🐺 60 Killed by ISIS▪ Truck Bomb💣

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

At least 60 people were killed💣 and more than 70 wounded after a truck bomb💣 blew up🔥 in Hilla, 117 kilometres south of Baghdad, Iraq. An explosive-laden💥 fuel tanker blew up at a crowded👥 checkpoint🚧. The checkpoint, nearby police👮🏼 station, some houses and dozens of cars were destroyed in the province’s largest bombing💥 to date. The Sunni terrorist group ISIS▪ has already claimed responsibility for the blast. The ISIS Amaq news📰 agency website said, "A martyr's operation with a truck bomb hit the Babylon Ruins checkpoint🚧 at the entrance of the city of Hilla, killing and wounding dozens." Hill🌆 is predominantly a Shi'ite region with a few Sunnis & the capital of Babylon province. 23 of the casualties were police👮🏼 and other security forces at the checkpoint🚧.

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