ అవుతున్న ...ఊపిరి ⭐⭐

కొరటాల శివకు పది కోట్లు రెమ్యునేషన్ ఇప్పిస్తున్న ...ఎన్టీఆర్ 💸💸

నిర్మాతకు అలా ఇష్టం లేకే...మహేష్ బాబుతో భారీ డీల్? 💰💰

‘లస్ట్'ను లాంచ్ చేయబోతున్న సన్నీ లియోన్✨✨

అత్తారింటికి దారేది బాత్రూమ్ సీన్లలాగే అ..ఆ లో సీన్లు❗❓

ఎన్టీఆర్‌, ప‌వ‌న్ వ‌దిలేస్తే... చిరు ప‌ట్టుకొన్నాడు❓❓

బాహుబలి యూనిట్ కు కండిషన్లు❓❓

సర్దార్ ఆడియో రిలీజ్ మార్చి 12 న అమరావతిలో ..❗✨

సరైనోడు టీజర్✨😍

ఇక్కడ నాగ్..అక్కడ రజనీ.....నిజమా..❓❓

ఎన్టీఆర్ కోసం పాత కార్లు సేకరణ...పెద్ద షెడ్ ⭐❗

జనతాగ్యారేజ్ లోఎన్టీఆర్ కు అంకుల్ గా మోహన్ లాల్ క్యారక్టర్ ✨

నా లైఫ్ టార్గెట్ పవన్ కళ్యాణే...! ❓❓

'సరైనోడు' టీజర్ డైలాగ్ లీక్🌟🌟🌟

ఎన్టీఆర్ బాహుబ‌లి రికార్డులను బ‌ద్ద‌లు కొట్టినట్లేనా❗❓

ఛీ.. తాప్సి చీర లాగేశాడు❗❗

మహేష్, పవన్ కు ఊహించని ట్విస్ట్⭐⭐

మహేష్ సినిమాకి అంత బడ్జెట్ పెట్టడానికి ఇష్టపడని నిర్మాతలు❓❓

రాజ్ త‌రుణ్ కిక్కు ఎప్పుడు దిగుతుందో...❓❓

6వేల ప్రింట్లతో చైనాలో ‘బాహుబలి’ మే నెలలో రిలీజ్ 👍👍

ఆస్కార్ అవార్డ్ ప్రజెంట్ చేయబోతున్న ప్రియాంక! ✨

మెగా ఆడియో పంక్షన్ గా నిలిచిపోవాలని పవన్ ఆదేశం☝☝⭐⭐

'రాగాస్ ఫ్లెక్స్ జిమ్'ను ప్రారంభించిన చిరంజీవి👍👍

'సరైనోడు' టీజర్ ఈనెల 18వ తేదీన✨✨

అమాంతం పెరిగిపోయిన హీరో నాని రేంజ్ ❓❓

కోట్ల ఖర్చుతో జరుగనున్న”సర్దార్ గబ్బర్ సింగ్"ఆడియోరిలీజ్✨💰

ఫ్యామిలీ ఎంటర్‌టైనర్‌గా శ్రీరస్తు-శుభమస్తు👍

శ్రీకృష్ణ దేవరాయులు పాత్రలో కనిపించనున్న బాలకృష్ణ❗❗

కోటి రూపాయలు డిమాండ్ చేస్తున్న రమ్యకృష్ణ💰💰

తన పెదనాన్న కోసం గ్రాండ్ ఈవెంట్ ప్లాన్ ...ప్రభాస్🌟🌟

ప్రభాస్ చెప్పిన సీక్రెట్స్ ‌!❗❗

రణ్ వీర్, దీపిక..వాలెంటైన్స్ డే సెలబ్రేషన్✨💕

కృష్ణ‌గాడి వీర ప్రేమ‌గాథ‌ రివ్యూ⭐⭐

'గరం' మూవి రివ్యూ⭐⭐

చిరంజీవి ఇంట్లో పెళ్లి సందడి🎊🎊

బన్నీ, శిరీష్ ల మూవీ ల పై అల్లు అర‌వింద్ మాస్ట‌ర్ ప్లాన్❓❓

6000 స్క్రీన్స్పై బాహుబలి రిలీజ్✨✨

సర్దార్ పై ఆల్ టైం హయ్యెస్ట్ ఎక్ప్ పెక్టేషన్స్💰💰😍

‘కృష్ణగాడి వీర ప్రేమగాథ’ యుఎస్ లో 130 స్క్రీన్లలో రిలీజ్🌟🌟

మీడియా పై కన్నెర్ర చేసిన ఐశ్వర్యరాయ్ 😡😡😱

మేము సైతం లో నెక్ట్స్ విడతలో ఎన్టీఆర్, మహేష్ ❗❗

రోజుకో సరికొత్త రికార్డు సృష్టిస్తూ దూసుకెళ్తున్న బాహుబలి....✨✨

రేపువిడుదల కానున్న 'గరం'⭐⭐⭐

ఎవర్ గ్రీన్ కపుల్ అమితాబ్ జయ ల ప్రేమకథ✨💞

చిరంజీవి ఇంట పెళ్లిసందడి✨🎊

తమిళ ఇండస్ట్రీ కాన్సన్ట్రేషన్ మొత్తం రానా వైపే❓❓

దుల్కర్ సల్మాన్, నిత్యామీనన్ జంటగా 'జతగా...'😍😍✨

నయనతార హీరోయిన్ గా చిరంజీవి 150వ సినిమా✨✨

ప్రభాస్ అమీర్‌ మద్య గ‌ట్టిపోటీ ....⭐⭐⭐

ప్రేమించడం,పెద్దలనుఎదురించి పెళ్లి చేసుకోవడం..మహేష్ బాబు,నమ్రత ⭐⭐

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ తీరుపై డిసప్పాయింట్....ఫ్యాన్స్❗❗

100 కిలోల బరువును కూడా అలవోకగా మోసేసిన.. సమంత💪💪

ఈ నెల 18న శ్రీశ్రీ ఆడియో

నేనుసైతం లో ఆటో నడిపిన అఖిల్✨

‘బాహుబ‌లి 2’షూటింగ్ జ‌రుగుతుండ‌గానే పెద‌నాన్న‌తో సినిమా..ప్ర‌భాస్✨

మూటలు మోసిన భల్లాలదేవుడు.....❗❗

అమరేంద్ర బాహుబలి పాత్ర కోసం... ప్రభాస్💦💦👍

‘క్షణం' సినిమా ట్రైలర్ ను మహేష్, సమంతల చేతుల మీదుగా... ✨✨

టాలీవుడ్లో హయ్యెస్ట్ రెమ్యూరేషన్ తీసకునే హీరో 💰💰

పూరీ ముందే.. ర‌వితేజ తోక జాడించాడా...❗❗

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ సమక్షంలో శ్రీజ నిశ్చితార్దం✨✨

'బాహుబలి-2' హిందీ రైట్స్ 150కోట్లు💰💰

ర‌కుల్ కి మ‌రో అవ‌కాశం ఇస్తున్న చ‌ర‌ణ్‌..👍👍

చిరంజీవి ఇమేజ్ దృష్ట్యా.... నో లవ్ స్టొరీ❗❗

మెగారేస్ లో చరణ్‌ని క్రాస్‌ చేసిన బన్నీ❓❓

సర్దార్ గబ్బర్ సింగ్ బయ్యర్లు, డిస్ట్రిబ్యూటర్స్.....నో రిఫండ్⭐⭐⭐

ఏ అమ్మాయి పెళ్లి చేసుకోవడానికి ముందుకు రాదంటున్న .....రానా ❓❗❗

మల్టీప్లెక్స్ సినిమా హాల్లో కె.టి.ఆర్ ‘నాన్నకు ప్రేమతో’ ✨✨

అమరేంద్ర బాహుబలి పాత్ర కోసం ప్రభాస్ బాడీ బిల్డప్ 💪💪💪

ఎయిర్ పోర్ట్ అధికారుల క‌ష్ట‌డీలో.....న‌టి న‌య‌న‌తార ❗❗

లేడీస్‌ కు నో ఎంట్రీ;శబరిమలైలోని అయ్యప్ప ఆలయం❓❓

స్పీడున్నోడు రివ్యూ⭐⭐

సూపర్‌ స్టార్‌ కృష్ణ సినిమా ఆడియోను మహేష్‌ రిలీజ్‌✨✨

27న బ్రహ్మాండ అభినందనోత్సవ కార్యక్రమం....సంగీత జ్ఞాని ఇళయరాజా✨👏👏

ప్రియాంక చోప్రాతో కలిసినటించాలని హాలీవుడ్ స్టార్... ర్యాన్ రేనాల్డ్స్⭐⭐⭐

మెగా ఫ్యామిలీ పై రివేంజ్ తీర్చుకుంటున్న పూరీ❗❗

రేణుకా దేశాయ్ కి పవన్ సాయం ఉందా..?❓❓

అభిషేక్ బచ్చన్ బర్త్ డే సెలబ్రేషన్.....మాల్దీవుల్లో🎂🎂🎉

చిరు, బాలయ్య‌... కాస్త చూసుకోండ‌య్యా!❗❗

దీపికా పదుకునే ' xXx '✨

బాహుబలి 3 కూడా ఉంటుందని....వెల్లడించిన రాజమౌళి❗❗

'బాహుబలి2' సినిమా బృందంపై పై చర్యలు తీసుకోవాలని డిమాండ్💥💥❓

నా వంగవీటి రాధ అంటూ .... రాంగోపాల్ వర్మ ❓❓

గుట్టు చప్పుడు కాకుండా చిరంజీవి ఇంట్లో పెళ్లి హడావుడి ✨✨

ప్రియాంక చోప్రా తాజాగా మరో జాక్ పాట్ 💃💃✨

కోహ్లీ...అనుష్క శర్మల మధ్య ప్రేమాయణానికి పుల్ స్టాప్ ❗❗

మైనర్ స‌ర్జ‌రీ అయిన మెగాస్టార్!❓❓

అమ్మడికి ఈ ఏడాది నో రిలీజ్❓❓

క‌త్తి కోసం..తీవ్రంగా కృషి చేస్తున్న చిరు❓❓

'దాసరికి అశ్రునివాళి’ అంటూ ఇరుక్కున్న ‘రాంచరణ్ ఫ్యాన్స్’ ❗❗❗

పాస్ పోర్ట్ మర్చిపోయానని టెన్షన్ పడ్డ రజనీ❗❗

బాహుబలి ది కంక్లూజన్ కి ఊహించలేనంతగా రేట్లు 💰💰

వాట్ ఏ విక్టరీ నాగ్.....✨✨

అందరివాడు అనిపించుకున్న పవన్🌟🌟🌟

ఒకే వేదిక‌పై మెగాస్టార్-ప‌వ‌ర్ స్టార్!✨✨

నెల రోజులుగా ఉలుకు పలుకు లేని సమంత, ఏమైంది?❗❗👀

పవన్ కళ్యాణా మజాకా! ‘సర్దార్..’ బిజినెస్ రూ. 100 కోట్లు!✨✨

మెగా అభిమాని ఎంత ప‌ని చేశాడు!😱😱

మహేష్ చెప్పింది నిజమే....వింటే మనకే మేలు 👍👍👍

ఎన్టీఆర్‌పై మరో కుట్ర మొద‌లైందా??😱😱

నవ్వుల నటరాజు -ఎన్నటికీ తరగదు మీపై మోజు✨✨

ప్రభుత్వాల చెప్పు చేతల్లో సెన్సార్‌బోర్డు❓❓

బ్ర‌హ్మీ.. ఇప్పుడు మేల్కొన్నాడా?😆😆

మెగా రూమర్లలో ఏది నిజమో!!

రకుల్ కేకల గురించి ఏమన్నాడంటే..❗❗

వావ్.. ఓ రేంజ్ లో ఉందిగా😍✨

సుక్కు వైఫ్ పేపర్లో పాంప్లెట్ పెట్టింది❓❓