GoT⚔: There is still hope!😇

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There is still hope GoT⚔ fans. The hope of Jon Snow's resurrection in season 6⃣. HBO released the trailer📽 of the much awaited season. It looks promising with Cersei plotting revenge👿, Sansa on the run🏃, Bran's visions👁 and possibly an alive and kicking John Snow?😱
Fans cut the trailer frame by frame✂ into images(74 in total) and analyzed them to make such an audacious prediction🔮. The scene appears at 1:17⏲ mark in the trailer. It is a battle🛡 scene and a glimpse of a guy with the long mane on a white horse was enough to break the internet💻. So with fan theories flying around, cast and crew dropping spoilers, death rumours of GRRM ....You know what we are gonna say... BRACE YOURSELVES... April 24th✌. Click here to watch👀 the trailer📹:

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Original Image Credit: Still from the video