🐺 Apple🍎, G👀gle, WhatsApp Unite✊

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By Fråst🐺

The past few weeks have had Apple🍎 all over the news📰 regarding the issue with the FBI🔎 ordering them to unloc🔓k a terrorist’s iPhone📱. The war on encryption🔐 seems to be getting more tense as the Justice Department is now going after WhatsApp💬 as it allows encryption. Federal judges can approve✅ wiretaps, but can’t decrypt WhatsApp💬 messages due to their end-to-end encryption. The company even tried to explain it to Brazilian🇧🇷 authorities who have the same issue: “WhatsApp cannot provide information we do not have.” However, FB👤, G👀gle & Snapchat👻 are working on their own increased privacy technology while Apple is busy fighting the US🇺🇸 govt. on encryption. Their individual projects should annoy authorities more and they’re also willing to back up public👥 support for Apple with concrete action. WhatsApp also plans to eventually encrypt voice📞 calls in the future.

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