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Liverpool🔴 face-off against Manchester United for the 1⃣st time in Europe❗️
In a poor PR move, United has planned to sell white shirts👕 to away fans to match the red KOP. Tears and shame(after Liverpool beat United) will leave such stains😢. The match referee will be Spain's Velasco Carballo who has issued 6⃣ red cards & 63 yellows in his last 10 games. So United♦ could play with only 10 players for most of the game as Fellaini's elbows are not expected to last 90'😉. Daley Blind, as is always the case will only be briefed about his position at the start of the 90'🕐(LB, CB or CDM it's all the same for him). At the Liverpool front, Sturridge is back 👍alongside an in-form Firmino⭐ and Coutinho😍. Liverpool go into the game after a splendid comeback win💪 against Palace in the league👏 while their opponents succumbed to 'mighty' West Brom💪. When Liverpool beats United tonight🌙, it'll be the first time this season. But like Di Caprio winning the Oscar🏆 this year - It might be the first, but it was long overdue🎉.

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