Pogba⭐: Ronaldo Made me Fall in Love😍

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France🇫🇷 international Paul Pogba gave an interview yesterday, on his birthday🎉, and talked about his beginnings. The dynamic Juve ace said his first childhood👶🏻 memory of the game was the 1998 World Cup🏆. He recounted how he celebrated with his friends after France🇫🇷 won the Mundial🏆. He revealed that as a kid, he idolized😍 Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo Nazario. "Ronaldo is my footballing role model and the player that made me fall in love with football." He explained that he admired the Brazil🇧🇷 legend and used to play up-front just like his idol. He highlighted the Brazilian's technique, pace⚡ and eye for goal as something he aspired to have. On Zidane👔, he also had this to say: "Everyone respects and admires him and we all want to emulate what he's achieved in his career."

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