🐺 Modi✌ Defends the Budget💰

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By Fråst🐺

On Wednesday, PM Modi,✌ while in the Rajya Sabha🏣, defended exemptions in the Budget. He said that they were provided for various essential purposes like ₹10,300 cr💰 ore exemption to promote pulses and vegetables🌿. Modi also referred to exemptions while regarding CPM’s🔴 Sitaram Yechury’s comments💬. He wondered where the Left member got his figures from, to which Yechury replied that he got them from the Budget💰. Modi’s exemptions included a ₹5,800 cr exemption for sugar🍙, something he believed that NCP✋ member Sharad Pawar would approve✅. He also mentioned a ₹19,120 cr💰 exemption for industry🏭 in J&K, Himachal, Uttarakhand & the northeast. He asked💬, “Will we oppose this as well?” He asked the opposition to see who is being taxed and who wasn’t.

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Original Image Credit: IANS