Salman Not Marrying💍 luila❓

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

Salman💪 Khan and luila Vantur's relationship👫 has been kept under wraps😶 for a while. Although some small nuggets of information have been spilled out🔊 about their relationship, in general, it is shrouded in mystery😑. There have been rumours that Sallu will end up marrying💍 luila. However, now we hear otherwise. A source revealed that Salman and lulia's conversations over the phone📱 are quite impolite and disrespectful and he doesn't really seem to be in love with her😕. Are they good friends? Yes. Are they in love? We are not so sure about that😔. Ahh Damn, Sallu give us a hint?😏

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Original Photo Credit-IANS