⚠Adult: Bukom Assaults👊🏻 Niece - https://goo.gl/gwWt4m

  |   Ghana News

Even though he has promised😔 to stop the uncultured behaviour of physically abusing women👩🏽, Bukom Banku has done it again and this time, it gets worse😠. He is yet to be arrested after allegedly beating up👊🏻 and injuring his 'lover', Charlotte Naa Densua Doodo and her friend, Eunice Naa Lamptey at Bukom in Accra. She narrated💭 that Braimah Kamoko has proposed to her but as her uncle😱 she would not allow him to have any intimacy with her. She revealed that the boxer has slept with all his nieces and children😳 but they are all afraid to speak out. Naa said he tried luring her with money💰 and upon refusal, he brutally assaulted and shit-bombed💩 her house. Claiming he is untouchable because Prez Mahama👔 is his 'father'. Watch the video📹 in the link here: https://goo.gl/gwWt4m👆🏻. (Warning content is graphic)

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