🐺 Flipkart Sues⚠ Uttarakhand for Entry Tax💰

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By Fråst🐺

The state of Uttarakhand has levied a 🔟% entry tax on goods purchased online🖥. Because of this, Flipkart has filed a petition through its EKart Logistics in the Uttarakhand High Court🏤 in Nainital calling the tax as discriminatory😠. Flipkart says that the standard rate of entry tax on goods purchased through e-commerce is 5⃣%, but Uttarakhand charges it at the rate of 🔟%. They’re calling the move is "anti-consumer" and against the public👥 interest. The petition says that the new scheme is ex-facie discriminatory. The petition reads💬: “This is an aberration from the scheme of the UT Entry Tax Act, which sought to levy entry tax on specified goods irrespective of the entity from where they were procured.” The case💼 will be heard next week. If ruled in favour👍, the petition will relieve the industry in Uttarakhand and also deter others who are considering a similar levy.

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