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Duta lets you choose the ⚽️Football⚽️ matches you would like to follow live❗️ Here's how:

1️⃣Look 👀 out for previews that will be sent to you ahead of the 📅 day's matches

2️⃣Each match will include a live coverage code

3️⃣Type that code for the match you wish to follow into your 📱WhatsApp group

4️⃣You'll then receive live details at every important point in the ⚽️ match

Example: to get live scores for Man United vs Liverpool
Type into your group💬: sf54

It's really that easy😊

Today's matches & code to follow live:

⚽ Man United vs Liverpool : sf54
🕐GMT 17/3 8:05PM (IST 18/3 1:35AM)