Sunny's Busy🕐 Life👊

Bollywood actress Sunny☀️ Leone is one busy Bee and she has a fixed round the clock🕐 schedule. The actress said🔊, "This week I'm on the go every min... breakfast...workout...rehersals...lunch...rehearsals...repeat next morning."🙌 You go, Girl !!👊

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Backstory: Sunny's 🚫🚬Campaign 📹

Sunny☀️ Leone's 🚫🚬anti-smoking campaign📹 stirred up quite a lot of interest and critique. The story behind this ad is structured around the fact that smoking🚬 cuts a smoker's life by 11 minutes😱. Aditya Bhat, the head of this project said🔊, "We thought what can you do in 11 minutes? What …

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