🐺 G👀gle Chrome Bounty Doubled to💲💯K

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By Fråst🐺

G👀gle just gave 💲2 M in rewards to ethical hackers in 2015. The company announced today that it would be doubling the reward for reporting serious security🔓 flaws from 💲50K to 💲💯K. This shows how serious G👀gle is about security more so since it’s had the bug-hunting🚫🐞 bounty since 2010. Hackers who find any vulnerabilities in Chromebooks💻, the Chrome browser🔎 and Chrome OS. Although the Chrome OS hasn’t been as successful as Apple's🍎 Mac OS or Windows, it’s found itself a home in schools🏫 since they cost just 💲150. That also means it’s attractive to people who aren’t traditionally vigilant on security🔐. By increasing the reward, G👀gle hopes it will be able to draw more hackers👓 so resolve vulnerabilities.

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Original Image Credit: Google