SHOCKING😱Kat🐱the Reason Behind Hrithik💔Kangana❓

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We have some shocking😱 news for you. B-town actress Kangana Ranaut's close friend has revealed some shocking😳 things about Hrithik and Kangana's relationship👫 and it even involves Katrina Kaif🙌. Let us explain. Apparently Hrithik Roshan had asked Kangana Ranaut to marry💍 him in 2014 in Paris❤️. Kangana's friend said she was on top of the world😍 and she just needed to wait until he got a divorce💔 from his wife Sussanne Khan😶. However, soon after this Hrithik stopped talking to Kangana for as he started getting close to Katrina Kaif😐 while they were shooting 🎥"Bang Bang". Kangana was on holiday when she heard about the growing proximity between Hrithik and Kat and confronted him about it🙈. Hrithik in turn, asked Kangana who all was aware of their secret engagement💍 and Kangana said she told her family members👪. Then Hrithik turned around and told Kangana she had misunderstood his intentions😳. This is really messed up🙈.

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