Obama Appoints 1⃣st 🌈Transgender

  |   India News

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan became the 1⃣st transgender to hold the position of White House's primary🌈 LGBT liaison officer when she was appointed by 👏President Barack Obama on Monday. She was, in fact, White House's first transgender staff when she was👍🏼 appointed as the outreach and recruitment director in the Presidential personnel office back in 2015. LGBT community applauded 👏🏼the decision of the President who has always been a strong supporter of transgender rights. President Obama has 🗣said that he wants his administration to look like America🇺🇸 and including trans - Americans to his administration will exactly do that. Freedman-Gurspan worked as a legislative director in the🏛 Massachusetts House of Representatives and as a policy advisor at the National Center for Transgender Equality before joining the White House✌.🏼

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