Answer Revealed❗️Which 🎥Bollywood ⭐️Star do these 👄 lips belong to❓

My, my Duta Dudes and Dudettes, you are a smart bunch❗Yesterday we showed you just the 👄 lips from this 👆 photo and asked you to guess who owned them. A whopping 83% of you got the answer right these 💋lips are 'Hollywood' ✨ enough to be Priyanka Chopra❗️The next most viable candidate was Deepika Padukone, and a few of you thought it might be either 💋Sunny Leone or Anushka's lips (after whatever she did to 💉them 🎈for Bombay Velvet).

....don't get too comfy, this was just an easy quiz to get you warmed up. Stay tuned for more❗️

See how the Duta universe guessed below:

8⃣3⃣: 'Hollywood' ✨ enough to be Priyanka Chopra❓

⬜6⃣: It's definitely Deepika Padukone👍

⬜3⃣: Sunny Leone, these lips have seen zaade masti😜

⬜3⃣: Anushka Sharma...after the lip plumping❓

⬜2⃣: Anushka Sharma...before the lip plumping❓

⬜2⃣: Kajol, from back in the day...

⬜2⃣: Duh, Katrina Kaif, obvs❗️

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