FT Review⚽: Man City🔹 0⃣-0⃣ Dynamo Kiev

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Kiev saw plenty of ball in the opening stages of the second half. But City🔹 sprung to life 10 minutes into the second half and started to string👌🏻 together some beautiful build-up plays. But that didn't scare Kiev as they also threw men forward in search of the opener⚽. It took a really long time but the game saw its first shot on target🎯 in the 72nd minute but it was calmly collected by veteran goalkeeper Olexandr Shovkovskiy. With the injuries🤕 tonight, Man City was comfortable😎 ending the contest in a draw as Kiev wasn't showing any sense of urgency⚡. City has now qualified for their first ever🙌🏻 quarter-final in the team's history.

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