🐺 Russia🇷🇺 to Withdraw Forces in Syria

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

Russian🇷🇺 President Vladimir Putin said that the country has completed its primary objectives✅ after an almost 6⃣-month campaign. He said that the "main part" of Russia's military forces💂🏼 has been ordered to begin withdrawing↩ from Syria beginning Tuesday. However, Putin said that a Russian air base✈ & naval facility⛴ will continue to operate. Syrian leader Bashar Assad has been asked to be "constructive" during the latest round of peace☮ talks and has been informed of the withdrawal↩. Putin said that he hoped the decision would be a sign to all conflicting💥 parties to increase the level of confidence👍 of the settlement process. However, some others have said that “Putin is just sending a message herein that he is 'in control' in Syria.” They allege that Putin can force👊 Assad to the negotiating table whenever he wishes.

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