Enrique👔 Wants 6⃣ Month Contracts📝

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Barcelona 👔Boss Luis Enrique has said that giving managers a short time contract would make financial 💷sense to clubs if they are to be sacked just after 6⃣ months. Recently, managers are sacked at mid - way if an instant impact is not made. But if this was the case 20 years ago, managers like Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger might have never ended up as 👍🏻legends. Both of these managers took a while to create history. Clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid are the most intolerant😒 when it comes to managers. In the past 10 years, Bernabeu has had 8⃣ bosses while except for Mourinho nobody stayed at Chelsea for quite long. The situation is not different 👊🏼at other clubs too. Premier League managers, where competition is the highest face the toughest task when even a fair win percent is not going to guarantee their job😯.

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