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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 486

Drink in the sublime elixir of the Lord, O deceitful one. ||3||4|| Aasaa: One who recognizes the Supreme Lord God, dislikes other desires. He focuses his consciousness on the Lord's devotional worship, and keeps his mind free of anxiety. ||1|| O my mind, how will you cross over the world-ocean, if you are filled with the water of corruption? Gazing upon the falseness of Maya, you have gone astray, O my mind. ||1||Pause|| You have given me birth in the house of a calico-printer, but I have found the Teachings of the Guru. By the Grace of the Saint, Naam Dayv has met the Lord. ||2||5|| Aasaa, The Word Of The Reverend Ravi Daas Jee: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: The deer, the fish, the bumble bee, the moth and the elephant are destroyed, each for a single defect. So the one who is filled with the five incurable vices - what hope is there for him? ||1|| O Lord, he is in love with ignorance. His lamp of clear wisdom has grown dim. ||1||Pause|| The creeping creatures live thoughtless lives, and cannot discriminate between good and evil. It is so difficult to obtain this human incarnation, and yet, they keep company with the low. ||2|| Wherever the beings and creatures are, they are born according to the karma of their past actions. The noose of death is unforgiving, and it shall catch them; it cannot be warded off. ||3|| O servant Ravi Daas, dispel your sorrow and doubt, and know that Guru-given spiritual wisdom is the penance of penances. O Lord, Destroyer of the fears of Your humble devotees, make me supremely blissful in the end. ||4||1|| Aasaa: Your Saints are Your body, and their company is Your breath of life. By the True Guru-given spiritual wisdom, I know the Saints as the gods of gods. ||1|| Grant me the Society of the Saints, the sublime essence of the Saints' conversation, and the Love of the Saints, O Lord, God of gods. ||1||Pause|| The Character of the Saints, the lifestyle of the Saints, and the service of the servant of the Saints. ||2|| I ask for these, and for one thing more - devotional worship, which shall fulfill my desires. Do not show me the wicked sinners. ||3|| Says Ravi Daas, he alone is wise, who knows this: there is no difference between the Saints and the Infinite Lord. ||4||2|| Aasaa: You are sandalwood, and I am the poor castor oil plant, dwelling close to you. From a lowly tree, I have become exalted; Your fragrance, Your exquisite fragrance now permeates me. ||1|| O Lord, I seek the Sanctuary of the company of Your Saints; I am worthless, and You are so benevolent. ||1||Pause|| You are the white and yellow threads of silk, and I am like a poor worm. O Lord, I seek to live in the Company of the Saints, like the bee with its honey. ||2|| My social status is low, my ancestry is low, and my birth is low as well. I have not performed the service of the Lord, the Lord, says Ravi Daas the cobbler. ||3||3|| Aasaa: What would it matter, if my body were cut into pieces? If I were to lose Your Love, Lord, then Your humble servant would be afraid. ||1|| Your lotus feet are the home of my mind. Drinking in Your Nectar, I have obtained the wealth of the Lord. ||1||Pause|| Prosperity, adversity, property and wealth are just Maya.