🎉Holi: The Legends📖

There are various legends associated with 🎉Holi - the Festival of Colors. The 🎉Holi festival traditionally 🎉 celebrates the victory of good👍 over evil👎 It is associated with many legends📖:

👺Holika & 👦 Prahlad

🎉Holi is the festival in which we celebrate🎉 the defeat of Hiranyakashyap's sister 👺 Holika. The story goes like this. 👺 Holika wanted to 💥kill 👦Prahlad after the death of her brother Hiranyakashyap. She had been granted a ✨boon that 🔥fire would never hurt❌ her. So she decided to test her might against Prahlad. A huge 🔥bonfire was made and, taking the 👦young child in her lap, 👺she sat down right in the middle🙀. But so strong was 👦Prahlad's devotion🙏 for the Lord☀ that when he chanted🙏 ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ with a fervent💗 heart, Vishnu was touched 🙌and He, in His infinite compassion, ❌reversed the ✨boon granted to 👺Holika. She was burnt💀 in the 🔥 fire while 👦Prahlad emerged👍 unscathed.

🐚Lord Krishna & 👸 Radha
When 🐚 Lord Krishna was young, he envied the fair skin of👸 Radha. To express his envy, 🐚Krishna rubbed colour🌈 onto 👸 Radha’s face. This act of showering another person with 🎉 colour is now considered to be an expression of friendship💞 and love. This story shows the well-known tradition of showering other people with🌈 colour during Holi celebrations🎉.
_The Holi rituals in Braj ⛰ regions - Mathura, Vrindavan, Gowardhan, Gokul, Nandagaon and Barsana - are the most famous one. The 🎉Lathmar Holi - the traditional 🎉Holi festivity🌈 in Barsana is world🌎 famous.