Poll Results📊: Can Arsenal🔫 do the impossible❓

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Well, looks like most of Duta's readers📱 were spot on with their prediction for the Barcelona - Arsenal match. It was a walk in the park for Barcelona's well-oiled machine😍 who were a bit too much for Arsene Wenger's charges to cope with. Only a small group of people were optimistic enough to think Arsenal🔫 would outgun the Blaugrana. Congrats to those who were spot on👌 with their prediction.

The result for the poll is: (Result in percent)

6⃣2⃣: No way, not even if Barca rests some players😏.

2⃣0⃣: Yes, Gunners are going to shock Barcelona😲.

1⃣3⃣: Arsenal will win, but won't qualify😳.

⬜5⃣: It is going to be a boring goalless match😑.