Zlatan's Love 💌 Letter to 🗼Eiffel Tower

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic replied to a love 💌letter from Eiffel🗼 Tower, showing his love and affection for the monument and 🏙Paris. Earlier, the Swede when asked about his future plans joked😂 that that he would only stay in Parc des Princes after this summer if the Eiffel Tower is😳 demolished and replaced by a statue of his own. To this proclamation, the twitter handle of the world famous monument tweeted 👏🏼that it appreciated Zlatan's joke but was not so interested in the idea of demolition👌🏼 as the view of Paris from where it stands is spectacular. Ibra was quick to respond and tweeted, 'Thanks for the response @LaTourEiffel and I do agree with you - Paris looks beautiful from up here where we stand - and I love you too." The PSG striker is expected to leave the club this summer with the Premier👍🏻 League being the probable next home for the Swede.

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