HT Review⚽: Liverpool🔴 1⃣-0⃣ Manchester United♦

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Liverpool's🔴 enthusiasm in the opening minutes led to the concessions of some cheap fouls but they soon got their head into the game things began to unfold nicely👍🏻. It took United♦ 12 minutes to manage a decent build up💪🏻 play but a silly foul by Depay inside the penalty box undid their work and presented Liverpool the opportunity😍 to take the lead. Sturridge⭐ dispatched the resulting penalty beautifully👏🏻 and this place United under unnecessary pressure😰. It has taken the brilliance of De Gea⭐ to keep the visitors in the tie but no one knows how long that's going to last. Liverpool🔴 has dictated the tempo as they snap into tackles and keep the ball⚽ in the final third. Manchester United's♦ front three are strangers to the ball whiles the team has shown to lack😔 leadership off the ball. Thereby putting Liverpool under no pressure😎 when in possession. Can Liverpool capitalize on their advantage?

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