🐎 Myanmar Elects 1⃣st Civilian President 🎉

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By Shadowfax🐎

Myanmar's parliament has elected✅ Htin Kyaw, a close friend and confidant of Nobel peace prize winner🏆 Aung San Suu Kyi, as it's 1⃣st ever President who does not hail from a military background👮. Ms. Suu Kyi had led National League for Democracy(NLD) to an election win:ballot_box_with_box: in November but could not stand for the post of President after the junta passed a law that bars her⛔ from running for the post. Kyaw is supposed to be one of Suu Kyi's trusted men. The military which has around 25% of seats in the parliament had the power to name one of the 3⃣ candidates. But its candidate, retired general👮 Myint Swe, received 213 votes only as opposed to Kyaw's tally of 360. Mr.Swe will be sworn in as the Vice-President😯. The army is still very powerful💪 in Myanmar and have the right to veto✋ any constitutional amendments.

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