Backstory: Sunny's 🚫🚬Campaign 📹

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Sunny☀️ Leone's 🚫🚬anti-smoking campaign📹 stirred up quite a lot of interest and critique. The story behind this ad is structured around the fact that smoking🚬 cuts a smoker's life by 11 minutes😱. Aditya Bhat, the head of this project said🔊, "We thought what can you do in 11 minutes? What if this guy is a virgin and his last wish is to have sex but he can't because his last 11 minutes are up?"😶. The script📝 for this ad was dormant for about 8⃣ months as they were waiting to rope in the actors. Once they found their perfect combination in Sunny Leone and Alok Nath👫, the work for the ad started. Since there was a very small budget for it, the actors agreed to work pro bono👌. Aditya Bhat and Sunny Leone both lost their fathers😔 to smoking-related ailments. So there was a very personal element that didn't quite get translated on screen. Click on the link to watch the video📹

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Original Photo Credit-Screenshot from featured video