#7MillionAnushkaholics Love❤️ for Anushka

  |   Bollywood / Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is one loved❤️ celebrity. She has made her way into the Bollywood industry and carved out a niche for herself in it👌. This actress is thriving career🙌 wise with her production company taking off✈️ and even her latest upcoming project with Salman Khan, 🎥"Sultan" is a much-awaited film⏰. Anushka has been in the news for her relationship👫 with cricketer Virat Kohli and although they have hit a rough patch, looks like the duo are trying to sort things out😍. Anushka has nothing but love, love and love from all her fans❤️. This B-town beauty has reached over 7⃣million followers on Twitter. WOAH.👏 Anushka sent out a message saying, "Thanks a '7 million' for the love, support & for being a part of my digital family. Grateful🙏." #7MillionAnushkaholics✌️

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Original Photo Credit-IANS