The Wachowskis🎥: Brothers👬 to Sisters👭

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Lana Wachowski👩 revealed she was transgender 4⃣ years ago, prior to the release of the film 🎞Cloud Atlas. Now, her sibling has also come out as transgender and her name is Lily. Lily Wachowski has been married to Alicia Blasingame👰 since 1991. Lily thanked her for the love & support.👏
She released a statement which said, 'Everyone is cool with it. Yes, thanks to my fabulous sister they've done it before, but also because they're fantastic people". Lana recieved the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award in 2012, the year she came out.👍
TheWarchowski sisters have made cult classics like The Matrix🕶 & V for Vendetta🗡. Their new TV series📺 'Sense8' is currently under production. Click👉 here to watch the trailer📽 of Sense 8:

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