Salman Khan

Salman Not Marrying💍 luila❓

Salman💪 Khan and luila Vantur's relationship👫 has been kept under wraps😶 for a while. Although some small nuggets of information have been spilled out🔊 about their relationship, in general, it is shrouded in mystery😑. There have been rumours that Sallu will end up marrying💍 luila. However, now we hear otherwise …

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Salman & Anushka's Fight👊 Sequence😅

Salman💪 Khan got into a physical fight👊 with Anushka Sharma, we kid you not😶. The Haryanvi sher🦁 Salman and Haryana ki shaan✨ Anushka were spotted shooting for a fight sequence👊 in a wrestling ring where they were both showing off their dhobi pachhad wrestling skills🙌. Both and Salman and Anushka …

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