🐎 Saudi Plans😳 Islamic Alliance

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By Shadowfax🐎

Reports indicate that Saudi Arabia is planning to form a NATO-like military alliance👮 of Islamic states to combat terrorism💪. It is being said that the alliance would not be targeting🎯 any country but would be looking to neutralise threats like ISIS and Al-Qaeda💀. It is also rumoured that Pakistan has been assigned the task of creating a framework🤔 for the proposed alliance which will have around 34 Muslim majority countries as its members🙆. Dialogue regarding this move is believed to have taken place during the visit👀 of Pakistan PM Nawaz Shareef and its army chief General Raheel Shareef to Saudi Arabia✈ for a joint military exercise. It is unclear whether Iran will become a member of the alliance. Tehran has been engaged in a proxy war with Saudi for dominance in the region😳.
The NATO was formed to deal with the threat of Russia during the cold war period.

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