🐺 AI💡 “Showdown of the Century”🔫

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By Fråst🐺

On Wednesday, South Korean🇰🇷 grandmaster Lee Se-dol was beaten👊 against G👀gle’s AlphaGo artificial-intelligence💡 project. The match was held in Seoul🌃 in a best-of-5⃣ Go⚪⚫ tournament. Lee said, “I am in shock. I never thought I would lose.”😳 Although Go⚪⚫ looks simple, it’s is rather complex. It uses black⚫ & white⚪ counters to win territory on a 19X19 grid of lines and is played by 40 million👥 in East Asia🌏. This represents a quantum leap for AI💡 computers. Mathematicians👓 say that within the first 40 moves, there are more possible authorised positions that there are atoms in the observable universe🌌. In chess, that number is roughly 50 digits🔢 long, but in Go it’s 80 digits🔢 long. Lee calls it “the showdown of the century.”🔫

🔎To know more about artificial intelligence, type: Wiki artificial intelligence.

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