🐺 Mallyagate: Like Father👨🏾 Like Son👦🏾❓

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Vijay Mallya's father, Vittal Mallya, set up the Golden Eagle Trust in 1982 in the tax haven🙌 Isle of Man, UK🇬🇧. The trust seems to be a key🔑 link in the Enforcement Directorate's (ED) investigations🔎 into Vijay Mallya’s alleged money laundering💸. It may be one of the main stashes for the money taken out of 🇮🇳 & used in deals in the US🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧, Monte Carlo🇲🇨, Liechtenstein🇱🇮 and Panama🇵🇦. There are another 2⃣ trusts which were used by Mallya. ED officials🔎 declared that they had a complicated web🕸 of companies and many transactions over several years in amounts exceeding even ₹4,000 cr💰. As per the US🇺🇸 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the trust’s funds were used for the Mendocino Brewing Company🍺 in California, which Mallya is he majority stakeholder. Unfortunately, places like Panama🇵🇦 and Monte Carlo🇲🇨 don’t even acknowledge the ED’s official requests and all hopes are on the UK🇬🇧 firm.

🔎To know more about Vittal Mallya, type: Wiki Vittal Mallya.

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