🐺 Netflix’s📺 Short-Lived Beta🅱 Prog

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By Fråst🐺

On Tuesday, G👀gle Play displayed Netflix’s📺 new Android beta testing program. However, Netflix said it wasn’t meant to show up on Google Play for consumers👥. Too late, Netflix📺, now you’ve got us talking! Netflix📺 says that the apps features shouldn’t be taken as an indication of those planned in the future. Those who downloaded⬇ it reported seeing a “Mobile Data Saver” setting⚙ on their devices, but they say that those who saw the option were a part of a test unrelated to the beta. Netflix📺 says it’s not part of the beta but for a future launch. The data saver setting⚙ was announced at the Mobile World Congress📱🌍 2016 as an eventual update. It is able to get the best, most economical💵 bandwidth and allow users to reduce the video quality📹 below full HD 1080p. You can also control the minimum quality levels📊.

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