Poll Results📊:🐺 Do You Know Your Thrones👑❓

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We must admit😄, that was truly impressive👏 (so long as none of you cheated and googled the house names, of course😋.)
Honestly, for those of you who used the process of elimination❌ to arrive at your answer, that’s some damn good work👍. For those of you who didn't need to look at the house names, Westeros is proud of you☺. The answer is:- 1⃣-A,2⃣-E,3⃣-B,4⃣-F,5⃣-C,6⃣-G,7⃣-D,8⃣-H and 40% of you got it right! 😛

Here are the results:

🎯 🐺 Poll📊: Do You Know Your Thrones👑❓

(Result in percent)

❌ 1⃣3⃣: 1⃣-A,2⃣-H,3⃣-C,4⃣-G,5⃣-F,6⃣-E,7⃣-D,8⃣-B

❌ 1⃣0⃣: 1⃣-C,2⃣-E,3⃣-A,4⃣-B,5⃣-F,6⃣-H,7⃣-D,8⃣-G

❌ 1⃣4⃣: 1⃣-G,2⃣-A,3⃣-H,4⃣-C,5⃣-F,6⃣-B,7⃣-D,8⃣-F

✅ 4⃣0⃣: 1⃣-A,2⃣-E,3⃣-B,4⃣-F,5⃣-C,6⃣-G,7⃣-D,8⃣-H

❌ 2⃣3⃣: 1⃣-B,2⃣-C,3⃣-E,4⃣-F,5⃣-G,6⃣-A,7⃣-D,8⃣-H

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