🐺 US🇺🇸 No Longer Controlling the Internet🌐

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By Fråst🐺

The internet’s🌐 naming and numbering systems are handled by the ICANN🏢 (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). World governments have agreed on✅ a plan for ICANN to end❌ direct US🇺🇸 government oversight of the internet and commit to a global “multi-stakeholderism”🌐 model. The Governments🏤 want to preside over the job of naming domains themselves. Assistant secretary at the US🇺🇸 Department of Commerce, Larry Strickling, has guided the US🇺🇸 towards fulfilling its original commitment to ICANN’s independence🙌 almost 20 years ago. The ICANN was founded in 1998 and would be anchored to the US national Telecommunications📞 and Information💡 Administration (NTIA) for a few years. It was planned that the ICANN would become independent in 2000. Now that it’s finally happened, even though it won’t mean any real changes for internet domains etc., only time will tell how the world🌏 manages the internet.

🔎To know more about the ICANN, type: Wiki ICANN.

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