RGV Drags Deepika in His Attack👊 on Mallya😶

  |   India News / Deepika Padukone / Bollywood / Katrina Kaif

Ram Gopal Varma sent out some strong messages against👊 Vijay Mallya which is totally cool, no one would care about that. However, Varma in his attack against👊 Mallya has roped in models and actresses like Deepika and Katrina which is really uncalled for😶. RGV had some ideas for Mallya on how he should play back the loans💰 to the banks. He said🔊, "I think Vijay Mallya should dip into his personal bank and give one bikini beauty each to every bank he owes and square off all his debts."😳 The filmmaker🎬 didn't stop here he went on to say🔊, "I think Mallya's calendar girls Deepika Padukone, NargisFaqri, Esha Gupta and Katrina Kaif contributed to the bankers being swayed." WOAH😶. Mallya is under pressure from banks to repay around ₹9,000crore 💰owed by his collapsed Kingfisher Airlines✈️. He has left the country despite a 'look-out circular' against him😑. A consortium of 17 state-owned and private banks🏦, led by State Bank of India have alleged that Mallya diverted some ₹4,000 crore💵 of the money he borrowed from them to offshore tax havens like Mauritius and the Cayman Islands.

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