🐎 🇮🇳's 1⃣st Driver-less Car🚗 Developed ❗

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

A group of Bengaluru-based techies💻 have developed 🇮🇳's first driver-less car - Tata Nano Autonomous👏. The idea stemmed from a near-death experience😱 suffered by Roshy John, who is practice head, robotics and cognitive systems at TCS. Roshy was travelling in a taxi 5⃣ years ago and the drunk driver almost ran into another car💥. It got him thinking and along with his 29 member team, he developed a software for a driver-less car and created a 3D model to test it. In 2011, he purchased a Tata Nano🚗 to test the software. The car is yet to be tested on the road but the team have requested for permission from the Bengaluru police👮. John says🔈 that several automobile companies have approached him to test the software on their models👍. He also said that a demo event for people to experience👀 the technology will be held soon. John and his team have invested around ₹1 crore💰 on the research of the technology.

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