📺Anchor Suicide😔 on Skype💻

  |   India News / Bollywood

TV📺 anchor Nirosha committed suicide😔 by hanging herself to death, while on a Skype💻 call with her boyfriend😱. Ritvik, her boyfriend who was in Canada immediately contacted her friends and they informed the police👮. She was dead by the time they managed to break into her room. Nirosha's brother K. Mahesh said he met his sister 10 days ago and that she seemed happy😶. Her entire family👪 is devastated and can't quite believe how a happy-go-lucky girl like Nirosha would take such a decision. Mahesh also added that his sister was close to their parents and he thought she would've confided with the father if anything was wrong😟. In fact, things with her boyfriend👫 also seemed to be going well. He was going to come down in April to talk about their marriage💍 with her parents. No suicide note has been found & the police have seized Nirosha's phone📱 and belongings.

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