Drug Ban❌ Saga Continues❗

  |   India News

The Health Ministry may ban❌ 500 more drugs after it banned 344 drugs last week. The ban might include several antibiotics 💊and anti-diabetes drugs citing that they are irrational, 😯unsafe and ineffective. The strict evaluation is done on over 6,000 products of which 💉1,000 fixed-dose combination drugs faces serious observation. Out of these 1,000 cases, 500 are in the last phase of scrutiny and might probably get🚫 banned in 6⃣ months of time. The ministry believes that these drugs are causing anti - microbial resistance which even leads to organ😳 failure. Meanwhile, the drugmaker Pfizer has bought a stay order on the ban of its cough syrup- Corex from the Delhi High⚖ Court. The ₹1- lakh crore industry suffered a revenue loss of ₹3,800 crores when 344 drugs were banned and it will go up to even ₹10,000 crores if 500 more drugs are banned❗

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