Anushka Sharma

Sallu & Anushka's👫 Dance💃Hit💥

Salman💪 Khan and Anushka Sharma's upcoming movie 🎥"Sultan" is going to without a doubt have a big hit💥 song🎧 with their dance💃 number titled 'Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai'. Firstly, the song has been composed by Badshah🙌 which means it will be a total party👊 song. Next, the song is …

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#7MillionAnushkaholics Love❤️ for Anushka

Anushka Sharma is one loved❤️ celebrity. She has made her way into the Bollywood industry and carved out a niche for herself in it👌. This actress is thriving career🙌 wise with her production company taking off✈️ and even her latest upcoming project with Salman Khan, 🎥"Sultan" is a much-awaited film …

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