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On Monday, Congress✋ asked the Modi✌ govt. if it will seek Vijay Mallya’s deportation from the UK🇬🇧. If not, they asked whether his case would be put in “cold storage” by going in for his extradition like was done in Lalit Modi’s case💼. Congress✋ spokesman Randeep Surjewala asked PM Modi✋ if the govt. would deport Mallya and recover the ₹9091 cr💰. Surjewala alleged that Mallya has escaped 🇮🇳 and under the "Fair & Lovely scheme" of the BJP🔸 government. He says Mallya has "become truly a Double NRI — Non-Repaying Indian and Non-Returning Indian." He said that instead of bringing back the black▪💵 money within 💯 days, Modi, in the last 22 months has allowed the escape of both Lalit Modi & Vijay Mallya. Congress✋ also wanted to know why the CBI🔎 changed their look-out notice for Mallya and whether it was done under political pressure.

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